Ultimate Men’s T Shirt Guide – It’s That Simple

tshirts for men

Men’s apparel will be incomplete without T shirts. There are men that cannot go a full day without T shirts. Apart from being casual, T shirts are comfortable and lightweight and come in different varieties, which is a huge part of their appeal for most men. These days male T shirts can be found in any pattern, or shape. You can even customize your shirt with funny quotations or personal pictures.tshirts for men


So you want to make a decision  on what’s the t shirt to buy?

Here are six simple tips that will make your shopping so much easier.

Materials and Fabrics for T Shirts

T-shirts are usually made from 100% cotton, polyester, cotton blends or polyester mesh. All these materials have their own pros and cons. Polyester is soft, breathable, comfortable and light. The material does not shrink or wrinkle; it has a shiny look and is used more for sport activities. Pure cotton is soft, comfortable and easily absorbs moisture. However, it has a tendency to shrink and wrinkle.  Cotton blends like spandex and cotton have all the natural and amazing qualities of cotton, while managing to avoid wrinkling and shrinking.

Determining the Proper Size

Before you decide to buy any T-shirt, it is essential for you to know how to pick the right size. This is necessary to avoid buying an oversize or undersized Tshirt. When you try your T shirt on make sure the seams of the part where the shirt attaches to the sleeves are well lined up across the edge of its shoulder. The seam will likely hang off the shoulder if the shirt is oversized. On the other hand, if the shirt you’re trying on is a smaller size, the seam will fall half way across the neck and shoulder.

Another technique for knowing if a shirt is the right size is to lift up the shoulder expanse of the shirt. If it rides upwards, you’ll know the shirt is oversize. Make sure the sleeves around the arm area are snug. However, you can’t use this method on tight-fitted T shirts or shirts with elastic materials.

Different Fits for Male T Shirts

A T-shirt can either be a perfect fit on a man’s upper body or it can fit loosely across it. It is up to you to decide how you want it. The form fitted ones are used more during exercise to stop the shirt from riding up or moving too much which can be quite distracting. Loose fitted shirts are more common as everyday attire, though men who want to emphasize their buff body sometimes prefer tighter fits.


Neutral T-Shirts

White: This is the ideal T shirt colour. It is the best colour for underwear and looks very nice when combined with some classic indigo-coloured jeans

Black, grey, white and navy: These are timeless shades that should not be missing from a complete capsule wardrobe. These colours are generally classified as ‘basic’ for T shirts. However, they possess the ability to reinforce an existing look or create their own look, which makes them far from basic.

Black: Despite the fact that black is a popular colour for T shirts, it has certain advantages and disadvantages. One of its advantages is the fact that it can be used in place of the classic white look. The disadvantage is that it generates a lot of heat in hot weather conditions and has a tendency to fade with prolonged use.

Grey: Grey or jersey marl is a combination of different shades with a flattering final textured effect – particularly if you want a shirt that can enhance the shape of your body. However, it is not advisable for guys who sweat a lot because it tends to emphasize sweat.

Neck Designs

If you have any interest in style, then you’re probably aware that there’s more than one neckline in fashion. However, it is better to go with the classics instead of complicating things with some of the neckline options out there like deep-Vs or boat necks, including the raw and scoped hems.

  • V-necks have a way of elongating the neck, which is why they’re the best choice for short guys who want the illusion of being tall, or bigger men trying to appear slimmer. They’re also good at providing balance for wide and round faces.
  • Crew neck is perfect for people with sloped shoulders or small chest. They are also perfect for drawing attention to the eyes and giving the illusion of broader shoulders. This particular neckline also gives balance to guys with narrow faces or longer necks.


Style Combinations for Men’s T Shirts

Jeans and T shirts are two essential parts of any male wardrobe, and if properly combined, can provide a reliable long term partnership. Regardless of where you’re headed, be it a date, the pub or casual Friday, jeans and shirts will give you a perfect put together appearance that goes for both casual and semi-casual outings.

You might think you have limited options, but this is a wrong assumption. When you consider all the different styles available for shirts and jeans, the fashion possibilities are endless. Regardless of your personal style or the occasion, there’s always a style for T-shirts.

Jeans and White Shirt

The combination of white shirt with blue jeans will always be a classic for both the casual and the smart look. This is why it will continue to be in fashion. If you’re having trouble deciding on what to wear, jeans and a white men’s shirt can serve as a life saver.

Black Jeans with White Shirt

The same thing applies with this combination. Most times, the best solutions are usually the simplest ones and they’re always right before us. Combining a fitted white shirt with a pair of black jeans is an excellent example of this.

Shirt on T-shirt

As can be inferred from the phrase above, a shirt and T-shirt combination involves wearing a T-shirt underneath a button up shirt. Don’t forget to leave the button up shirt open, to make the T-shirt visible.

Denim Shirt with Striped T-shirt

When it comes to casual clothing for men, denim shirt can be considered a classic. It is somewhere in between a pair of jeans and an oxford shirt, providing a smart style that is somewhere between casual and formal. This is why it is a perfect T-shirt combination style.

Plaid Shirt with Light Blue T-shirt

If you want a safe shirt or T-shirt combination, a light blue T-shirt is the way to go. T-shirts with plain block colours have always been an integral part of men’s clothing. They’re quite comfortable, cheap and easy to wear. They’ll also go with almost anything because of their level of simplicity. This is what makes them so perfect for T-shirt and shirt combinations.


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