Faux Leather Jacket For Men The Ultimate Guide to Buying Mens

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Should i buy a Faux leather jacket or Real leather jacket?

Does this sound familiar?

The importance of leather in fashion cannot be overemphasized. However, not everybody possesses the ability to differentiate real leather from faux leather. There’s nothing as frustrating as purchasing what you think is a leather jacket only to discover that it is nothing more than synthetic material. Real leather actually costs a lot more than faux.

Real Leather

Real leather is gotten by harvesting the skin of animals like pigs, cattle, sheep and goat. Though there are different types of leather, they can however be grouped into three major categories: pigmented, aniline and semi-aniline. Before you purchase your leather product, you should first consider how you want it to look and how often it will be used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Authentic Leather

Genuine leather comes with its own aura of prestige and luxury, and as time goes on, it becomes softer, making it a lot more comfortable.

  • Real leather is strong and soft at the same time, which is what makes it so durable.
  • The fact that it is a lot more expensive than faux is one of the biggest disadvantages of genuine leather.
  • Continuous exposure to sunlight can fade the colour of leather.
  • Leather is quite absorbent and porous, which is why it can get soaked if not wiped promptly.
  • It can also lead to stain if the leather is left unprotected.

Leather does not generally mix well with water. Although it has a little resistance to water, however, over exposure to water can make leather wet, making it hard and stiff when it eventually becomes dry, which can cause it to lose its supple texture. If the leather is not dried on time, it could even result in rot.

Mens Faux leather Jacket

Faux Leather

Faux leather is produced from a fabric base that uses chemicals like dye, wax or polyurethane to achieve its texture and colour. The bottom line is that, faux leather is a manmade leather designed to look and feel like genuine leather at a cheaper rate. PU leather is the most common faux leather out there. It is actually a plastic fabric, designed to appear like leather. It is not as restrictive as leather and lighter. It can also be dyed to any colour. There are different types of faux leather with different qualities, some better than others. Vegan leather and leatherette are other examples of faux leather.

Major Advantages

  • Faux leather looks and feels like genuine leather, but it is a lot more affordable.
  • There are people who’ll rather use faux leather for the singular reason that it is animal free.
  • Faux leather is produced using a machine which guarantees a consistent and even colour throughout the entire process.
  • It does not fade and is capable of being dyed into different colours.

Major Disadvantage

faux leather is the fact that its life span is about one third of that of real leather. Although faux leather comes in vinyl which is waterproof, its padding and seams might not necessarily be waterproof, which is why it shouldn’t be exposed to water.


There are lots of benefits associated with using faux leather jackets. Its affordability when compared to the cost of genuine leather is one of the major benefits of faux leather. It usually costs about a fraction of what is charged for genuine leather, which provides a better option for people who want to enjoy the leather look and spend less. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the leather trend for less money so you can update your wardrobe regularly.

The fact that it is easy to maintain is another benefit of faux leather. Apart from being fade resistant, it is specially designed to be stain resistant. It is easier to take care of a faux leather jacket than the real leather jacket.

Another major advantage of faux leather is that its colour is more consistent across the entire apparel. Real leather on the other hand, has a naturally mottled appearance. Although there are people who are attracted to this particular feature in real leather, however, the consistency provided by faux leather simplifies the process of matching faux leather jackets to different outfits.

How much do Faux leather jackets cost?

There’s really no standard formula for finding the cheapest price for your leather jacket. However, you can set your own price range, after putting the factors involved in purchasing a leather jacket into consideration.

The first thing to do is to set a budget, while putting the fact that a nice faux coat can cost between $40 and $100, while real leather might range between $200 and $2,000 into consideration. Setting a price range for yourself makes it easier for you to narrow down your choices.

If you want to get the perfect jacket, you must put certain things into consideration while setting your budget. The “fit” is one of those things. This is a basic requirement when shopping for leather jackets. There’s also the style to be considered. You should go for jackets with classic cuts like the motorcycle or bomber styles, because these cuts are timeless. Also, make sure the sleeves are long and comfortable and well-fitted. If you’ll rather go for the classic than the trendy style, then you should make sure your choice fits well at the waist.


  • You won’t even spend up to $60 to purchase the Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket, on Amazon. It has a warm and stylish look that feels like leather.
  • The going price for the GUESS Men’s Faux Leather Hooded Stand Collar Jacket is about $100. This is a bomber style jacket fitted and lined with inner pockets where you can store little items like iPods and phones. It comes with a detachable hood, diagonal chest pockets and a front zip.
  • You can also get a less expensive faux leather jacket for men like the Levi’s Men’s Faux-Leather Jacket with Hood if your budget is less than $50. Considering the quality and looks of this jacket, its price of $35 as the time this article was written, is quite reasonable. It is light, trendy and perfect for cooler temperatures.

Take note that, those expensive jackets are usually warmer and weigh more since their features are better constructed. However, if you use a less expensive coat to close off the cuffs, neck, pockets, zipper, and bottom areas, you might be able to retain more warmth. At the end of the day, expensive jackets provide more warmth than their less expensive counterparts.

The Best Men’s Faux Leather Jackets in Style

Regardless of your personal preference, there’s a style for everybody, from the rough and tumble motorcycle jackets, down to the bomber jackets that gives more flair and form to your favorite styles – weather you’re wearing it like a blazer or rocking it at a rock concert, this particular jacket has style. If you stick with classic colors like black and brown, you can’t go wrong. These colors are essential for every wardrobe and they go with almost everything.

You need a lot of confidence to pull off a leather jacket. Most rock stars and celebrities who wear them, want to stand out and rock the grungy look. And if that is not the look you’re going for, you can also use it to pull off the demure and clean-cut look. If you know your personal style, picking the appropriate and the best faux leather jacket becomes easy.

The collar, length, and the manner in which it zips or closes, are the factors that define leather jacket style. They come in three different styles: the ‘biker’, the ‘bomber’ and the ‘racer’.

Men’s Bomber Jackets

The name “bomber leather jackets” can be traced to the pilots in the American air force, who wore leather jackets to fly aircrafts during World War Two. Another name for bomber leather jacket is flight jacket.

The bomber leather jacket is the most casual of all jackets. Known for its trademark waist length, this bomber jacket is created from soft leather, which is more malleable, thereby giving it a relaxed and casual look. This jacket comes with contrast trim, which creates a perfect fit by mixing up the sleeve cuffs and waist. It also has minimal hardware, with one symmetrical zip in front, and the occasional practical kangaroo-pouch side pockets.

Mens Faux leather Biker Jacket

The name alone suggests that this particular leather jacket design is used mainly by motorcyclists. The classic biker coat is designed purely for fashion. However, the downside is that, it doesn’t offer enough protection. These jackets don’t weigh much because they were not designed with large body armor.

The mens leather biker jacket comes with huge lapels as well as a flared collar which can easily be turned down for additional security. It also comes with some metallic hardware like plugs, studs and zips, and is usually asymmetrical, giving room for the wider area to fold under its partner.

 Men’s Racer Jackets

Regardless of its motocross-look, the racer jacket is actually the most complete. This jacket is streamlined and comes with a standard small collar which snaps shut, or it might even come sans collar. The classic racer jacket usually comes with a straight zip, and is without any extra lapel or hardware to make it flashy; neither does it come lined with lavish fabrics. Its simplicity is what makes this jacket so versatile and easy to wear.

Best ways to wear Faux leather jackets

One of the most important parts of a leather jacket is the fit. However, leather jackets unlike blazers and other jackets are quite expensive and not easy to alter. This is why you should ensure that the jacket clings to your body contours, and the shoulders should also be square and sharp like that of a blazer.

Leather jackets are not meant to be worn over bulky layers – they are more suitable for fitted sweaters or tees, which is why it is advisable to make sure it is well fitted, with a little room to stretch. Make sure your arms are not caged inside and can move freely without feeling uncomfortable.

The sleeves should skim across the wrist and the bottom hem should cross the belt line.

If you’re skinny, it is advisable for you to go for snug or elastic waistbands, which will accentuate your shoulders and taper your body. Larger men should go for the straight cut – and avoid any jacket that will cling to their bumps and lumps.

Calvin Klein Men's Faux Leather Bomber Jacket
Vintage Stand Collar PU Leather Jacket
GUESS Remy Faux Leather Jacket

What Do You Wear With A Leather Jacket

Faux leather jacket, just like real leather is actually quite versatile. If you’re yet to get one of these jackets, you should definitely get one for yourself. Their versatility and the fact that they only cost a third of the price of real leather, makes it a worthy investment. Below are some styling ideas for leather jackets:

1.      Wear it with a Turtle Neck Shirt

Accessorizing it with black jeans and turtle neck shirts is actually a very cool way to style your faux leather jacket. This can make a great fall outfit, and depending on where you stay, it can also be a great outfit for winter.

2.      Wear it with a button up shirt and tie

Pair it up with a button up shirt and a skinny tie. Even with the tie, combining this look with a jacket can give you personality.

Paring your outfit with a jacket will make you look cool enough for any event, which is really amazing and extremely versatile.

3.      Wear it with a hoodie sweatshirt

Pairing it with a sweat shirt and hooded sweat pant is a casual way to wear faux leather jacket. This will give you a casual look that is perfect for running errands or going out to get coffee. And the beauty of this ensemble is that you actually look cool in it.

4.      Wear it with a hat

You can pair your hooded sweats with a jacket, and if you don’t feel like combing your hair, you can complete the look by putting on a nice hat, making you look modern and stylish.

5.      Wear it with a t-shirt

You can also wear your jacket with a simple, plain t-Shirt, to go with a pair of jeans and some white trainers, which is an amazing outfit for travelling. When wearing a leather jacket, try not to wear something bulky underneath it. Make sure the jacket fits perfectly, the way a suit will fit your body. Shirts are perfect for leather jackets, and can be styled to look like blazers. Mix it up with a pair of ankle boots, and your black leather jacket is immediately transformed from casual attire into a smart look.

Pairing your jacket with plain white T-shirt and classic blue jeans is a timeless style that has been in existence since the 50s, cementing its status as a classic.

6.      Wear it with accessories

You can pull off the edgy look with your jacket by mixing things up with some accessories. For instance, you can wear sunglasses, bracelets, rings and some necklace to bring in some bling. Make sure your sleeves are pulled up, which can give you a more casual and cool vibe, and don’t forget to show off your bracelets. You can also make the look a little more sophisticated by including a thick knitted scarf.

7.      What shoes to wear

If you decide not to wear boots, you can pair your biker jacket with iconic trainers such as Vans or Converse. Whether beaten or polished, boots are an excellent addition to the biker outfit.

8.      Wear it with Trainers and skinny jeans

You can pair your jacket with a pair of clean trainers and a plain hoodie to give you the look of an American jock. Avoid wearing it with skinny jeans because the jacket will likely make your legs appear too thin, which is why it is better to go with slim jeans or baggy jeans. Although it is not compulsory to wear trainers with it, but if you’re going for the classic athlete look, then you need to pair it up with runners to make it more authentic.

9.      Wearing a brown jacket

You need dark selvedge jeans to pull off a brown jacket. If you wear light blue jeans, the jacket will look too dark with the outfit, it will also draw attention to it for the wrong reasons. If you want to accentuate a brown leather jacket, dark jeans are the way to go. Pair it up with hi top trainers or brown boots and you’re good to go.

10. Wear it with a Beanie Hat

You can build a complete new look for your leather jacket by mixing it up with some casual sneakers and a beanie hat.

Faux Leather Jacket Product Reviews

WenVen Mens faux jacket

WenVen Men’s Winter Fashion Faux Leather Jackets

This jacket is made from good quality Pu Leather (Faux Leather) and is an example of how sleek you want your leather jacket to look. It is lined completely with 100% manmade polyester fur which is extremely soft and smooth, in other to give you that additional comfort and warmth. It comes with a full-length zipper and 3 pockets –  two of which are external hand pockets including a deep interior pocket that is perfect for storing small items like keys and phones. Its slim outline gives it a completely rugged look. You can’t go wrong when it comes to styling it –you can choose to pair it with a short-sleeve crewneck during the summer, or hooded sweat shirt in winter and fall.

Kenneth-Cole-Faux Leather

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Faux-Leather Moto Jacket

Shake up your everyday attire with a handsome, rich brown classic, refined Kenneth Cole REACTION Faux-Leather Moto jacket. This is a faux-leather moto jacket with stand collar, zipper detail and some snap-flap pockets on the chest, including side-entry pockets along the hips. It comes with an athletic cut, ribbed trim and a timeless moto jacket outline, which is exactly the type of finishing to be expected. It has an amazing material, which though not genuine leather, is of good quality! Its texture is the same as that of broken-in-leather, which is flexible, soft, yet strong and thick. It has amazing buttons and zippers that are in excellent condition to survive years of active use. It has a timeless, functional and stylish fashion. The style is just amazing!

IDARBI Mens Faux Leather Jacket

IDARBI Mens Stand Collar Zip Up Faux Leather Jacket

This is a slim fitted jacket that fulfils the fashion desires of old-fashioned motorists. Though it has the appearance of something from the 50s and 60s, it comes with a modern and nostalgic design that will definitely help you stay cool in warm weather and warm in the winter. It has a slim fit that is not restrictive and is loose enough to be worn comfortably.

Apart from making you look like an old-fashioned biker, IDARBI’s Rider Bomber jacket also helps you capture the essence of that beautiful feeling. Whether you’re a road veteran or enjoying your brand new bike for the first time, this particular jacket will help you feel like a competent and complete rider.

Demonstrate your street cred with this fashionable faux jacket. It has a simple, clean and classic design that is ultra-slick and an affordable price tag.

With its 100% polyester, this top quality men’s casual faux leather moto jacket comes with a full zip closure in front, chest pockets and soft lining. It is very stylish with top notch quality. The only disadvantage of this jacket is the fact that it doesn’t have side pockets.

With IDARBI’s men leather jacket, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy an apparel that does not age easily. With its classic look, this jacket can complement the ensemble of any motorist, and will definitely give you the perfect aesthetic as you travel on the open road.

Chouyatou Vintage Pu Leather Jacket

Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket

If you desire an outer layer to top off everything, look no further. This casual, timeless waist length motorcycle jacket, produced with top quality leather with a little urban edge, is a must have in the spring and even after. Pair this gorgeous jacket with a white T-shirt and jeans and accessorize it with reflective sunglasses to give you that perfect summer look. The Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket will give you a chance to enjoy an apparel that was built to stand the test of time.

Dockers Leather Racer Jacket

Dockers Men’s Washed Leather Racer Jacket

If you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket, you might consider trying out this model. This jacket was designed to offer the highest quality, and last for a long time, thereby serving its owner for years. Apart from its quality and durability, it is also very stylish and comfortable.

Once you have the Dockers Men’s Washed Leather Racer Jacket, you can be rest assured about the quality of your coat. They used durable and reliable materials to design it, and the overall design of the model was obviously built to stand the test of time and survive the harshest weather conditions.

This is a unique coat, made with high quality materials and designed to be cosy and comfortable.

The coat also comes with some convenient pockets that make it easier for us to carry the things we need with us wherever we go. Regardless of what it is, whether a cell phone, sunglasses, or a pair of gloves, they can all be stashed in a safe place in the pocket of your coat where you can easily reach for them whenever you want. Apart from the two inner pockets, there are two zip pockets on the chest to store your valuables without worrying about them falling out.

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