How to Wear Mens Casual Blazer With Jeans

mens casual blazer with jeans

Wearing a men’s casual blazer with jeans, this is all about the ability to blend formal and casual men’s wear which is actually a new trend if you go by today’s fashion. The implication of this is that pairing your jeans with blazers have become stylish and is gradually gaining popularity.

Therefore, combining a formal look for the top half of your dressing and going casual for the bottom half has become a very cool look for men. So don’t be afraid to pair your jeans with blazers.mens casual blazer with jeans

Before now, people thought formal pants were the only apparel that could go with blazers. But this is no longer the school of thought if we’re to go by current trends. Blazers are actually quite cool now.

In my opinion, wearing a suit jacket as a sport coat is actually one of the worst fashion mistakes you can make.

If the sport coat is really a sport coat, then the jeans must be dressy. Stay away from jeans that come with thick contrast stitching, not unlike the ones that The Buckle have being selling for the last ten years. You can pair a dark, slim jean with a jacket and a dress shirt (tucked in).

You should never forget to tuck in your dress shirt. You can even throw in a tie, particularly if it is one of those causal knit ties. You can pair it with either a pair of loafers (which is the safest way to go), chukka boots, suede shoes, or any semi-dressy pair of calfskin shoes.

You can also try a slim sneaker, but it is easier to show you how it’s done than to describe it. Stay away from chunky or colorful accessories. Don’t even think about pairing it with flip flops, neither should your shoes be too dressy or polished.

It’s all about dressing down the formal pieces while dressing up the casual ones. If you find a way to balance this, you’ll succeed at something a lot of guys have been unable to perfect.

You can chose to allow a little more street influence in your choice of blazer or go with the formal look. It always looks amazing depending on the particular occasion. Below are eight styles for pairing your blazer with a pair of jeans.

Men's Office Blazer And Jeans

Wearing a blazer and jeans is a comfortable look for everyday work, if your office has a casual setting. The jeans must be neat and clean without any hole around the knee area or scuffed is better to go with dark colored jeans for formal setting. If you’re going to wear jeans in a formal setting, then you should ensure that they don’t sag. This can be solved by pairing it with a dressy-looking belt which also gives it a professional look. Lastly, ensure that the jeans is not overly tight on your body, neither should it be baggy or loose on you.

Make sure your blazer is in a neutral color; it is safer to go with some of the regular colors like gray, black or navy. Your best bet will be to go with a simple and fit blazer with one or two details. A button-up dress shirt can be worn underneath the blazer along with a tie. Wearing jeans is an amazing way to dress down the outfit which means you can even go a little overboard with the colors and patterns of your shirt and tie, provided it doesn’t make the outfit over-flashy.

Men's Business Casual Blazer And Jeans Style

Wear a business casual blazer and jeans if you need to attend business events like networking, interactive or fundraising events outside the workplace. The jeans should have the same fitting as your office jeans, though you can replace a dressy belt with a stylish one. Your blazer should also be a little more casual. Rather than wearing a blazer that was designed with a regular suiting fabric, you can go with a neutral plaid blazer or one with stripes that is not too colourful or bright.

Before picking an outfit, take note of the businesses that are likely going to be at the event: if the business is smaller or more creative, they’ll probably dress more casually, but bigger corporations will likely frown on non-traditional dressing or loud colors. If your wish is to get a job or make contact in a business or networking event, then you shouldn’t forget the golden rule which states that instead of dressing for the job you have, you should dress for your dream job.

Afternoon Date Look

Pairing your jeans with a blazer can be the difference between you appearing stylish or sloppy if you intend to run some quick errands or grab lunch. The jeans can be casual and baggier than dress jeans. Am sure you’ll rather put on a comfortable tee shirt on your off days. Though a blazer over an undershirt is not a very conventional look, a lot of tee shirts actually look amazing when worn underneath a blazer. Your tee shirt shouldn’t be over-baggy; neither should it be skin tight.

A lot of guys like graphic tee shirts, particularly those belonging to bands or even shirts with nice images, as this is an amazing way of showing off their preferences and personalities. You can pair these shirts with very soft blazers designed with sweatshirt fabric. Such blazers are shaped like normal blazers and are quite comfortable. Pairing this with a graphic tee shirt is actually a good way to achieve that effortlessly stylish look. And if you add canvas sneakers or flip flops, you’ll look amazing without necessarily putting in too much effort.

Date Time Dates Blazer With Jeans

Daytime dates are not always as fancy as the evening dates,  but regardless of that, you’ll want to look good, most especially if it’s your first date. For daytime dates, you can go with a nice pair of jeans, which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dressing up. Pair it up with a basic, good quality black tee shirt or any other solid color: avoid graphic tee shirts with messages that might make your date uncomfortable or any tee shirt that is too flashy. Try to keep it simple. A V-neck shirt can make you appear dressier than a regular tee shirt. You can wear a snug tee shirt, but don’t go overboard with it.

Practically every guy will look good with a neutral or dark colored blazer. Go with a blazer that has a soft fabric and is not too stiff. Suede, flannel and corduroy are comfortable fabrics and are quite flattering. Apart from being super comfortable, soft fabrics can also motivate your date to come closer.

Men's Date Night Blazer And Jeans

You might want to dress up a bit if you’re going for a date in the evening. Find out if the restaurant or club has a dress code before you pick an outfit. Some upscale venues might not allow jeans. Your look for an evening date should be similar to your look for any business casual event.

A casual button up shirt can look nice without appearing overly formal for going on a date. Although there are guys that love ties and are comfortable with them, it is not compulsory for you to wear one on an evening date. You can’t go wrong with a blazer that is designed like a tailored suit. A date blazer should be basic and low-key with some impressive details. You can look stylish with a lapel trim blazer or one with contrasting lapel without necessarily outshining your date. Another way of looking at it is that, a basic looking blazer is less likely to clash with your date’s outfit if you borrow her in the event that she gets cold.

Enjoy A Night Out With Friends

If you want to enjoy a night out with friends or go clubbing, you can wear a stylish blazer to express yourself. It goes without saying that a guy who’s trying to impress a woman would need to put on nice and fitted jeans. A worn jean is quite stylish, so you can go with a jean that has being strategically ripped or worn, but try to balance it so you don’t appear too casual. A dress shirt might be a good idea if the club is upscale, and pairing a nice looking shirt with a tailored blazer will certainly give you an aura of power and confidence. If you’re trying not to appear too formal or the club you’re visiting is on the casual side, you can pair a blazer with less structure, with a polo or button down shirt.

If you really want to stand out, you can go with a mens slim fit casual blazer with lots of details or a distinct color that a woman can easily appreciate. Jewel tones like blue or dark green, will look good on a lot of guys without being too flashy. If a guy is feeling daring, he can even go with a pastel blazer, even though not everyone can pull this off. You can try a neutral blazer on a patterned vest if you need a subtle look.

Wearing Men's Blazer And Jeans For Special Events

Regardless of where you’re going, whether it is the opera or a fancy fundraiser, there are times when you really need to dress up your jeans and blazer. You can accessorize it the same way you would accessorize your office attire. However, you can add a stylish blazer to give you a more personal and special look.

You can pair your blazers with tuxedo styling or shawl lapels to give you a dressy look that is anything but boring. You can also decide to go for blazers with buttonhole. This is a classy but fun look. Although black blazers are excellent for special events, you can make them even more special by contrasting lapel trim or lapels

Wearing A Blazer With Jeans To A Wedding

Wearing blazer with jeans to a casual wedding is another great place to show of your style. You can pair a nice pair of jeans with a cool button-up shirt. A tie is not compulsory and the shirt can either be colored or patterned. A light colored blazer is perfect for a casual wedding. Light colors such as tans, pastels or white, can be perfect for a wedding, making you look a little dressed up without being too serious or sober.

Blazers that come with buttonholes are perfect for weddings, but you should however be careful so as not to match the wedding party’s special boutonniers. You can complete a men’s jean and blazer wedding outfit with a bright and attractive pocket square.


Sports Blazers are great for making outfits dressier: they are perfect for guys who prefer the comfort of their jeans. Jeans are regarded as casual; therefore pairing it with a blazer can make anybody look good and comfortable at the same time. Most guys, who’ll rather enjoy the comfort of their favorite jeans, often go in search of well-tailored blazers. There’s always a Men’s casual blazers and jeans outfit for any occasion.