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Real vs Fake Balmain Biker Jeans | Is it Real or Counterfeit

Authentic vs Replica Balmain Biker Jeans Comparison

fake balmain biker jeansWith the success of so many top brand men’s jeans  companies in the fashion industry, their brand are quite often copied or replicated by others and are being sold online without you knowing the difference. You may even heard or known someone  who was disappointed after finding out the jeans  they purchased online was not Authentic after spending hundreds of dollars.

The Balmain Biker Jeans is no exception.

So how can you tell Balmain Biker Jeans you are about to buy is the not a replica. Here are some to look out for to see if its original or not.


Balmain Biker Jeans comes in a really nice box with packaging paper that is well branded. While the replica my just come in a clear plastic bag


The weight of the authentic jeans is way more heavier than the fake ones.

Be sure to check zipper

fake balmain jeans rear zipper

image source: instagram.com/closerlookofficial/

All the Balmain zippers are silver, and they looks a lot cleaner sowed into the material. This is one of the main thing to look out for when out shopping. With the replica that’s not the case, you may find it being golden and fading in color because the type of closure used use is of low quality.

Identifying The Label

  authentic balmain jeans label

image source: instagram.com/closerlookofficial/

One of the main giveaway with the cheap biker jeans is the way the Balmain brand logo is stitched in at  the back of the jeans. It not smoothly stitched in, you can see a lot of bumps in the tag material. When placed side by side you will see that the with authentic jeans it’s sowed in much more smoother with no lumps or bumps in the stitching. It just looks a lot more neater.

Inside label

fake balmain jeans inside tag


image source: instagram.com/closerlookofficial/

The inside label is also different, you can hardly see the size number written on the size tag because it is slightly hidden by the stitches.  You will also noticed that the size number is printed in black on white material.

As for the authentic its size label tag number is white, printed on black material. Unlike the fake jeans it’s stitching and inside pockets look a lot better

Keep focus on the marking fasteners

 fake balmain jeans fastener

image source: instagram.com/closerlookofficial/

The waist fasteners on the authentic has the word waist fastener engraved on it, while with the fake Balmain jeans it has nothing written on it.


One of the best way to protect yourself from this happening to you is to always purchase  authentic products from authorized retailers.