Real vs Fake Balmain Biker Jeans | Real or Counterfeit

authentic balmain jeans

Authentic vs Replica Balmain Biker Jeans Comparison


The success enjoyed by many of the major men’s jean companies in the fashion industry has made it possible for their designs to be copied or replicated by others and many of these designs are being sold online without the buyers knowing the difference.

You might have heard of  or know someone  who ended up being  disappointed after finding out the jeans  they purchased online was not authentic after spending hundreds of dollars.

The Balmain Biker Jeans is no exception.

authentic balmain jeans

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So how can you tell if the Pierre Balmain Biker Jeans you are about to buy is the original and not a replica? Here are some factors to look out for to know if it is original or not.


Balmain Biker Jeans comes in a really nice box with a well-branded packaging paper. The replica on the other hand might come in a clear plastic bag


The authentic jeans are way heavier than the fake ones.

Be sure to check zipper

fake balmain jeans rear zipper

image source:

All the Balmain zippers come in silver, and they look a lot cleaner sowed into the material. This is one of the main things to look out for when out shopping. With the replica that’s not the case, you may find it in a gold faded color because they use low-quality closure.

  authentic balmain jeans label

image source:

One of the major giveaways when trying to determine its authenticity, when compared to cheap balmain jeans is the way the Balmain brand logo is stitched in at the back of the jeans. The stitching is not smooth and you’ll see a lot of bumps in the tag material. When placed side by side you will see that the sewing of the authentic jeans is smoother with no lumps or bumps in the stitching. It just looks a lot neater.

Inside Label

fake balmain jeans inside tag


image source:

The inside label of the fake is also different; you can hardly see the size number written on the size tag because it is slightly hidden by the stitches.  You will also notice that the size number is printed in black and white material.

As for the authentic Balmain jeans, its size label tag number is white, printed on black material. Unlike the fake jeans its stitching and inside pockets look a lot better

One of the best ways to protect yourself from this is to always purchase authentic products from authorized retailers.

Fastener Observation

 fake balmain jeans fastener

image source:

The waist fasteners on the authentic jeans have the words “waist fastener” engraved on them, while the fake Balmain jean has nothing written on it.

When buying authentic Jeans

One of the best ways to protect yourself from this is to always purchase authentic products from authorized retailers.


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