9 Best Blankets for Camping That Will Keep You Warm and Comfy

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Camping is a beloved outdoor activity, especially in the summer months. As hot as it can be during the day, nights spent outside without the sun to warm you up can be hard. However, with the best blankets for camping you can be as warm and cozy in your tent as you would be at home in your bed.

You don’t need to be an expert camper to know which type of blanket to pick, you simply need to read this guide! Wool blankets are a great choice for camping as they tend to be thick and durable. Ones that are made of 80% to 100% wool will be perfect for those extremely cold nights meaning you could even go camping in the winter!

If you do want to go for a wool blanket, you may be wondering, what size wool blanket for camping do I need? If you plan to share your wool blanket, one that is around 84 inches by 66 inches is a perfect size. If you are camping alone, this is still a great size as it can then be used as a sleeping bag as well.

Wool isn’t the only good material for camping blankets, there is also down, fleece, cotton, acrylic, nylon, Sherpa, and polyester. Let’s take a look at some of the best camping blankets available, regardless of your needs!

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Best Wool Camping Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket - 4.5 lbs, Warm, Thick, Washable, Large 64

One of the best wool camping blankets on the market is the military wool blanket from Arcturus. As it is a military blanket, it is perfect for outdoor activities like camping. This wool blanket comes in three colors: military gray, navy, and olive green.

It is also a great blanket for camping due to its large size. It is 64 inches by 88 inches, perfect for two people. It is made up of 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. This means the blanket is durable and can still be safely washed in a machine.

Before you even buy this wool blanket, it is washed three times. This ensures the blanket is soft, hygienic, and less likely to shed. Every time you wash it yourself, the blanket will get softer as well.

You don’t need to worry about having your wool blanket too close to the campfire as wool is naturally flame-retardant. Wool is also able to keep you warm even if it’s wet, another reason it is great for outdoor use.

This wool blanket is a little heavy at 4 lbs, but that’s because it is thick, comforting and warm. It is loom-woven to ensure the whole blanket is evenly textured and thick.

Arcturus states that their blankets will last for decades and they have plenty of customers that agree, why not become one of them?

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Best Queen Size Camping Blanket

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket Queen Size Dark Grey Plush Blanket Fuzzy Soft Blanket Microfiber

Although Sherpa is not a material that is well-known for camping, it is great in chilly weather. This queen size camping blanket is thus made of plush Sherpa and fleece, making it perfect for those cold nights outdoors.

This is a dual-sided blanket. One side is 220 GSM Fleece and the other side is 260 GSM Sherpa. It has better fade and stain resistance than traditional cotton blankets, so it will last you a long time, even with extensive outdoor use.

As it is also 100% microfiber polyester, it is wrinkle-resistant and can dry quickly. So even if it gets wet while you camp, it will still keep you warm. Then, it will be super easy to clean once you’re home, especially since it can be machine washed.

It is not only extremely warm, it is aesthetically pleasing as well. This blanket is available in over 25 colors and 6 different sizes. It is thus a great blanket for those who are into glamorous camping, also known as “glamping”.

When you aren’t camping, this blanket would still fit in well on your bed, couch, or picnic. It is unlike traditional camping blankets that can typically only be used for camping.

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Best King Size Camping Blanket

EASELAND Soft King Size Outdoor Blanket for Camping

EASELAND Soft King Size Blanket Winter Warm Microplush Lightweight Thermal Fleece Blankets for Couch Bed Sofa,90x108 Inches,Dark Gray

Another great microfiber blanket is this king-size one from Easeland. It is made from 100% microfiber polyester, so it is super soft and warm. As it is microfiber, it is fade and shrink resistant, so you can keep it for years to come.

As it is so warm and durable, it’s the perfect blanket for camping. It will keep you warm on those cold nights outdoors. It is super versatile as well, so when you’re not camping, you can use it to keep you warm in bed or on the couch.

It’s not only good for keeping you warm, it is a beautiful blanket so it can add to the décor in your home. As it comes in 15 different colors, everyone can find a color they enjoy.

Similarly, you can get this blanket in a variety of sizes. If the king size isn’t big enough for you, it’s also available in California king. To get even more use out of this blanket, you could buy it in a travel size as well and take it with you wherever you go.

This blanket is easy to take care of as it can be machine washed in cold water. You don’t need to worry about taking it to the dry cleaners after a busy camping trip.

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Best Heated Blanket for Camping

Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket

Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV-Great for Cold Weather, Tailgating, and Emergency Kits by -BLUE

If you love camping but hate the cold, this heated blanket is perfect for you. It easily plugs into a cigarette lighter, making it perfect for RV camping. Or, it has a long, 96-inch cord that you can run from your car to your tent.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester, so even without the heating function on, it is still a warm, cozy blanket.

It comes in five different colors: blue, black, grey, green, orange, and red. It’s a bit small at 59 inches by 43 inches, so not good for those looking to share. It is, however, the perfect size for one person needing to stay warm.

The wires that give off the warmth are thin and not noticeable. They don’t impact the comfortability of the blanket at all.

It is easy to fold despite the wires, so it can be stored easily or even kept in your car for emergencies.

One of the best things to do on a cold night is to snuggle up near your heater. When you’re camping, this blanket can help provide that same comfort. Don’t let your fear of the cold stop you from enjoying your camping trip. This blanket is guaranteed to keep you warm!

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Best Insulated Camping Blanket

Kelty Bestie Outdoor Blanket for Camping

Kelty Bestie Blanket, Limited Edition - Indoor/Outdoor Insulated Camping Blanket

If a heated blanket is not your style, another great alternative to keep you warm is using an insulated blanket. This insulated blanket by Kelty is a great option.

It is a great size at 75 inches by 42 inches. It is aptly named the Bestie Blanket because you and your bestie can use it to keep warm around the campfire.

It is also super lightweight at only 1.55 pounds. This makes it the perfect blanket for traveling and camping as you can easily tuck it away in your car. It also comes in a sack with a handle to easily carry it around when not in use.

Kelty’s insulated blanket is insulated with cloud loft, ensuring you will be kept warm throughout the night.

Although this blanket is insulated and made of polyester, it is still super comfortable and not as noisy as most insulated blankets are.

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Best Down Camping Blanket

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket - Outdoor Lightweight Packable Down Blanket Compact Waterproof and Warm for Camping Hiking Travel - 650 Fill Power

If you have a down blanket at home, you may think it’s too big to take camping with you. Fortunately, Horizon Hound has made a down camping blanket that is perfect for traveling with.

This blanket is super lightweight as it only weighs 1lb and 1oz. You may think that it’s not warm because of how lightweight it is, but you would be wrong. It has 650 fill power, so it will feel as warm as any camping quilt or throw out there.

It is also a great blanket for camping because it is water-resistant as it is made of nylon. This means your blanket won’t get stained or smell despite the constant outdoor use. It can also be machine washed, so you could sit in the mud with it if you wanted to!

The down in the blanket is not only comfortable but sustainably sourced. Perfect for those who want to help save our planet and our animals.

It’s an extremely versatile blanket as you can use it as a blanket, or use the clips around it to turn it into a poncho. This makes it the perfect blanket to take on hikes in the winter or to outdoor festivals.

Even though it’s down, this blanket can be compressed and comes with a premium sack with a buckle. This means you can attach it to your camping backpack with ease.

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Best Cold Weather Camping Blanket

Double Insulated Outdoor Camping Blanket

PUFFER WOLF | Extra Large Double Insulated Outdoor Camping Blanket | 2X Puffy, Warm, Packable, Weatherproof, Durable, and Lightweight | Top Quilt for Hiking, Backpacking, Stadium Events, Picnic Use

If a heated blanket or insulated blanket isn’t enough to keep you warm, maybe a double insulated blanket would be! This large double insulated blanket from Puffer Wolf id perfect for camping as it is durable and lightweight.

With its extra-large size of 80 inches by 54 inches, it is the perfect blanket for couples or friends looking to keep warm in their tent.

Despite the large size, this blanket is easy to travel and camp with because it can be compressed into the small sack that it comes with. This sack has a buckle on it that you can use to attach to your bag or jacket for easy carrying.

The blanket has over 14oz of insulation in it to keep you warm throughout the night. The filling is hypoallergenic as it is synthetic down, perfect for those with allergies.

It is also great for camping as it is durable to all weather conditions. It is dustproof, sandproof, windproof, and rainproof, so no matter what the weather conditions are, you will be kept warm.

Easily wash the blanket in your machine to keep it clean for your next camping trip.

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Best Waterproof Camping Blanket

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Fleece Blanket

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm Fleece Great for Camping, Outdoor Festival, Beach, and Picnic Use – Extra Large All Weather and Waterproof Throw Blanket

Many of the blankets we discussed are weather or water-resistant. This is a great quality for a camping blanket to have. But, what if it was 100% waterproof? Oceas has your back with this extra-large waterproof blanket!

This blanket is made of polyester and is completely waterproof as it is coated with polyurethane. It is also windproof and sandproof, making it perfect for camping when you’re constantly exposed to the elements.

As it is 79 inches by 58 inches, it can keep up to three adults warm comfortably, so it is great for any family camping trips.

Carrying it around is easy as it comes in a portable bag with a handle. The blanket is compact and can be packed away easily in the waterproof bag so it won’t get ruined in storage.

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Best Packable Camping Blanket

Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket

Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket - Outdoor Lightweight Packable 650 Fill Power Down Blanket Compact Waterproof and Warm Backpacking Quilt for Camping Hiking Travel Hammock

Last but not least is a great, packable camping blanket. Get Out Gear made a lightweight, compact blanket to help campers lighten their load. It is only 1.1lbs and can be stuffed into a 5 inch by 12-inch carrying bag despite its 80-inches by 54-inches large size.

The large size means it’s great for two people to comfortably fit under it and stay warm.

If you don’t want to carry the blanket, you could also use it as a poncho instead. It has snaps along the side that can help free up your hands while you hike or sit around the campfire.

The blanket has a durable water repellent coating made of nylon. This helps resist dirt, sand, and water to help keep your blanket clean. Even if it gets dirty, you can easily machine wash it in time for your next camping trip.

You will be kept warm by responsibly sourced duck down and feathers, making the blanket even more comfortable.

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