Best Dress Shirt Fabrics To Wear That Will Totally Up Your Game

best mens dress shirt

Best Dress Shirt Fabrics

best mens dress shirts

Would you love to look elegant at all times without breaking the bank?

Do you know the best dress shirt fabrics that can make you the epitome of a stylish man?

Would you love to command a room without saying a word?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then you should definitely read on.

Looking like you just stepped out of a GQ cover does not require wearing the latest designs or following trends. All you need is just a first hand knowledge of the different fabrics used in making dress shirts, whether it be french cuff, slim fit or classic fit.

Without wasting any more time, here are the best dress shirt fabrics that you can find in the market.


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If you are not a fan of heavy fabrics, then the poplin should be your choice.It is made by weaving a thick yarn in between fine yarn. In other words, the poplin is a plain weave material with an over and under pattern. This results in a material that is light and thin, with little or no texture.

The poplin almost has no sheen, and this feature makes it an ideal fabric for professional outings. However, even though the absence of texture makes it the smoothest out of all fabrics mentioned, poplins are most susceptible to wrinkling.

But it is not a hassle ironing them, as they easily smoothen out, so that should not be a major problem. You can find the poplin in a variety of colors and patterns.

Van Heusen Men's Poplin Fitted Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt, White, 14.5" Neck 32

Van Heusen Poplin fabric Dress Shirt

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If you hear your tailor talking about basket weave fabrics, just know that he is referring to the Oxford. This fabric get its name from the way its weft and warp threads crisscross themselves in pairs. This arrangement gives the Oxford fabric a really textured look and feel.

Among the other fabrics mentioned in this article, the Oxford fabric is the coarsest. But this does not mean it is uncomfortable to wear. Quite the contrary.

The Oxford fabric is quite comfortable and soft; a major reason why most people favor it as a material for button down collar.

And of course that means the fabric cannot be used asa formal shirt or in an office setting. A fun fact to know is that the Oxford was originally intended as a sportswear. Your favorite polo shirt is certainly made from it.

Men's Long Sleeve Shirt Regular Fit Solid Color Oxford Casual Button Down Dress Shirt Blue 2X-Large

Oxford Casual Button Down Dress Shirt

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When you see a fabric with a diagonal texture or weave, you are looking at a twill fabric. This fabric is very tightly woven and usually has more high thread counts than the other fabrics in this article. Thus, it’s not surprising to see people mislabel it as silk.

Twill easily drapes and is softer than poplin, a result of its diagonal texture. It does not wrinkle easily and is suitable for easy ironing.

Also, it has great texture and is ideal for times when solid shirts are required. Note that how shimmery twill looks depends on the type of cotton, weave, and color used.

There are two common types of the twill fabric namely;

Herringbone twill: This fabric has more depth than that of cotton twill. Here, at every quarter inch or thereabout, the diagonal weave direction switches back and forth.

Cotton twill: Even though it does not have the same depth as herringbone twill, its glistening diagonal weave makes it a particularly detailed shirt complete with texture.

Van Heusen Mens Long Sleeve Button Down Baby Twill Dress Shirt - Colors (L, Sage)

Van Heusen Wrinkle-Free Twill Dress Shirt

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Another plain weave fabric appearing in this article is the chambray. Even though it is tightly woven like the poplin, it is not as light as the former. This is because the chambray fabric is constructed with much heavier threads which makes it suitable for either work or casual outings.

When you see a chambray, the first thing you might notice is its inconsistent color. That feature is thanks to the white yarns running in the direction of the width/weft.

MagnaReady Magnetically Inflused Blue Chambray Mens Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Inflused Blue Chambray Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

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Best Material for Business Shirts

When shopping for fabrics to make an office attire, what materials should you buy? Well, let’s look at the requirements of a typical business environment.

A business space usually requires workers in sharp, smooth, crisp and tailored attire that does not shimmer.

Also most offices frown at workers in outlandish colors, the ideal being muted blue, white, and sometimes, toned down pink. If there are patterns on your shirt, they should ideally be discreet and barely noticeable.

From these requirements, you should go for the poplin as it is the most common business shirt material. Apart from the above qualities, this fabric can withstand regular wear without fading or fraying. A win-win situation.

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Should Dress Shirts Be 100% Cotton?

When you are choosing a dress shirt fabric to buy, you might have come across the above question. Now to answer it, you must know that majority of dress shirts in the market are made from cotton.

It is the most popular clothing material by far and for good reasons too. A shirt made from 100% cotton is soft to the touch and extremely comfortable on the wearer.

Cotton blend fabrics, on the other hand, do not have the same quality as 100% cotton materials. For instance, the cotton/polyester blend is an inferior version of 100% cotton.

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This blend cannot hold starch since it is almost impossible for polyester to bind with starch. Thus, it is almost impossible to get the starched and crisp appearance common with 100% cotton fabrics.

So if you opt for a cotton blend fabric, say goodbye to the starched and crisp feeling that 100% cotton offers.

And not only that, the lifespan of cotton blend fabrics is usually not more than a year. If you have a habit of buying quality materials, then your dress shirts should be 100% cotton.


What Is the Most Comfortable Shirt Material?

The most comfortable fabric for shirt has to go to cotton. The reason is it is breathable, strong, soft, and comfortable. In fact, cotton is regarded as the standard in the clothing and garments industry. Other fabrics are usually compared to cotton and they always come up short.

Cotton fabrics last for a while and can hold up through numerous wear and tears. However, this only applies to 100% cotton dress shirts.



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