10 of the Best Field Jackets For Men Who Wants To Look Cool and Be Warm

best field jackets for men


If you are looking to spruce up your current closet collection to create that perfect casual look, you cannot go wrong with the military style field jacket. The field jacket is one of today’s finest menswear influenced by the Army and the best field jackets check the stylish yet functional box perfectly.

Over the years, a lot of designer brands have altered the style to fit modern day living but they have maintained that practical look that made us adopt it in the first place. In a bit, we will look at some of the hottest field jackets on the scene right now to give you more reasons why you need a field jacket.

There are different variations of the field jacket, but the most popular (and the best in my opinion) is the M65. And even with the M65 jackets, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are tailored field jackets for that perfect slim fit. Then you have the mechanic jacket for the outdoorsy sportsman.

Another reason the field jacket is popular is its versatility. You can pair field jackets with anything from a classic crew neck t-shirt to a sweater. Whatever you pair them with, they are best worn with a pair of top name brand jeans.

The construction of the fabric makes it perfect for the transition between seasons. When it comes to colors, their military background makes green the predominant color, but you can find them in shades of blue, variations of green and if you are bold enough brilliant yellow.

You can have a pick of any of the jackets I have listed below. Just remember, the best field jacket for you at the end of the day is the one that best serves your purpose while providing the best fit. Enjoy!


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Columbia Men’s Canyon Cross Jacket

Columbia Men's Canyon Cross Jacket, Delta, Medium

The Canyon cross jacket is a lightweight field jacket that allows for easy moment. Whether you are hiking the Alpaca trails or simple doing your morning run, this stain resistant jacket stretches easily to accommodate a wide range of body movement. If you are concerned about getting sticky from all the sweating, you can relax.

The Canyon cross jacket is made from a breathable fabric that reduces its moisture retention and makes it dry super-fast.

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Wenven Men’s Stand Collar Cotton Field Jacket

WenVen Men's Stand Collar Cotton Field Jacket (Army Green, Medium)

Dress up any casual look with this men’s stand collar cotton field jacket from WenVen. Available in four different colors, this is a field jacket that can take you from day to night without looking out of place. It spots a zipper on the stand collar and an adjustable cuff. Own one for less than $50 and pair it up with this hoodie for the colder months.

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Lucky Brand Men’s Waxed M-65 Field Jacket

Lucky Brand Men's Waxed M-65 Field Jacket, Green, L

Going with the trends can get a bit boring. Stand out from the crowd with Lucky Brand’s men’s waxed M-65 field jacket. It comes with hood if you are ready to go into ghost mode.

The four front pockets give it a very stylish, yet practical look and it pays homage to its military origin with the army green color. The snap closure option is very handy if you want to cover up the zipper closure.

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Levi’s Men’s Four Pocket Hooded Jacket

Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket,Black,X-Large

This budget buy field jacket from Levi is gift from the fashion gods. It is perfect for the cold weather and the kangaroo pockets at the lower end of the jacket provides a warm spot for your hands to snuggle in. It comes with a zip-out jersey and hood for extra warmth and extra style. It is available in 10 different colors ranging from black to Khaki giving you more options than the other field jacket on the list.

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Goodthreads Men’s Lightweight Military Jacket

Goodthreads Men's 4-Pocket Military Jacket, Deep Depth/Olive, Large

It is possible to look elegant and distinguished in a field jacket and this lightweight military jacket from Goodthreads does a fine job of helping you achieve that look. I am a huge fan of their color selection which includes Navy. Pair it with a nice tailored pant and a checkered shirt for that corporate casual look.

Its front and interior pockets make it practical for keeping keys, phones and loose change out of sight. It is very hard to go wrong with this.

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Marc New York Helmetta Wool Field Jacket

Marc New York by Andrew Marc Men's Helmetta Wool Field Jacket, Black, XX-Large

The staple color in any closet is black. Marc New York retails this black Helmetta wool field jacket that oozes understated elegance. It bears all the markings we love with the military style jacket but retains a unique identity in its design.

Front pockets, interior pockets and fabric made to withstand brutal elements, this definitely had to make it on our best field jacket list. The price range is can get into the pricier range, but it is worth every cent.

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Alpha Industries M 65 Defender Field Coat

Alpha Industries Men's M 65  Defender Field Coat, Black, Medium

If you prefer the traditional look of the M65 that the military wore, what better place to turn to than the company that supplied the outfits to the army in the first place? Log in some outdoor time even under the worst elements with Alpha Industries’ M65 defender field coat.

Made from a durable fabric that retains dryness under wet conditions and preserves warmth in cold, this field coat is practical, sturdy and yet stylish. It comes with a concealed hood, hunting coat’s brass zipper and doesn’t deviate much from the original design.

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Tommy Hilfiger Wool Blend Military Jacket


Tommy Hilfiger Men's Technical Wool Blend Four Pocket Military Jacket with Soft Shell Hood, Brown Melange, M

Made of long, lean muscle and need something to fit your frame? This jacket for Tommy Hilfiger comes highly recommended. It comes with a soft-shell hoodie and stylish storage like the zipper pocket above the chest pocket. How cool is that? The military style pocket a strategically placed to avoid bulking up in places you don’t want it to. This makes it fit you snugly.

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Levi’s Arctic Cloth Sherpa Lined Field Parka Jacket

Levi's Men's Arctic Cloth Sherpa Lined Field Parka Jacket, Dark Olive, Medium

Some of the field jackets of this list can wear the waterproof tag but none does it better than Levi. And speaking of tags, the clever positioning of the famous Levi logo on the jacket dragged this jacket to a top spot on our must-have field jacket list. This is a functional stylish jacket has a canvas that keeps you dry and warm.

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Ben Sherman Men’s Cotton Field Jacket

Ben Sherman Men's Cotton Field Jacket, Olive, L

Ben Sherman is known for creating clothes that offer style and comfort. It is not surprising that their field jacket offers more of the same. Made from 100% cotton, this field jacket comes in green and navy colors. Great for transitioning in between seasons, this Ben Sherman creation keeps you warm when it is cold, but it is comfy enough to wear during the dryer months.

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How to Style a Field Jacket to Look Cool

Field jackets were originally designed as US military apparels during World War II but has since been ‘hijacked’ and used by civilians, thus necessitating the need for fashion houses to rebrand and restyle the jacket. Therefore, it’s also called a military jacket.

It may also interest you to know that the field jackets were intended to be used for outdoor activities such as hunting before they became fashionable. Be that as it may, the central purpose of the field jacket has always been to keep off cold, and it is evident in its features.

Enough of the history lessons, let’s get down to business.

At first glance, it may seem there are limited ways to style the jacket because it is not as flexible as other jackets.

Common complementary clothing you want to get for this jacket are: shirt- long or short sleeves, a pair of jeans or chinos, a pair of canvas or nice boots and belt.

To look casual

Let your shirt be neatly tucked into your chinos. If you’ll be using a belt, try and match the belt in colour with your boots. Since you’re gunning for a casual look, choose simple boots. You’ll look cooler if you leave the jacket unzipped.

To look rugged

Style the jacket with a pair of jean trousers and canvas. You could fold the hem of your trousers, so they hang just above the canvas. Zip your jacket and remember to put your hands in your pocket while taking a picture for the gram. You’re welcome.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Best Field Jacket for Men


Consider getting a generic colour, it’ll be much easier to style. But if you’ll be buying more than one jacket, you can explore more colours. In the case of field jackets, brown and different shades of army green would qualify as generic


As earlier highlighted, field jackets are made for warmth. To achieve this, certain features are put in place. However, some designers focus more on creating the jacket as a fashion item than a utility apparel, so they leave out some features which help keep the body insulated such as lining.

You also want to consider if you’ll go for a jacket that has a removable lining or not. If you intend to use the jacket when the weather gets warm, then you should get one with a removable lining.


Field jackets with its numerous attachments and features are not ‘regular’ clothes, so they are not maintained as you would your regular clothes.

Field jackets are not all maintained alike either, because of differences in material. That’s why it’s imperative that you read the washing instructions usually sewn to the jacket.

If you’re not sure how to maintain the jacket, ask a professonal such as a dry cleaner or hand it over to one to help you wash it.

However, a common maintenance instruction would warn against the use of bleach or starch, wringing the jacket if washing with your hands and exposing the jacket to high heat. It is often recommended that you used mild detergent to wash and you let the jacket drip to dry without wringing.

Remember to detach the insulator lining if it’s detachable


This is up for consideration because pockets are a key feature of field jackets due to the purpose they served during the WWII. They still are presently. But not all field jackets come with as many as four pockets, which is the conventional number of pockets.

Some are made with only two pockets. Apart from warmth, if you are getting this jacket because of the flexibility it affords and comfort derived from being able to keep things handy in your pocket, then that’s a factor you should consider

Fabric/ material

For the conventional feel, go for a field jacket made of waxed canvas outer. This tough outer protects the wearer from thorns and bushes when used for hunting. It also retains heat and is water repellent.

However, a lightweight fabric such as cotton would also be ideal especially in warm weather.

The jacket’s material will determine its life-span. If you need a field jacket for a long-term use, get one of durable fabric.

Apart from the outer fabric, consider the make of the inner lining. Nylon has always been a trusted lining material


Are you in the military? Were you in the military? Do you intend to join the military? If your answer to any of these questions are no, go for something not too stiff. Even if you answered yes to any of the questions, go for something with a friendly outlook. Some field jackets look like they were picked out of a WWII wardrobe reserve with their drab design.

While going for something interesting and friendly remember some field jackets are best left on the runway. Pick something with a simple design. Less is more. You don’t want to purchase something you’ll leave in your wardrobe or box because you’re not sure how to style it.

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