8 Best Hiking Camera Bags for DSLR To Protect Your Gears From the Elements

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Hiking with your DSLR camera? Then you need to invest in the best hiking camera bag for DSLR to safely transport and manage your lenses. The best way to relive memories of your hiking adventure is by bringing a camera along and capturing the moments as they come. DSLR cameras have proven to be an excellent choice for this. With such cameras, you can interchange lenses on the same camera body.

However, the challenge with hiking with a DSLR camera is that hiking terrains could be rough, so you’ll need a bag that can protect your lenses and camera gear. A regular bag can’t do this. Some camera bags can’t even do this either. A good hiking camera bag should be compartmentalized, comfortable, waterproof, and easy to access while meeting your storage needs.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the best camera bags for DSLR that meet and exceed these requirements. You’ll also learn how to take care of your camera bags, how to carry your DSLR while hiking and the best practices to follow when storing your DSLR in your bag.

Qipi Sling Style Camera Backpack

Qipi Camera Bag - Sling Bag Style Camera Case Backpack with Modular Inserts & Waterproof Rain Cover - for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras (Nikon, Canon, Sony) - Black

Let’s tell you upfront what we initially didn’t like about this bag- it has only one hand which makes it a sling bag. We didn’t quite like this because we can’t attach a camera strap to the hands of the bag. Attaching a camera strap to the hands of your backpack will take the weight of your camera off our neck.

However, we discovered that as a sling bag it was easy for us to access our camera and gears when needed because we didn’t have to take off the bag first to access its content. And that’s what you’ll enjoy by investing in this bag- the accessibility it offers.

What’s more?

It has removable modular interior insert/ divider. This removable divider makes it possible for the bag to serve as a camera bag on most days, and a regular bag on other days.

It is made of nylon and even comes with a waterproof rain cover.

Main Features

  • Removable modular compartment dividers
  • Smart pockets, including a smartphone pocket and anti-theft pocket
  • Soft-padded shoulder strap
  • Exterior tripod holder
  • Nylon fabric

Amazon Basic Gadget Camera DSLR Bag

Amazon Basics Large DSLR Gadget Bag (Orange interior)

The Amazon basic gadget backpack is a budget-friendly bag for DSLR that can carry all your essentials and doesn’t compromise on quality.

It is made of polyester, has zipper and clasp closure. These features keep the content of your bag protected from water and dust.

There are multiple pockets in and around the bag for storing other camera gears or devices that can’t fit into the main compartment of the bag.

To make things even more interesting, you’ll find a slot within the bag where you can put your notebook, iPad or tab.

What we don’t like about the bag is its strap connection hook. This hook can be annoying because of its continuous rotation. But this can be fixed by changing it. Alternatively, you can carry it using its top handle if you don’t mind.

Main Features

  • Top carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Zipper and clasp closure
  • Polyester fabric
  • Multiple pockets

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LowePro ProTactic Modular Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack with All Weather Cover for Laptop Up to 15 Inch, Tablet, Canon/Sony Alpha/Nikon DSLR, Mirrorless CSC and DJI Mavic Drones LP37177-PWW, Black

Tough. That’s what this bag is.

The LowePro camera backpack is a waterproof camera bag built to withstand the rigors of tough hiking terrains.

It features tough eva moulded top armoured section and all-round protective padding to ensure the safety of your devices.

There’s also a slip lock tripod cup where you can mount your tripod securely, plus a place to store your water bottle.

But the real genius lies in the waist belt that converts into a utility belt—the nifty feature you didn’t realize you were missing in your life.

This backpack uses ActivZone technology to create support for your shoulder blades, lumbar, and waist, so you can carry your kit all day and barely even notice it’s on your back.

The dividers within the bag are flexible. This makes the bag adaptable to different types of cameras and gears. You can access the contents of your bag from different points. The multiple access points mean you can grab what you need quickly without losing sight of your target.

Main Features

  • Flexible and adaptive dividers
  • Rain protection safeguard which offers all weather (AW) protection
  • Tough eva moulded top
  • FormShell Technology


BAGSMART Canvas DSLR Camera Bag For Hiking

BAGSMART Camera Backpack, Anti-Theft DSLR SLR Camera Bag Water Resistant Canvas Backpack Fit up to 15

If you feel the need to come with change of clothes while hiking, this is the bag you need.

This bag is designed with different functional compartments. There’s a compartment designed for your camera and camera gear, another for your laptop, and yet another for clothes.

There’s even an exterior front pocket big enough to accommodate a small notepad, tab, or book.

You’ll find the laptop compartment behind the bag, and shockproof bump underneath the bag.

With time, your neck will start hurting when you hang your camera around it for long. To help take that pain off your neck, invest in this bag.

The adjustable shoulder straps of this bag have d-rings in front of it. To ease the pain off your neck and feel comfortable, attach your camera straps to the d-rings of this bag using metal bag clips.

Main Features

  • Shockproof bump
  • Made of waterproof canvas
  • Removable padded divider


CADeN DSLR Camera Backpack

CADeN Camera Backpack Bag with Laptop Compartment 15.6

As a blogger, we believe this bag is one of the best hiking camera bags for DSLR you can get because it has a laptop compartment.

As a blogger, your laptop is your office and having a bag that can accommodate your laptop and camera while hiking spells convenience.

This bag features detachable inserts and an exterior tripod carrying device. The tripod carrying device can be folded when not in use. It also has side mesh pocket, where you can keep your water bottle for an easy grab-and-drink when you’re not taking pictures while hiking.

This backpack is made of high-density waterproof 900D polyester nylon fabric. So even if the rain catches up with you while hiking, you can protect your moisture-sensitive items in it.

Hiking with a journals or notebook? There’s a front zipper pocket for it.

Main Features

  • Detachable dividers
  • Exterior tripod carrying device
  • High density waterproof 900D Polyester nylon fabric
  • Front zipper pocket


Endurax Extra-Large Camera Backpack

Endurax Large dslr Camera bag for hiking

If you are a professional photographer, this bag is just what you need to house all your camera gears.

The outer left and right sides of the bag are designed for your large and small tripods, respectively. There are different pockets around the bag for housing your camera and hiking needs.

This Endurax DSLR camera backpack is an extra-large, dual compartment camera bag that can accommodate a 15.6-inch sized laptop and comes with a free waist camera bag.

Endurax minimizes the possibility of experiencing back ache and discomfort by padding the back of this bag, making it breathable and designing it with contoured shoulder and sternum straps.

The dividers of the bag are removable, so you can arrange the bag to fit your packing style.

We are sure you’ll be grateful for this bag’s PVA armoured front panel because it useful for storing digital gadgets and other delicate gears.

Main Features

  • Dual compartments
  • PVA armored front panel
  • Customizable insert divider pad
  • Contoured shoulder and sternum straps
  • Ventilate back padding

Neewer DSLR Camera Bag for Hiking

Neewer hiking Camera Bag

The Neewer camera bag is our pick for the best hiking camera bag for DSLR for the minimalist adventurer.

Your only regret with this bag will be that you didn’t buy it sooner.

This DSLR camera bag is lightweight, portable, simple, shockproof, compact, comfortable, water resistant and will hold all your go-to camera gear needs. It has two outer pockets. One for your tripod and the other for your water bottle or flask.

But that’s not all.

This bag has interior mesh compartments with double YKK zippers for your smaller accessories. The modular Velcro dividers helps you arrange the bag to fit your needs and keeps your lenses and other accessories protected.

Main Features

  • 2 outer pockets
  • Modular Velcro dividers
  • Dimensions: 11.8×5.5×14.6 inches /30x14x37 centimeters
  • Nylon fabric


Vanguard Alta Sky 51D DSLR Hiking Camera Bag

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D HIKING Camera Backpack

The triple compartments of this bag is one of its biggest selling point.

This is the last camera bag you will buy for your hiking needs. It is sturdy, comfortable, spacious and stands well to rain and moisture.

Its inserts are customizable and there are many outer pockets where you can store things like your lens cleaner, spare lens caps and other camera gear.

The tripod holder securely straps your tripod to the bag and can also be used for your drones.

It has a waist strap that provides extra support and helps distribute the weight of the bag evenly across your back. The waist strap, shoulder straps and back of the bag are even padded for comfort.

Main Features

  • Smart storage
  • Multiple access points
  • Total coverage rain cover
  • Optimal balance tripod carrying system.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Camera Bag for Hiking

The hiking terrain is different from your regular terrain. So, when packing a camera for that adventure, you should be intentional about your choice of camera bag. You shouldn’t head out with whatever camera bag that’s within your reach without considering the factors below;

Bag Size

Cameras have different sizes. This is also true for camera bags.
Invest in bags that are big enough to accommodate your camera and camera gear comfortably.

Don’t force your camera and its gears into smaller sized camera bags. Your DSLR camera lens could pay dearly for this, and we both know how expensive camera lenses are. So, it’s better to avoid situations that will put us in the position of shouldering such expense unnecessarily.


There are different styles of bags you can choose for your camera when hiking- backpack, dry bags (like most of the dry bags for watersports you’ll find here), waist bags, etc.

But you want a bag that makes it easy for you to reach for your camera once you need it, and keep it back once you are done with it. A waist bag or backpack is the solution. But we prefer backpacks that makes it possible for your camera straps to be attached to them. With such bags, the weight of the camera can be shifted from your neck to your shoulders.

Storage need

You’ll need your camera gear too, right? If you said yes, then a compartmentalized camera bag is what you need. If you said no, that’s fine too. You can go for simple camera bags like USA Gear’s Neoprene Protection bag. It is a simple bag that can house your just your camera.


For protection, look out for the construction of the camera bag and the material it is made of.

Your camera bag should be waterproof or water-repellant at least. This will be determined by the material the bag is made of.

The inside of the bag should also protect the camera. To guarantee this, the insides of your camera bag should be made of foam. The foam should be covered by a soft fabric.

If your camera bag meets the above discussed requirements, congratulations! You have successfully invested in the best hiking camera bag for DSLR

How to Care for a Camera Bag

Now you’re a proud owner of one or more of the best hiking camera bag for DSLR, you need to learn how to care for it. By taking care of your hiking camera bag for DSLR, you extend the lifespan of your camera bag. This camera bag in turn, will take care of your DSLR camera.

The care you give your camera bag for DSLR extends to the camera as well. Keep this in mind.

To ensure your camera bag serves you well, do the following

  • Keep moisture out of the bag. You can put silica gel packs in your camera bags to help with this
  • Check the straps and attachments periodically. Replace or stitch them as soon as you notice any defect
  • Periodically use a waterproofing spray on the bag to ensure it remains waterproof
  • Wash with cold water and mild detergent when necessary. Otherwise, to rid the bag of dirt, just clean the inside with a damp cloth or a can of compressed air while using a soft brush with some water for outside the bag.


  • Leave the bag open. After taking what you need, zip the bag to keep dust from getting in. Accumulated dust within the camera bag can affect your camera lenses.
  • Wash it often. Except it gets dirty often.

Related Questions

How do you carry a DSLR while hiking?

The best way to carry a DSLR while hiking is by using camera straps that attach to your backpack.

The goal of taking a camera along with you on your hiking adventure is to capture each precious moment and preserve the memories. To do this effectively, you need to have your camera and camera gear on standby. This means they have to be easily accessible. A camera strap that attaches to your backpack will make it so.

How do I store my DSLR in my bag?

As a general rule, you should do the following:

  • Remove the battery and storage card before packing
  • Detach the camera lens from the body of the camera
  • Store the camera with the lens facing sideways, never downwards
  • Your camera bag should have multiple compartments. Utilize these compartments by arranging your gears in them.

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