Best Men’s Fall Winter Boots this Season

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Update your boot rack with the best men’s fall winter boots that combine comfort, style, and enough grip to prevent you from slips.

Fall-winter boots are a must-have in your cold-weather wardrobe, whether you plan on hiking, hunting, snowballing or just going about your usual daily activities during fall or winter.

So while checking sweaters, mufflers, joggers, gloves, and winter jackets off your list, check for fall-winter boots too.

In this article, we review 5 best men’s fall winter boots this season. We’ve taken the liberty to choose fashionable, versatile boots for you because we want you to always look peng.

Some other things we discuss in this article are: factors to consider when shopping for fall winter boots, how to care for fall winter boots and the major difference between snow boots and winter boots (we see this question all the time).

Before we delve into all those, let’s answer the question:

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What are the Best Fall Winter Boots this Season?

Fall and winter are seasons characterized by cold, water and snowfall. You can’t afford to ‘manage’ the footwear you’ll use in such conditions.

You need a footwear that understands the several challenges that comes with such weather conditions and is ready to walk with you through it all.

The best fall winter boots this season are waterproof, anti-slip, cozy, warm and of course, stylish. We’re in 2020. You shouldn’t be caught walking around in drab-looking boots because it’s fall or winter.

Timberlands Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's Mid Waterproof Ankle winter Boot

These tough, yet, good looking boots are just what you need to trod through fall and winter. Characterized by 100% waterproof leather fabric and seam-sealed construction, these boots will keep your feet dry.

Timberlands uses EVA footbed and EVA midsole to cushion your feet and keep them warm. Thanks to the rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs, you can worry less about slipping and falling even on wet surfaces.

There’s even more reason to love these boots- they are lightweight and break in quickly.


It breaks in quickly

Versatile and stylish. It can be worn to the office




Poor ankle support.

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NORTIV 8 Waterproof Construction Hiking Winter Boots

NORTIV Waterproof Construction Hiking Winter Snow Boots

We love these boots because they are comfortable and stylish.

These Nortiv 8 Men’s snow boots are padded with removable, warm faux fur insole and 3M Thinsulate to provide warmth even in -25F temperature condition, which makes it a great fall winter boots option.

The presence of memory foam insoles which provides arch support and absorbs heel shock keeps you comfortable all season-long.

Based on reviews, the toe box has enough room for wiggling your toes. Some people like this, but some people complain that it makes them feel the shoes are loose. If you’ll have a problem with free toe box, wear the boots with a pair of thick socks. They’ll make you feel even warmer.


You can regulate how much warmth you want by removing or inserting the faux fur insoles.


The shoes are a bit bulky.

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Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Winter Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot for fall and winter

If you’re looking for versatile fall winter boots that you can match with a pair of nice jeans trousers on casual days, then these are the boots for you. A pair of slim or regular fit trousers, wool t-shirts and winter jacket will do the trick.

Columbia and Michelin collaborated to create these ultimate fall winter boots. The boots feature Michelin soles which provide enhanced traction- a vital quality fall winter boots should possess.

This boots feature Columbia’s Omni-tech.

Here’s what this means: outside elements can’t get into your boots, but perspiration and moisture can escape to keep your feet dry and odorless while you engage in your fall/ winter activities.


Mesh tongue promotes breathability

Offers moderate arch support


Not 100% water-resistant.

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Skechers Verdict Men’s Boots

Skechers Men's Verdict fall winter Boot

To the conservative stylish man, we bring this modern fall winter boots to you with love.

96% of hundreds of respondents who shared their review on the Skechers site said they’d recommend this boots to their friends because they’re durable work boots that offer a comfortable fit and are very good for the wet weather. In other words, they’re happy with their purchase.

Seam-sealed waterproof midsole, air-cooled memory foam insole, rugged rubber lug traction outsole, padded collar and tongue are some amazing features that makes people choose this boot for fall and winter.


They need little to no breaking in

Comfortable fit



As leather boots, taking care of them requires a lot of attention

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Fila Men’s F-13 Weather Tech-M

Fila Men's f-13 Weather tech-m, Wheat/Espresso/Medium Gold, 13 M US

Fila tests the limits with these sneaker boots and we dare you to wear them.

“They are warm in the winter and… handle any terrain, including a slick running board on rainy days,” said J. Solley, a delighted owner of 3 pairs of the boots.

The upper fabric is 100% leather and it’s designed to provide lateral support, while the outsoles are high-traction rubber to keep you sure footed in slippery conditions. The velcro straps of this mid-cut boots provide great ankle support to help you trod any terrain.

Fila designs this fall winter boots in at least 10 colours. We’re sure you’ll find 1 or 2 you’ll love.


Velcro strap provides great ankle support

The upper leather provides lateral support


Not durable

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Factors to Consider Before Investing in Fall Winter boots this season

Choosing fall winter boots is not like choosing regular boots. There are things you should consider before buying one and we’ll be looking at some of them in this section.

Fall and Winter Boot Outsoles and grip

It’s easier to stop yourself from a fall on dry ground than on wet ground. It gets sloppy during fall and winter for obvious reasons. While picking a stylish boot off the rack, you want to ensure the soles offer great traction.

Lug soles are recommendable. (Just like the Skechers Men’s Verdict and Timberlands we earlier saw). They are made of rubber, with deep indentations to provide added grip.

Warmth/ temperature ratings

Fall winter boots offer different degrees of warmth. This is usually determined by the type of insulation used.

There are different insulation types. The 3M Thinsulate and faux fur lining we saw earlier are synthetic. Wool and other natural fabrics fall under natural fill.

Synthetic fill proves to be better than natural fill because they’re water-resistant and insulate even when wet, unlike natural fill.

Waterproof / water repellant

You don’t want water seeping into your boots. It will cause you great discomfort. Most fall winter boots are made of nylon and other synthetic materials because they are waterproof or water repellant. But it’s common to find leather winter boots.

If you own leather fall winter boots, wax your boots. This seals the pores of the leather so water can’t pass through. But do this sparingly so your boots don’t become stiff and start cracking.

Socks to wear with boot

Fall winter boots usually offer low breathability. This leaves little room for moisture to escape. Without good wicking socks, our feet will get cold and smell due to sweat retention in the boots.

A good wicking socks keeps the feet dry and reduces the chances of our feet and boots smelling by wicking moisture off it.

How to Take Care of Fall Winter Boots

If you want your boots to last for years, knowing how to take care of them is compulsory.

Some fall winter boots are seasonal. This means you’ll probably use them only during fall/winter, then store them in your garage or shelf till the next fall/ winter season. If you’ll do that, the general practice is to make sure the boots are dry and clean.

Below are a few things you can do to keep your fall winter boots in great condition:

  1. Clean off dirts and salt stains immediately. Use a recommended desalting agent or make yours by mixing equal amounts of vinegar and water. Alternatively, you can use warm water and clean cloth.

Leave to dry.

P.S.: Don’t use vinegar on suede boots. Use an eraser or emery board to wipe off salt stains.

  1. Wash when dirty and dry upside down. Dry away from direct heat.
  2. Stuff boots with old newspapers so they maintain their shape while drying them and before storing them
  3. Store in a ventilated area. They need to breathe.
  4. Use preventatives. For example, wax creates a protective layer on leather boots. This makes it hard for the boots to absorb water.


Related Questions


How should Fall Winter Boots fit?

Your fall winter boots shouldn’t be tight-fitting to allow for easy blood circulation. This doesn’t mean it should be loose-fitting either. There should be just enough room for your feet to wiggle in the boots without being at risk of slipping out.

A one-finger width gap down the heel of the boots will do just fine.

We advise that you wore a pair of thick socks while testing before buying. This will help you know the pair of fall winter boots that will fit you right.

What’s the Difference Between Snow Boots and Winter Boots?

The major difference between snow boots and winter boots is the presence of built-in snow gaiter in snow boots.

A snow gaiter is a covering of cloth that prevents snow from getting into the boots. It is usually made of nylon, built around the top edge of the boots and fastened using a drawstring.

Secondly, snow boots are always waterproof but winter boots could be waterproof or water repellant.

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