Best Men’s Running Hats for Casual Jogs To Keep You Going

Best Men's Running Hats

Be it running, jogging, or even trekking in the outdoors, it’s advisable to always wear a hat during such activities. A running hat would improve your performance by much if you consider factors like the weather, reflective lights, and any other potential hindrance to your routine.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the best men’s running hat to buy and how to buy it. So you don’t end up with just any hat that could either provide subpar comfort & protection or make you look silly.

Speaking of silly, it’s often thought that running with a hat seems absurd or unnecessary.

This begs the question, is it good to run with a hat on?

While running, hats provide all the essential benefits to go about outdoor activities. As they offer needed protection from the elements, air resistance, and excessive sunlight. All of which play a significant role in slowing you down. Also, hats add more style to your workout fit.

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Best Running Hat for winter

Skull Cap Helmet Liner & Running Beanie Hat - Winter Cycling Hats & Ski Head Caps for Men & Women for Skiing & Workout - Ultimate Thermal Retention & Performance Moisture Wicking - Fits Under Helmets

Toughwear’s Skull Cap Men’s Runner Beanie

This is the perfect men’s winter hat for all sporting activities. Be it running, snowboarding, or skiing. You tell the skull cap helmet liner runner beanie is made with the chilling blizzard in mind. Because it’s made of top heat retention materials such as polyester and a blend of spandex.

With the material combination of polyester and spandex, this beanie is quite stretchy. Which means it can fit most head sizes. Once worn, it feels natural as though it’s part of you.

Also, there’s a special liner in place to prevent the buildup of sweat. So your hat doesn’t feel soggy after some running. This special liner enables the beanie to be an all-season one.

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Best Running Hat for Hot Weather

Baseball Cap Quick Dry Mesh Back Cooling Sun Hats Sports Caps for Golf Cycling Running Fishing

Ellewin’s Baseball Quick-Dry Cap


If you’re up for the traditional heat cap design then go for this baseball cap as it’s a lightweight piece that’s 100% polyester. It has a mesh design that favors ample ventilation to prevent excess heat from the scorching sun to penetrate. And it also helps in wicking out sweat.

Another feature to look at is the visor or bill of the cap which is quite longer than what you’ll see in the average cap. Overall this gear is very easy to wear. Fits naturally on your head as though there’s nothing there.

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Best Running Hat for Sweat

GADIEMKENSD Running Hat Quick Dry Workout Baseball Caps Breathe Hiking Cool Hats Sport Cap for Mens and Womens Dri Fit Hot Weather Cycling Golf Dad Sport Dark Blue


Running under the intense sun in places like Florida and Topeka is only going to result in moisture, sweat, and more sweat. What you’ll need is a sweat-wicking hat. Such as the GADIEMKENSD face cap. As it possesses mesh construction and an inner lining that wicks out sweat quickly.

On top of that, the sun guide is well designed to prevent excess sun rays from hitting your eyes, as you run or jog. Also, the hat fits well the most common head sizes. Thanks to its adjustable belt.

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Best Running Hats For Sun Protection

Outdoor Research Swift Cap - Ultimate Training Breathable Sun Hat White/Light Grey

The Swift Cap

This is the ultimate cap for sun protection on this roundup list. Because it’s made up of a top-end heat insulation material which is Supplex nylon (with a polyester shell). The hat is also well designed to handle the build-up of sweat because the construction is of leash style. And there’s an internal liner place to wick out sweat.

Another great feature of the Swift cap is the visor. Which is well designed to prevent sun rays from reaching your eyes and face. Thus making it the perfect sport face cap for athletes during a marathon or the summer heat.

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Best Waterproof Running Hat

Sumolux Men Women Outdoor Rain Sun Waterproof Quick-Drying Long Brim Collapsible Portable Hat Black

Sumolux’s Waterproof Hat

The sumolux hat is a collapsible running cap that is made completely of polyester. This feature makes the cap great for handling cold winding and rainfall easily. Just as well as it can handle the burning heat thanks to its mesh construction that enables ample ventilation.

Overall, this cool running cap is great for both rainfall and sunlight. This makes the cap perfect for seasons or places where rainfall occurs sporadically.

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Best Reflective Running Hat

Armorbilt Safety Beanie – Reflective High Visibility Yellow/Orange - Winter Cold Weather Knit Hat – Perfect Cap for Construction, Running, Biking, Workwear Clothing (Yellow)

Armorbilt Reflective Beanie

If you’re one to train till nightfall or from early mornings runs, then you should consider this beanie. This is not only awesome at retaining heat during the winter due to its thick, comfy material, but it’s also great at reflective lights.

So vehicles or persons with a source of light can spot you on time to prevent an accident from occurring. Thanks to its 360° reflective striping.

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Reasons to Wear a Running Hat

Here are reasons why you should wear a running hat:

Blinding Sunlight Rays

You could be running or jogging around the neighborhood in the morning or afternoon when the sun is bright and unclouded. Such an experience can be terrible or average due to the blinding reflective lights that cause you to squint. This could come up anytime you have direct visual contact with the sun or a windshield nearby is directing the rays into your eyes.

The best way to avoid such an inconvenience during your cardio or workout routine is to wear a hat. But not just any hat, a light ray blocking hat. Such as a vice or any regular face cap.

Burning Hot Weather

Apart from reflective lights bouncing towards your eyes from the sun, you can also suffer due to the intense heat. Which raises the temperature of your head in such a way it leads to sweat. That’ll roll down to your eyes and then cause pain.

Such a situation could lead you to find a comforting shade to stop in. Thus affecting your workout session or probably cause you to end it early.

Only a lightweight cap made up of a breathable material can stop the sun’s intense heat from affecting runs. So you can enjoy a burn-free cardio experience.

Chilling Cold Weather

The burning heat isn’t the only weather condition that causes problems for runners. As the winter can be terrible. So instead of worrying about rising temperatures on your head, you have to worry about it dropping.

A thick head-warming cap will do the trick. By keeping your head center warm toasty through your session in the chilling cold.


If you’ve ever tried running during rainfall then you should understand how uncomfortable it can be. As you can get your hair, eyes, and head very wet. In the long run, one could get sick. All because you thought you were some kind of Rambo or a member of the USMC. Trained to take such conditions anytime and any day.

What you need in such a situation is a waterproof cap to help you dry and your eyes safe from droplets. Which could sting your eye, and thus interrupt your routine.

It Holds Up Long Hair

If you’re one to keep long flowing hair, then you should consider a face cap. Because it’ll help out in holding up your hair so it doesn’t dance around or end up clashing with your eyes.

Also, the face cap design even allows for a ponytail to be easily adjusted. It also ensures ample ventilation gets to the hair.

It Offers Style

There are many face cap designs with different colors that can match your fit. Thus giving you that 100 overall looks. So instead of just protection from the elements, and providing convenience, your cap should be able to improve your style. Just like every other piece of clothing you consider purchasing

It’s Aerodynamic

Let’s go back to science class. What you should know is air resistance works against the motion. This also applies to you while you run. So, to enjoy a better running experience, your fit should be aerodynamic just as your hat. The result will be you feeling very light and active.

What to Look for in a Men’s Running Hat?

Buying a running hat shouldn’t be limited to just how good it makes you look, as many hats can do that. There are certain qualities you should look for.

These qualities include:

 Prevents the Build-up of Sweat

Any cap can keep sun rays away from your eyes, but it takes a special one to prevent a soggy sensation on your head. Such caps are usually made of breathable mesh-like material or they have a sweat-resistant liner that prevents sweat build-up.

It Should Provide Ventilation

If you’re planning for a run under the scorching hot sun, go for the hat that provides some ventilation. The best type of hats is those that have a breathable design.

Provide Ample Warmth

To prevent the chilling cold from freezing your head off, it’s best to consider a hat that’s thick, easy on the skin, and cozy. So you can engage in your workout routine throughout the day feeling warm and toasty in your head. Just like a beanie.

Fit Right

A hat may have all the right qualities, but it’s no use if it doesn’t fit your head. What you need is an adjustable cap so it’ll fit you as a belt would.

It Must Be Reflective

If you’re one to practice very early in the morning or till late at night, then your cap should be reflective. So that incoming vehicles or persons with a source of light can spot you on time.

Should You Run with a Beanie?

There are special beanies that regulate body temperature for runners. As the materials used in making them are put in place to handle the excessive cold sweat, an athlete would get on a good training day.

Our choice

With all the information given out about running caps, you can tell all options are great. But there’s one that edges out the rest and that is toughwear’s Skull cap helmet liner runner beanie. And the reason for our choice is major based on its four seasons rating which screams versatility. As its build can handle the chilling cold, rainfall, and intense heat waves as well.

Given our choice is majorly built for winter activities, you get yourself some winter jackets to go with it.


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