6 Best Men’s Shearling Jacket Styles to Buy that Really Rocks

6 Best Men’s Shearling Jacket that’s Stylish Cool and Worth Every Penny

best mens shearling jacket

Men’s shearling Jackets are a most sought-after outer garment made from lambskin, buckskin, or sheepskin. Although some products like the faux shearling coats are made from synthetic fibers, the flexibility that comes with the breathable nature of the sheepskin and lambskin variants makes them preferred choices for those who love to stay cuddly warm.

Whatever the type you choose, there would always be that luxury to enjoy the warmth and style that comes with shearling jackets. Even as an advocate of ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA’, you can remain as ethical as the Pope while joining the bandwagon, literally, and step out in style donning any of the faux shearling coat designs available in the market.


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A little journey into history

The shearling sheepskin coat became a regular in wardrobes as well a symbol of masculinity during the Victorian era – a period of constant innovations. Its history with masculinity continued right into the First World War where brown shearling bomber jackets were worn by German fighter pilots as a protective outerwear layer over their military uniform.

The comforting warmth that the Shearling sheepskin coat provides made it a regular feature in the war arena as seen in the Russian Civil War, and further into the Second World War. The US fighter pilots were also widely photographed wearing the cold-resistant shearling bomber jackets during the Second World War too.

The iconic jackets began to gain widespread popularity in and around Hollywood featured in movies such as ‘On The Waterfront,’ ‘The Wild One,’ ‘Giants,’ ‘Rebel without a Cause,’ and ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ just to name a few blockbusters starred with popular characters wearing the leather jackets.

CAMEL Men Fleece Lined Jacket

DKNY Men's Shearling Bomber Jacket

Overland Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Shirt Jacket

GUESS Men's Sierra Shearling Jacket

How Much A Real Shearling Jacket Cost?

Starting from around under 300 on Amazon, the cost of a decent shearling jacket is on the high side no question about that. Some cost includes that of raising the lambs, taking care of the flock of sheep producing the lambs, as well as the cost of the lethal injections used for ethically putting down the lambs and sheep. Also added is the cost of treating the hides, a process that can be quite expensive. Combined, this is quite a costly operation from start to finish. on Amazon

Consequently, the cost of purchasing authentic men’s shearling jackets does not come cheap. Indeed prices are influenced by several factors; so, let’s stroll through a short review to reveal what some of the top fashion iconoclasts and Mavericks have in mind when they shell out that much to purchase these designer items.

The True Cost

Spain, Italy, and Turkey rank top as major suppliers of real shearling around the world. But the Spanish merino breed of sheep raised in mountainous regions recording extremely low temperature is renowned for the high insulating extra fine wool coupled with a thick hide that they produce. This is a distinctive feature when compared with flocks raised in relatively temperate regions which generally produce thicker hides but lesser wool.

Quality luxurious shearling coats are ideally mixtures of denser fur and thinner hide while the tougher hides with lesser fur are adapted for the designing of protective shearling bomber and rider jackets. Either way, real shearling leather jackets do not come cheap – the more authentic the leather, the higher the price of the jacket.

However, if price and ecological considerations are making the shearling jacket a complete put-off for you, slow down mate! There are several iterations of the faux shearlings that look and almost feel like the real sheepskin and lambskin. An example of such is the brown faux shearling coat Duchess Kate wore prompting the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) to mistake it for real animal fur.

What are the Best Shearling Jacket Styles in town?

There are many shades of the shearling jackets to fit all the seasons and myriad of occasions. So, from summer to winter, autumn, and spring, you can pick from any of the trending or mainstay luxurious shearling designs that best suit your personal style, whatever the occasion may be.

1. Shearling Leather Jackets

If you are yet to own a classic leather jacket, it is about time you invest in getting one. Although a lot of people are often put off by leather jackets, the shearling remains a vintage mainstay outerwear versatile for all seasons. It gives an edge to your preferred style and is also adaptable to any winter outfit.

Unlike the exclusive military jacket that was named the “bomber jacket,” a new iteration came into play – named the “Perfecto,” after a favorite cigar. The “Perfecto” featured zippers as against the buttons of the bomber jackets.

This style is normally available in its vintage brown and black colors. Distinct from the traditional bomber jackets with buttons, the Perfecto comes with zips and studs. The toughened sheepskin makes it a proper protective jacket for riders since bikers can lean over on their machines without burrowing into the body.

If your desire is to stay warm without compromising your classy looks and style during the harsh realities of the winter season, the shearling leather jacket with its iconic insulating sheep wool on the inside to keep you warm is highly recommended. Originally an edgy style tailored for youths, it looks fashionable when worn over lightweight tops with either slim jeans or work trousers to smarten up the style.

Ever since Manhattan raincoat maker, Irving Schott, customized the shearling jacket for Harley Davidson, the motorcycle maker, the history of men’s love for leather jackets changed drastically. Men’s shearling leather jackets are available in some varying styles such as the punk leather jacket, the Perfecto, and the quilted biker jacket among many others.

Our Pick

Sheepskin B3 Flight Jacket

Classic Leather Bomber B3

Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

2. Shearling Bomber Jackets

The shearling bomber jacket is a very popular casual iteration of the range. Originally designed for fighter pilots and plane crews to keep them warm and protected at higher altitudes, the shearling bomber jacket has gone beyond just being a famous classic military garb to a versatile mainstay style trending in mainstream fashion.

Although the bomber jacket is basically a piece of shearling outerwear usually with minimal styling, it still comes with tight ribbed wrist cuffs, wraparound collar with defined neckline, ribbed waistband, zipper closure, and an insulated bulky arm. It can be worn over a plain sweatshirt, a pair of luxury jeans – and boots, to get that luxurious look.

Apart from the traditional shearling bomber jacket design with that rich military heritage, there exist another identical design popularly known as the “A2 Flight Jacket” which features a distinctive fur collar, neck flap, and the trademark flap pockets. Other variants of this style include cropped bomber jacket, quilt bomber jackets, and bomber jackets with embroidery, just to mention a few.

The bomber jacket has become a timeless classic well beyond Europe where it originated from. University students in Singapore enjoy donning this versatile outwear to class just as much as the Canadian mountaineer rocks it nicely when hiking around the Rockies. It is indeed an iconic menswear that has, over many decades, remained a prominent jacket in lots of men’s wardrobes – that is, every man that knows style and follows trends.

Our Pick

Brody Shearling Sheepskin

G-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Brandslock Merino Leather Jacket

3. Shearling Denim Jacket

Originally in its trademark blue color, denim is a fabric fashioned from very tough but pure cotton twill. Denim has since been used in the production of several garments such as jackets and jeans as well as other fashion accessories (e.g. bags, purses, and lots more). But the jeans (i.e. the vintage blue jeans) made this fabric very popular, consequently becoming synonymous to the denim.

The denim was later adopted for the production of jackets around the 50s and 60s. With the denim biker jackets as the pioneer design, the denim shearling jackets have become a mainstay style in our dynamic fashion scene. Now available in different style and colors to suit every size, the denim has become a renowned symbolism for youthfulness.

This amazing variant of the shearling jackets is a mainstay retro style that has been reinvented into this modern era. The denim is a popular material in the clothing collection of every guy because its versatility makes it more unique.

Worn with a long-sleeved T-shirt and cropped trousers or a black pair of jeans with white sneakers, you will get the perfect casual look. Indeed, the shearling denim jacket is a must for every guy.

Our Pick

Chouyatou Sherpa Lined

chouyatou Men's Classic Button Front Rugged Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jackets (Medium, Dark Blue)

Levi’s Faux Shearling Jacket

Heavyweight Denim Shearling

4. Plaid Shearling Jacket

The plaid shearling jacket, as it is popularly known in North America, has a very rich history dating back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Although it is generally known as ‘tartan’ across Britain, its exclusive popularity among the British military and aristocrats accorded it so much dignity.

One of the unconventional uses of the plaid which had long been synonymous with gentility and authority is the plaid shearling jacket. Made out of wool-blended fabric, the featured retro plaid pattern makes this design a classic any time, any day.

Available in several colors, you can have it worn over your fitted sweater and jeans to get that priceless look. In today’s urbane retro-culture society, classic plaid men’s shearling jacket is regarded as… well, classic… and dope! Designers are perpetually reinventing its stripped or checkered designs to keep up with trending fashion. Some are going further, aiming to make the rich heritage of the vintage British-styled fabric more appealing and a mainstay in both the formal and casual environments.

Our Pick

Legendary Whitetails Jacket

Carhartt Men’s Sherpa Lined

Wrangler Sherpa Lined Jacket

5. Long Shearling Coat

The distinctive features of the long shearling leather coat are easy to spot. Unlike the shearling jackets, this style of shearling is flabby and longer – reaching towards the knees or beyond. It also comes with an iconic pointed collar coupled with a longer sleeve making it the perfect choice for the winter season.

During the harsh realities of the winter cold, you sometimes wish you could remain under the duvet all day. Enter the long shearling winter coat; it can make you insusceptible to the cold air of the harsh winter season and also give you the similar warm feeling that you crave for under the duvet.

A trial will convince you. The long shearling coat will provide you with the perfect warmth you will get from no other. Apart from the warmth that the garment provides, its style is also topnotch leaving nothing more to be desired. There are wide varieties of the long shearling coats, from the trench coat to leather cloak as well as the leather duster, and several others within the range.

You can wear your favorite long shearling coat with a casual sweater and muffler for extra styling or over a well-starched black or grey suit. Also, the charming looks and style of these long coats have become very popular with high-end business executives straddling Wall Street, London’s financial landmarks, government circles (like we see President Donald Trump donning many times), and elsewhere.

Our Pick

Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket 

Swedish Mens Bomber Jacket

Cwmalls Shearling Jacket

6. Suede Shearling Jacket

Suede shearling jackets are prominent considering their napped exterior. Unlike the shearling leather and bomber jackets, suede shearling is fashioned by splitting undersurface of the sheepskin or lambskin. This makes it more absorbent and porous, light weighted, more delicate in nature, and less tough compared to the conventional sheep or lamb hide.

Suede is not always the go-to choice when it comes to getting a jacket for the winter. But for protection against the wind and the much-needed warmth that the suede shearling jacket provides, it is a well sought-after style.

Bearing in mind that the suede is an excellent fabric, PETA advocates can settle for – and indeed do recommend – this insulating apparel because you won’t have to deal with the guilt that may likely arise while draped in stylish clothing made from real sheepskin. Nonetheless, if you like this kind of faux shearling jacket, it is important to note that suede needs to be properly looked after.

This fabric can bring about a very simple, yet attractive style if you wear a men’s brown suede jacket over a good pair of jeans. Outfits like a simple white T-shirt or denim shirt and ripped jeans add some extra personality to your style if you want to be noticed after just one look.

Our Pick

Aston Leather Suede Coat

Decrum Men’s Suede Jacket

Scully Sherpa Lined Jacket

What are shearling coats made from?

Shearling coats are made out of processed sheepskin and lambskin, as well as synthetic fiber. The process involves tanning of the sheepskin or lambskin with fibers of uniform depth on them. Simple, yeah?

Is shearling warm?

Humans residing and working in very cold climates have since time immemorial fashioned garments out of animal hides to stay warm. Considering shearling as one of nature’s top insulators, the hides from sheep and lambs have been the chief source of pelt used in the production of coats and jackets to keep warm during the cold winter.

A shearling coat is an excellent lifelong investment for those in extremely cold regions of the world. Folks living in the Arabian Desert – where it gets extremely cold at nights – as well as the ice-cold Himalayan mountain range in Asia are also finding these coats quite important to have in their wardrobes.

Can you wash the shearling?

Do not put the shearling garment in a washing machine! The jacket can be cleaned occasionally to prevent dirt buildup, but if it accidentally gets dirty, it is necessary that you employ the services of professional leather cleaners. Do not machine-wash!!

Can you wear shearling coat in the rain?

Fashion experts have advised that it is not proper to wear a shearling coat in the rain. But if you were to be caught in the rain, it is recommended that you let the coat air-dry, that is, dry away from any heat source because heat tends to destroy the fur. Afterward, brush off any water spots with a soft-bristle brush.

Are shearling and sheepskin the same?

Shearling basically, is a sheepskin or lambskin that has been tanned and sheared, leaving wool of uniform depth. But shearling is not just made from lambskin and sheepskin alone, it is also made from synthetic fibers developed in the laboratory/factory.

It is necessary to note the basic differences between the shearling made from synthetic fiber and the one made from lambskin and sheepskin. Perhaps the most important distinction, nonetheless, is how it feels on the skin: shearling made from lambskin and sheepskin is breathable and also flexible when compared with the faux (synthetic) shearling.

Therefore, we can conclude by saying “all lambskin and sheepskin jackets are shearlings, but not all shearlings are sheepskin.”

Indulge yourself a little; go out and get a befitting shearling jacket today

Now available in a wide range of colors, lovers of men’s shearling jackets have options beyond the trademark black and brown shearling jacket variants. You can always find fitting options that suit your taste as well as the contemporary fashion trend in town.

In the final analysis, whether you choose a shearling trench coat, sheepskin, or faux fabric, it will all boil down to style. So, acquaint yourself with the current trend in town and rock best shearling coat to the admiration of everyone!

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