Best Metal Wallet To Buy

best metal wallets

8 Best Metal Wallets to Buy That Can Take All Of Our Money

best metal wallets

Does your traditional wallet look dull as it wears off? Are you tired of its simple look and jean stretching nature? If yes, you’ll love the timeless look of our 8 best metal wallet.

Metal wallets are fashion accessories for the modern man who cares about his looks, gadgets and accessories. The wallets are sleek, smaller and lighter, and built in minimalist designs for ultra-portability.

The ultra-small wallets protect your credit cards from RFID electronic signals, and can match whichever attire you wear for the day. Here’re 8 of the best metal wallets to replace your traditional, bulky leather wallet:

Dango Tactical Edc Wallet

Dango Tactical EDC Walletk

Designed with a capacity of up to 12 cards, the Tactical EDC Wallet is what you need to carry your credit and business cards around. The authentic top grain leather fastens on the chassis with mil-spec bolts.

Built with RFID electronics signal blocking technology, there’s no better way to protect your cards and keep your information secure. Made from machine aluminum, it weighs about 2 ounces only and comes with a removable multi-tool

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Martrams Carbon Fiber Front Pocket Wallet

Martrams Carbon Fiber Front Pocket Wallet

Are you tired of losing your credit cards? The aluminum money elastic clip is made with you in mind. The 27 microns thick single-layer aluminum foil offers RFID signal protection. The combination of high quality carbon and up to 3000 microns aluminum offers sufficient protection from wireless theft.

The ultralight card holder has a capacity of up to 12 cards and 8 bills. It’s also strong, effective, convenient, and comes in a compact design.

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Armour Rfid Wallets for Men


Made from premium aluminum, this is a durable tactical smart credit card holder that comes packed with a key holder, a multi tool and stainless steel money clip. It offers protection from RFID signals and loss of critical credit card information.

Built with a capacity of 12 cards and up to 5 bills, it’s sleek enough to fit in your suit or jeans’ front or back pocket. Despite its compact and elegant design, the metal wallet is ultralight and comes with a lifetime warranty.

What’s more, you’ll find it in 6 beautiful colors: green, green OD, red, orange, carbon fiber and navy blue.

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Savage Spaetan Aluminum Credit Card Holder

Aluminum Credit Card Holder

Available in an ultra slim design, the cardholder is lightweight and minimalist slim to fit either in your front or back pocket. Made from premium aluminum and stainless steel, this is the wallet you’ll use for many years to come.

You can even pass it down your generation if well maintained. Otherwise, it also makes a perfect gift idea for your friends or loved ones.

It comes with an elastic money clip and has a capacity of up to 12 cards. With the RFID blocking technology, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your credit cards and related information are safe.

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Tactical Titanium Minimalist Slim Wallet


The Calti Tactical Wallet is RFID blocking and ideal for both men and women. Made from titanium, the ultra slim front pocket credit card holder can last a lifetime.

The stylish accessory has a capacity of up to 10 cards. What makes it stand out is the different colors it comes in to suit your personal style.

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The Ridge Minimalist Metal Wallet

The Ridge Minimalist Metal Wallet

The Ridge is functional and slim with a capacity of up to 12 cards. The aluminum of 6061-T6 grade it’s made from makes it durable. That explains why it comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can pass it on to your beloved son and his sons.

With the money clip it comes with, easily stretch the cash trap to store your folded bills.

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Fidelo Minimalist Wallet For Men


FIDELO’s superior wallet in an ultra-modern design is a game changer. It simplifies your everyday carry needs with functionality at its best. The metal wallet offers RFID blocking protection and has a capacity of up to 15 cards.

Made from the best grade of aluminum, the card holder is strong and durable yet slim and compact. However, it comes with a warranty of just one year.

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Muradin Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet


The aviation multifunction card holder is made from premium aluminum and carbon fiber for added strength and durability. With the adjustable elastic band and money clip, you can hold at least 20 cards in your wallet.

Designed to hold small keys, coins, pins and SD-cards, the wallet is what you need to meet your need to store multiple items. Its sleek and slim design allows it to fit in your front or back pocket.

Apart from a unique touch and lifelong durability, you’ll also enjoy its RFID blocking protection and use it as a perfect gift idea. Choose a black, grey or carbon fiber finish on your metal wallet.

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