Best Mountaineering Gloves to Explore the Mountains This Winter

Mountaineering Gloves for men

The Coolest Mountaineering Gloves To Explore the Mountain This Winter

Mens Mountaineering Gloves

Curiously, more people are climbing Mount Everest these days than they did in last hundred years. I’d say those things that used to seem impossible are becoming doable. If that inspired you, great. But before your mountain climbing expedition, prep your gear. Here’s the best mountaineering gloves list to get you started.

I want to get into the details of that list right away, but not before pointing out a few things to help you decide which glove to eventually go for. For starters, there’s a very strong possibility that you’re not going to need just “the one” glove. And that is because gloves are designed for different seasons and different purposes.

One of the first things to look out for when deciding on the best mountaineering glove for you is the season. Decide on what time of the year you will be doing your mountain climbing. In the warmer months, you need something that gives you a firm grip without being too heavy. In the colder months, you definitely want the heavy stuff.

However, you should also bear in mind that temperature conditions at the foot of the mountain are different as you climb higher. So, you want gloves that can adjust accordingly. There is a possibility that, you will get to a point on your journey where you will have to swap gloves. Bearing all of these in mind, let us begin.

Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves

Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves, Black, Large

Having the name, ‘diamond’ included here gives you the impression that you’re dealing with something that is as tough as diamonds. In truth, these climbing gloves are tough, however, they are more suited for climbers who are not doing heavy-duty mountain climbing.

I like to think of them as practice gloves but they do more than that. Still, if you are going to be doing a climb that exceeds 6000 feet, these may not be the best option for you. And if you are already doing 6000 feet plus, I would say at that point, you are a pro or a semi-pro at least.

I think the next set of mountaineering gloves I recommend would be more suited for your class. That said, these beauties are truly amazing. I like how they give you that extra firm grip without cutting off your dexterity altogether. The lightweight, breathable fabric offers protection from the elements.


However, you would find that you enjoy the Black Diamond Crag climbing gloves better during the summer months. Again, this is not the kind of glove you put in your kit if you are aiming for Mount Everest. If you are like the rest of us and you are just figuring out your way with the mountain climbing thing, this is perfect.


  • They come in just one color; black
  • They made from synthetic leather
  • They are constructed with breathable stretch mesh for easy grip and comfort
  • They come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large
  • It has a hook and loop cuff closure
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Kutook Multifunctional Full Finger EVA Padded Gloves

KUTOOK Airsoft Gloves Men Touch Screen for Hunting Driving Hiking Grey Medium

This is one of those smart/intelligent wear fashion accessories that have been designed with technology that helps you adapt to your environment. As far as best mountaineering gloves go, this one takes the cake.

So, whether you are doing high intensity work in the great outdoors or you are actually climbing mountains, these are the kind of gloves that give you a firm grip when you need it and still provide you with a light touch when you want it. Let me explain.

For those of us who like to climb mountains, we know that the key to movement and balance is maintaining a firm grip on the rope. The anti-perspiring qualities of the glove helps you do that. However, we also know that somewhere along the line, your phone might ring or you might be inclined to take a selfie.

Since most of the devices that we use today are touchscreen rather, than making you go through the hassles of pulling your gloves from your hand before operating your device, Kutook Multifunctional Gloves gives you the ability to do so without taking them off.

This is because all your five finger tips in the glove are protected with a microfiber material which is thin enough for you to operate your device without taking it off and at the same time, it does not compromise your needs in the area of grip and weather protection.


  • They come in two colors
  • The palm of the glove is designed with a 3mm pressure pad for added protection
  • It has a screen touch friendly technology
  • It is made from different fabrics targeted at protecting different parts of your hand
  • It has a poly towel thumb for managing sweat
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Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves

Gordini Men's Ultra Dri-max Gauntlet Iv Waterproof Insulated Gloves, Black, Small

The list for best mountaineering gloves would not be complete without including a waterproof variety.

If the weather conditions for your mountain climbing trip is cold, as in extremely cold, then you need gloves that can take on the weather. You need the kind of glove that will provide you with the extra grip while at the same time, keeping your fingers warm and toasty inside.

You want something that is windproof and waterproof yet breathable enough to ensure that you are comfortable doing whatever it is you’re doing. Another major requirement for gloves in this category is something that enables you cinch the wrists so that the glove can stay on and snow can stay out.

The Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves matches all your requirements in this regard and then some. With these gloves on, you can submerge your hands in water and they wouldn’t get wet.

However, in very extreme climate conditions, I would recommend getting glove liners to wear underneath these gloves. This will give you the added protection you may need. Remember, you can never be too safe.


  • They are made from waterproof polytex fabric
  • It has 100% polyester insulation on the inside for extra warmth
  • They come in two colours with one of them being a variation of the other
  • Sizes range from small to extra large
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As you pack your gear for your mountaineering adventure, layer up with any of these winter jackets to ensure that you stay warm throughout. Don’t forget to share your experiences. I would like to know how that worked out for you.


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