Best Slim Fit Dress Shirts For Men You Will Truly Wear All the Time

slim fit dress shirts for men

Do you know slim-fit shirts represent almost half of all men’s clothes retailers’ inventory?

Surprised? Don’t be.

After all nobody wants to wear a shirt that is big, blousy with a lot of fabric on the sides and your retail store knows this too well.

A slim fit dress shirt is a staple for every fashion-forward man. It can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem whether you’re on a first date or attending a life-changing job interview.

To get you started on the journey to owning the best slim fit dress shirts, we’ve just the right guide for you.

Read on and get to know everything about this must have gentleman’s item.


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Wearing A Slim Fit Shirt Tucked Vs. Untucked

The stamp of formality for a dress shirt is to have it tucked. However, recent trends have come with a more casual approach resulting to dress shirts going untucked.

There are some features of the shirt that will indicate if it is to be worn tucked or untucked.

The first thing to look out for is length.  A dress shirt that is meant to be worn tucked should have its back cover your bottom almost entirely. Any shorter and you’ll see your shirt get untucked as you go about your business. If it is longer than this, you will have a bulge on the crotch area from the excess fabric.

For the casual untucked dress shirt, the hemline should be roughly at your mid to lower edge of the trouser pocket. This look aims to cover any skin and gives you a clean look. Moreover, the midsection shouldn’t be too trim. A wider midsection allows the shirt to fall comfortably over your pants.

Recommended Dress Shirts

Now that you have a ton of dress shirts to choose from, we wouldn’t want you to shop blindly. Here are our top five recommended best slim fit dress shirts.

Perry Ellis Dress Shirt

You never have to waste a moment ironing your Perry Ellis winkle free dress shirt. Further, the cotton-polyester material blend makes for a non-see through minimalist shirt.

The eye-popping color options will make you look sharp and elegant whether you are attending an interview or an office party. What not to love about this dress shirt?

Perry Ellis Men's Slim Fit Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt, White, 14.5 32/33


Perry Ellis Men’s Slim Fit Winkle-free Dress Shirt

Available on Amazon


• Wrinkle free shirt

• A non-see through shirt made of thick quality material


• Not ideal for athletic or heavily built men


Calvin Klein Dress Shirts

You can’t go wrong with a Calvin Klein dress shirt.

Their non-iron slim fit Gingham spread collar shirt, in particular, is smart and stylish.

The shirt comes in a variety of seven colors making sure there is a shirt for all your occasions. The slim fit adds some taper to your body, and the price is just right.


Calvin Klein Mens Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Gingham Spread Collar, Blue, 16" Neck 34

Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirts Non-Iron Slim Fit Gingham Spread Collar

Available on Amazon


• Non-iron fabrication

• Great combinations of colors


• A loose slim fit that may be too big for slender people

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Dress Shirts Non-Iron Slim Fit Check

The fact that this is a Tommy Hilfiger shirt erases the common trial and error when you go shopping. Made of 100% breathable cotton, this non-winkle dress shirt will keep you dry and cool in hot and cold temperatures.

The slim fit style with a slimmer cut at the waist and chest ensures you do not experience the dreaded feeling of swimming in your shirt. Not forgetting the shirt comes in a variety of colors and an attractive checked pattern.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Check, Marine Blue, 16" Neck 34

Tommy Hilfiger Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Available on Amazon


• Non –iron shirt from a reputable brand

• A variety of colors combined with a stylish checked pattern


• Too slim for muscular built men

• Some customers didn’t like the collar


Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt Flex Collar Stretch Slim Fit Print

If you are looking for an on-the-go shirt, think in the lines of the comfortable Van Heusen checked dress shirt. With an expandable collar and a variety of colors to choose from, this is the right shirt for every occasion.

Made of a cotton-polyester and Spandex blend, the material for this dress shirt is just right. Not too light or too flimsy.

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Flex Collar Stretch Slim Fit Print, Rock, 17.5" Neck 34

Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt Flex Collar Stretch Slim Fit Print

Available on Amazon


• Perfect slim-fitting shirt with relaxed arm holes

• Stylish checked pattern


• Customers complained of the malfunctioning flex collar

H2H Slim Fit Dress Shirt

This dress shirt made by the Korean H2H brand comes with over ten colors to choose from. It is the perfect fit for tall skinny guys. It is made from light, breathable material, making it perfect for wearing with a suit.

Further, you can’t beat the price for such a quality buy. However, be aware that the sizes are in Asian sizing, so they are a size smaller compared to U.S sizes.

H2H Mens Wrinkle Free Slim Fit Dress Shirts with Solid Long Sleeve BLACK US L (Asia XXL) (JASK14)

H2H Men’s Dress Slim Fit Shirts Long Sleeve Business Shirts

Available on Amazon


• Perfect slim fit dress shirt with a professional look

• The pricing is just right


• Material too light making it too thin


What Is the Difference Between Slim Fit And Regular Fit?

The difference between a slim fit and a regular fit dress shirt is the fit.

The slim fit dress shirt is characterized by slimmer sides with crescent-like curves to give a more tapered body look. The sleeves are also slimmer and the armholes narrower to highlight your physique and give you a more modern look. It is best worn by people with slender, lean, or slim bodies.

On the other hand, the regular fit has more fabric on the torso which makes it looser. It doesn’t snug or hugs your body.

The sleeves are also looser compared to the slim fit. This is a dress shirt that is best worn by someone who is beefier or a person looking for comfort rather than style.

What to Look Out For In a Slim Fit Dress Shirt

A perfect dress shirt will make you look good regardless of the occasion. However, with so many choices in the market, you might wonder if there is something you need to look out for when you go shopping.

Here’s a lowdown on a slim fit dress shirt features that will ensure you buy the perfect dress shirt.

· The midsection and Chest

The dress shirt shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. It should have some 4 to 6 inches of extra fabric on the midsection and the chest area.

If the fabric is much more than this, it will look sloppy and any less fabric will make it too tight. Further, there should be no excess fabric between your shirt and pants when you tuck it in.

However, don’t forget that the dress shirt needs to fit right even when you’re seated. We don’t want buttons opening up now, do we?

Width of the Sleeve

The sleeves shouldn’t be baggy but tapered following the shape of your arms. Fit in the dress shirt and ensure the sleeves don’t restrict movement.

If you have long arms bend them with the shirt on and ensure the sleeves aren’t too tight.

· Armhole

The armhole of your dress shirt determines if the shirt fits on the chest, shoulder, and armpit areas.

The armhole should create a tapered feel under the arms while allowing for a full range of motion. Moreover, it should also be high enough without restricting movement.

· Collar

The collar is the highlight of the dress shirt especially if you are wearing it as part of a suit.

You should be able to button your collar such that there is some room left to fit in two fingers.

· Shoulders

Don’t overlook the shoulders. Dress shirts that have ill-fitting shoulders look downright silly.

The shoulder seam shouldn’t be too long such that it is coming past your biceps. It also goes without saying that you shouldn’t wear a shirt with crowded sleeves that go all the way up to your bicep.

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