The 5 Best Travel Pillows For International Flights, Sleep and Wakeup Refreshed

Best Travel Pillows For International FlightsThe best travel pillows for international flights can give your travel experience a total upgrade. You can enjoy that long international flight free of discomfort and aches. You may not realize how uncomfortable long flights get. But rather than experience the discomfort, take one of the best travel pillows for international flights. It’ll do you more good than you know.

So, how do travel pillows work anyway? They work by offering a buffer for your neck, providing support and comfort on long trips. Different designs work differently. Some go around your neck; others go between your head and shoulders. You can also adjust them to suit your preferred sleeping position.

Travel pillows for international flights are great to have while on a trip. But are they really worth it? And how do you use them? This article would be answering all these questions and more. But first, let’s take a look at the best travel pillows for international flights.

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Cabeau Evolution-S3 Neck Support Pillow

Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Support Pillow - Neck Pillow for Traveling - Memory Foam Airplane Pillow - Neck Pillow with Attachment Straps - Support for Travel, Home, Office, and Gaming - (Indigo)

When looking for a travel pillow, comfort and portability are two key factors. And Cabeau Evolution S3 hits the bullseye on this.

So if you find falling asleep on long trips hard to do, this neck pillow is a good pick. It will knock you out in seconds! With this, you get great neck and head support, and it’s super comfortable.

It comes with a soft raised memory foam that contours to your face and neck, providing a snug fit. It also features a strap system that attaches to any chair. This helps prevent slouching and a bad posture. And its adjustable clasp gives a customized fit for any chin size.

Made with 100% polyester and a moisture-wicking ability, this pillow also keeps your neck dry and odor-free.

For portability, it comes with a compact travel case that reduces it to half its size. You can fit it in your bag without it taking up space.

Apart from using it for long trips, you can use it at home as well. It’s perfect for gaming, movie nights, and casual relaxation. And if you love to work from home, you’ll find this worthwhile.

It also comes highly recommended by orthopedic surgeons to pro athletes.

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Ostrichpillow Go Neck Travel Pillow

Ostrichpillow Go Travel Pillow for Car & Airplane Neck Support with Travel Bag - Memory Foam Travel Accessories for Power Nap on Flight

Wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed with Ostrichpillow. This Go neck pillow is designed for comfort and to eliminate fatigue.

Made from soft, high-density memory foam to keep you all snuggled in, it offers great neck and head support. This neck pillow is framed in an elegant 360 design that is both beautiful and comfortable. With this, you can feel right at home while en route.

Go’s velcro hand closure provides a custom fit, allowing you to adjust to fit your particular shape.

It comes with a practical travel bag that reduces its volume up to 60%. And you can easily remove the memory foam and wash the sleeve. The sleeve is made out of soft, breathable material, which makes it perfect for long trips.

So whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveler, you’re sure to simply adore this Go neck pillow.

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TRAVELREST Nest Memory Foam Pillow

TRAVELREST Nest Patented Memory Foam Travel Pillow/Neck Pillow - Washable - Voted Best Travel Pillow for 2018-2021 by NYTimes Wirecutter - Packs to 1/4 of its Size (2 Year Warranty) (Blue)

Boost Your flight with TravelRest Nest Memory Foam Pillow. This pillow has the right degree of softness and support, so you can sleep better than ever on long trips.

With the TravelRest Pillow, you can feel at home wherever you are.  There are several nice features to this pillow. One is its contoured neck and shoulder cutouts which fits those areas nicely.

Another is the velcro closure that fits nice and snugly without choking you. It is made of good quality Thermosensitive memory foam that is both soft and firm in a good way. It also comes with a plush microfiber cover that is removable and machine washable.

A unique feature is its relatively thin back which lies flat between your seat and your neck. We know how uncomfortable a big back wedged between your neck and seat can be.

And finally, it collapses into a small bag to ¼ of its original size for easy packing.

You’ll enjoy using this travel pillow on long flights, tours, trains, and buses. And you can use it at home while lounging or watching TV.

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Huzi Infinity Travel Neck Pillow

Huzi Infinity Pillow - Home Travel Soft Neck Scarf Support Sleep (Burgundy)

Known for its softness and breathability, this neck pillow by Huzi is simply remarkable. It simply can’t escape our list of best travel pillows for international flights.

This plush pillow allows you to sleep more comfortably than ever before. With the harmony of softness and support, you get to relieve your neck and back of pain and stress.

Thanks to its unique design, you can use it in any resting position and adjust it to your comfort level. The possibilities are just infinite.

You can also use it at home, on your couch, bed, and work desk.

And what’s more, this pillow enables you to block out noise. Simply wrap it around your ears, and voila, peace at last! No more chatty neighbors or noisy kids disturbing your sleep.

It even goes around your eyes to block out unwanted lights.

Made from soft bamboo material microfiber, your skin can also breathe easily. And this leaves you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

The Huzi infinity travel pillow is also hygienic and easy to clean. You can machine wash after each trip and store it neatly.

So sleep easy and wake up feeling rejuvenated with this super comfortable pillow.

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GOSLEEP Travel Pillow

GOSLEEP Travel Pillow - Sleep Mask and Memory Foam Pillow That Prevents Head Bobbing and Blocks Light for Better Sleep During Road and Air Travel - Jet Black

It’s about time you got that well-deserved rest while on your long trips. Gosleep allows you to simply go to sleep like a baby with no cares, aches, or pains.

This soft memory foam pillow is 67 percent Rayon, 28 percent Nylon and 5 percent Spandex. It has super lightweight qualities and compresses easily, making it easy to carry. You can even fit it into a small business travel backpack.

You get a free soft eye mask that’s easy on your eyes and allows you to rest better. Both the eye mask and pillow go together.

Simply place the pillow behind your neck, wear your eye mask and pull the elastic cord around the back of the pillow. You can adjust the elastic cord around the pillow for a tighter fit.

This simple design prevents your head from falling forward while you sleep, keeping your head in place. You’ll have such a restful sleep; it’d seem you never left home.

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Are Travel Pillows Worth It?

Travel pillows are definitely worth it and will do you a world of good when you’re on a long trip.

The best travel pillows for international flights can make all the difference. You no longer have to arrive at a new country feeling wrung out and exhausted.

Instead, you can come down from the airplane feeling refreshed and excited to begin an adventure.

And don’t you want to rest easy on the plane without waking up to bad neck and back pain? That’s the essence of having travel pillows for international flights.

They’re soft, comfortable, and good for your neck and back. Their modern ergonomic designs are suited to satisfy your desire for sleep and comfort. Especially during long flights.

Apart from traveling, neck pillows have morphed into basic home use. Now, gamers don’t have to walk around with bad postures and back pain. All thanks to a handy neck pillow.

And with one of these pillows, working from home or even at the office has gotten a lot better. You can sit comfortably at your desk without worrying about having aches and pains once you stand.

So, don’t think twice about getting a neck pillow. It’s definitely worth your buck.

How To Use Travel Pillow

Follow these easy tips and tricks on how to use travel pillows for international flights. And where possible, try out the pillow before buying it. It should fit comfortably around your neck and feel soft and comfy against your skin.

First, place the pillow around your neck. Most travel pillows come in a U-shape design, with an opening around your throat. They use either velcro or straps to hold it in place around your neck.

While most people wear them with the space in front, you can choose to wear yours with space behind for more chin support.

Note, some travel pillows are designed to fit between your shoulder and head on one side. This type of pillow is ideal if you don’t change positions while sleeping. If you’re using this type of pillow, switch shoulders to find the most comfortable position.

On the other hand, if you’re using an inflatable pillow, follow the instructions and inflate the pillow. Then, recline your seat slightly for an even more comfortable position.

If you prefer to lean forward to sleep, you can also place your neck pillow on the tray table.

After your trip, store it away in its case or attach it to your bag or suitcase.

Tip: for easy washing, buy a machine-washable pillow.

Do Travel Pillows Help Neck Pain?

Travel pillows are a great help if you suffer neck pains during long trips.

Using a neck pillow helps your posture while you sleep. It stops your head from drooping or getting poorly positioned. And as a result, you wake up without any neck or back pain.

Many of us are not strangers to neck and back pain. And it is important to deal with it early before it worsens.

Most travel pillows are U-shaped. And this ergonomic design supports the neck, head, and shoulders. They help ease off the stress and strain of traveling so your neck and back don’t suffer.

Neck pillows come in a variety of styles and materials. There are neck roll-styled pillows, horseshoe-shaped pillows, standard contour pillows, and so on. You also find pillows made of memory foam, down, cotton, or moisture-wicking synthetic material.

The kind of sleeper you are can affect your choice of a neck pillow. If you’re a back sleeper, a roll-shaped pillow is a better option. But if you tend to sleep on your side, go for a contoured pillow to keep your spine straight and support your neck. And if you’re buying a travel pillow for international flights, a horseshoe-shaped pillow should get the job done.

Can Travel Pillows Be Washed?

Yes, travel pillows can and should be washed. If you’ve used it a lot, it will get dirty and may even smell bad. So here’s how to wash your travel pillow:

  • First, look at the material and whether it can be machine washed or not.
  • If you’re hand washing, fill a small tub or bucket with enough water to submerge the pillow in.
  • Make sure the water is lukewarm to help deal with sweat and stains better.
  • Then add some detergent into the water, immerse the pillow and squeeze gently and repeatedly. Do not scrub, pull or rub.
  • Rinse in cold water until all the detergent comes out.
  • Dry it out in the sun until it is completely dry.
  • However, if your travel pillow is machine washable, simply remove the cover and wash separately on a low spin setting. Use cold water.
  • You can sprinkle baking soda to get rid of smells.
  • And finally, gently run water and detergent on stain spots.
  • After washing, leave it in the sun to dry.

And you have a clean, nice-smelling neck pillow ready for your next trip.


So enjoy a wonderful trip and come out feeling on top of the world with one of the best travel pillows for international flights

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