Best Undershirts for Sweat and Ugly Armpit Stains

Best undershirts for sweat

Finding the best undershirts for sweat, one that protects you from the dreaded sweat stains and keeps you looking fresh and proper throughout the day, is important. Men wearing button-up shirts on daily basis know it all too well. An undershirt has to answer to a few basic needs: breathable and absorbent, discreet, well-tailored and comfortable.


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The Best Undershirts for Men

Shopping around for the best undershirts for sweat control? Here are a few suggestions of products, their advantages and disadvantages.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt - Large - White (Pack of 6)

This soft, lay flat collar tucked crew t-shirt is invisible under dress shirts, and the fact that it’s tailored nicely around the body and a little bit longer than your average undershirt means that is stays tucked throughout the day. It’s made of 100% cotton, which is good news for people who are allergic to synthetic fibers. However, if you’re not taller than average, the length of the product might make it uncomfortable to wear. Check Price on Amazon


Hanes Classics Men’s Tagless V-Neck Undershirt

Hanes Classics Men's Traditional Fit V-Neck Undershirt 3-Pack_White_3XL

The Hanes classic V-neck collar is the safest bet if you want to avoid any chance of your undershirt showing at the collar area of your dress shirt. It’s made 100% of super soft premium cotton, which means is both comfortable on the skin and pretty absorbent, but also that the undershirt risk becoming looser and lose shape after a few washes. Check Price on Amazon


Under Armour Charged Cotton Crew Undershirt

Under Armour Charged Cotton Crew Undershirt - 2-Pack SM True Gray Heather

This product is made of a combination of three different types of fibers: cotton, modal and elastane, and the fabric also has an anti-odor finish. This Under Armour Crew undershirt comes in regular fit and with a crew neckline, and it looks good enough to be worn on its own, as a Tshirt, in public, not only around the house. Its main disadvantage is the price, significantly higher than of other products from the same category. Check Price on Amazon

Do Undershirts Help With Sweat?

The short answer would be that yes, they do, a lot, in more than one way. First of all, the extra layer of soft, absorbent fabric will help you avoid the not-so-fancy “wet pits” look. Secondly, by not wearing you button-up shirt directly on your skin, you will sweat a lot less. Good-quality undershirts are made of natural fabrics or a mix of natural and synthetics fabrics specially designed to allow your skin to breathe and to keep you from overheating and from sweating.

So, even if it seems counter-intuitive that an extra-layer of clothing could help you sweat less, wearing an undershirt will actually have that effect. Button-up shirts are made of fabrics that look good, that you can iron nicely, but aren’t necessarily soft and comfortable against the skin and inefficient when it comes to regulating your body temperature. Undershirts, on the other hand, help you control all those issues.

Should You Wear Undershirt?

Undershirts are saving you from the embarrassment of sweat stain and the discomfort of wearing your jacket all the time to hide the said stains. They are also protecting your expensive shirts and helping you avoid doing too much laundry.

Deodorant and sweat will stain your expensive button-up and dress shirts, which means you’ll spend a lot of money on dry cleaning and on buying new shirts. Deodorant and sweat stains come off with great difficulty, and sometimes don’t come off at all, and you’ll end up with a lot of ruined pieces of clothing.

You can avoid all the hassle by wearing undershirts. Also, you’ll be doing a lot less laundry, because your shirts, pullovers, or sweaters won’t get dirty quite as often. So, less work, less money spent on electricity, water and detergent, not to mention protecting the environment: everybody wins!

Mr. Davis Men's Bamboo Viscose Tailored Cut Crew Neck Undershirt, Medium, White, 3 Pack

Bamboo Viscose Crew Neck Undershirt

Check Price on Amazon

Mr. Davis Comfort Fit Premium Bamboo Viscose Tailored Cut V Neck Men's Undershirt Size Medium in Tone

V Neck Undershirt in Bamboo Viscose

Check Price on Amazon

What Is The Best Material To Absorb Sweat

The best undershirts for sweat are the ones made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, the most frequently used fiber for this type of undergarment. There are other types of natural fibers, like bamboo or even merinos wool that are excellent sweat absorbents and also help regulate your body’s temperature. If you’re really worried about sweating, shop for undershirts that have a layer of extra-padding in the areas of the armpits.

The quality of synthetic fibers improved a lot in the last few years and you don’t have to worry if an undershirt is not 100% natural fabric. In fact, some of the best ones are made of mostly natural, absorbent fibers (cotton, bamboo, and wool) combined with 10-20% synthetic fibers like spandex or elastane, ensuring that the undergarment keeps its shape and size.

Should Your Undershirt Show?

The rule of thumb is that undergarments, a category that undershirts belong to, should not show, and you need to follow that rule especially when wearing suits, dress shirts and neckties. Make sure that the undershirt’s collar doesn’t show from under the shirt and also that it’s not visible on your body.

Undershirts with a V-neck or with a lower neckline are the most suitable for wearing with button-up shirts. Also, you need to pay attention to colors and to how the undershirt is tailored. When wearing shirts in light colors, pick an undershirt that is as close as possible to your skin tone. A lot of men make the mistake of wearing white undershirts with light-colored shirts, which is a mistake because white is very visible. You need an undershirt in the same color as your shirt or one that matches your skin tone. With dark-coloured shirts, you have less to worry about, most undershirts are not visible.

The undershirt needs to fit tidily around your body, to avoid unaesthetic creases and bulges showing up from under your shirt. Pick items in the right size and that also contain some synthetic fibers, like spandex or elastane, which tend to fit better and keep their shape for longer.

However, when you’re dressed casually, in a checkered shirt and a blazer, for example, and without a tie, it’s not a huge tragedy if your undershirt shows a little bit at the collar. The same goes for sweaters and pullovers, of course. If your undershirt is showing, the least you can do is to pick one in a color that works with your outfit.


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