Seven Must Know Nuggets for Buying Your First Best Blazer

buying your first blazer

Are you confused because you’ve finally decided to add a blazer to your wardrobe but don’t seem to know the exact type to go for?  Or you still doubt if your choice of blazer will turn out to look good on you probably because you’ve never tried one on before?

Whatever might be your contention, this is the right article for you as it provides you with the necessary tips you need to know before you shop for your first ever blazer.

What’s more – interestingly, instead of a wearing a suit on one’s wedding day, choosing the right blazer can turn out as the right wedding attire for men.

To get the best blazer, the following are a must do:


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Consider the Fabric Texture

Of course, it’s your first blazer, the more reason why you should pay attention to the fabric texture. You don’t want to end up buying the wrong fabric and looking like a dweeb.

There are different types of fabric alternatives to choose from when shopping for a blazer (maybe that’s why it’s kind of hard to make the best selection). There exists wool, tweed, linen, cotton twill, fresco, cashmere, velvet and so many more.

Now, choosing your blazer fabric depends largely on some conditions – such factors like weather condition and comfort must be given due consideration.  For instance, during winter, you can’t be wearing a fresco or cotton blazer; rather you should go for a woolen flannel, a vicuna or cashmere blazer. Also during warm seasons, Linen and cotton blazers are just the right choice.

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Check for the Best Style

Getting a blazer can be excitement mixed with frustration especially when you don’t have a clear picture of the exact style you want to go for in mind. There are basically two styles of blazer jacket – the single breasted and the double breasted blazer styles.

Their difference is not far-fetched though. What differentiates the single breasted blazer from the double breasted blazer is the numbers of buttons (single breasted has 1-3 buttons while double-breasted has 4-6 buttons). Also, the lapel style differs (the single breasted blazer will have a notched lapel while the double-breasted features a dressier peaked lapel)

For simplicity, going for the single-breasted blazer seems like a good option. But if you feel you want to look more elegant and adventurous, the double breasted blazer is perfect for you.

Color Is Important Too

Really, you don’t want to end up looking like Santa Claus on a day that’s not Christmas day. It’s going to be an awkward experience. This is why the color of blazer you choose matters a lot.

Except you have a color in mind which blends perfectly (like a preconceived idea of what you want to wear which must be cool), you must avoid colors that are too flamboyant or old fashioned as it draws unnecessary attention to you and you end up feeling uncomfortable.

Also, you have to pay attention to the clothes you have in your wardrobe in order to decide the color of blazer you should buy. But basically, for your first blazer, you could go for a navy blue option. It is kind of versatile and safe to wear.

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Test It On To Ensure It’s The Perfect Fit

Wearing an oversized or undersized blazer is not palatable. Of course, you don’t want to give people the impression that what you are putting on is borrowed. Hence, you have to be conscientious when selecting your blazer.

Before you pay for the blazer, make sure you test it on. Start from the shoulder; make sure it’s the perfect fit (not an inch more or an inch less). Ensure the torso fits appropriately too (do this by loosening or tightening the button). As regards the length, make sure it’s perfect for you. The most important thing is the fact that you must be very comfortable in it. It shouldn’t be a battle to put it on or put it off.


Make Sure it’s The Perfect Blend for Formal and Casual Occasions

For those who don’t know, a blazer is not a suit; they are different. Unlike a suit jacket which can only be worn on a corresponding suit trouser, a blazer is a jacket that can be worn separately on any pair of trousers that matches its color. It can serve both formal and casual purpose, unlike the suit which is exclusively for formal events. Suffice to say, a blazer is more versatile when compared to a suit jacket.

Now, when selecting your blazer, make sure it blends nicely. Whether it’s your wedding (as blazers too can serve as wedding attire for men) or it’s a job interview. Your choice must be versatile enough to handle both occasions.

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Consider Quality and Durability

When selecting your first ever blazer, it is pertinent that you choose one that can last you for a while. After all, there’s no point wasting your dollars on something that won’t stand the test of time. Hence, you should go for the best quality.

Scrutinize the fabric – of course while linen and cotton appear to be good fabric, they tend to shrink in no time.  In the same way, woolen fabric can pull thread in no time. Cashmere, Terylene, flannel are good options. Don’t mind the cost, go for the best quality.

However, irrespective of the fabric you buy, there’s the need for proper maintenance of the blazer. This is actually what determines if it will last long or not provided you have procured a quality material in the first place.

Buy a Trusted Brand from a Trusted Fashion Outlet

Maybe because of the price, most of us resort to buying stuff from substandard outlets. That’s why most times, we end up with inferior products. This mustn’t be the case when you want to buy your first blazer.

Buy a brand that is quite popular. For instance, you could go for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or BOSS. These brands have made a name already in the fashion industry. As such, their products can be trusted.

Patronize standard fashion outlets or boutiques to get your blazer. This gives you the confidence that you could go back there and make complaints should any unprecedented incident ensue.


In conclusion, by heeding to these tips, buying your first best blazer is guaranteed.



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