Best Men’s Cold Weather Running Jacket

men’s cold weather running jacket

4 Men’s Cold Weather Running Jacket

mens cold weather running jacket

It is a well-known fact that running in cold weather and not being able to warm up is not fun. Getting the best cold weather running jacket is ideal for keeping you dry and warm so that your winter runs are not restricted to just the treadmill. Treadmills don’t give your muscles the full workout they deserve, unlike outdoor running.

Outdoor running comes with a bunch of requirements, and one of the most important is the running jacket. An excellent cold weather running jacket ensures that your running routine is made easier by opposing the negatives of the cold weather. This review will be showing you the best men’s cold weather running jacket and also things to consider when choosing one.

The North Face Men’s Ventrix Jacket

The North Face Men's Ventrix Jacket TNF Black/TNF Black Size Medium

The Ventrix Jacket is a synthetic insulated jacket that comes with North Face’s new technology. This new technology was created to ensure that the insulation is more breathable by perforating it. When you are not in motion, this technology ensures that the perforations are closed and the insulation is at its peak. When you start running, the aperturesopen as the fabric moves, which will allow heat and humidity to pass through, hence enhancing breathability.

Main features

  • This jacket is warm, water-resistant and comes equipped with Ventrix dynamic-venting insulation
  • This jacket comes with the next evolution of synthetic-insulation technology which is Ventrix
  • It is manufactured for aerobic activities in different kinds of weather
  • It is lightweight and is made of air-permeable fabrics
  • It has a slim fit design
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Salomon Men’s RS Warm Softshell Jacket

Salomon Men's RS Warm Softshell Jacket, Surf The Web, Medium

The Salomon RS Warm Softshell Jacket is a technical jacket that was designed to block out the wind and chills and at the same time remain highly breathable. This cold weather jacket will allow you to enjoy your running even on cold days without limiting your movement. You will be able to run faster and farther with great ease.

Main Features

  • This jacket is made from fabric with integrated motion points mapped onto the body that enhances your mobility
  • It is specially designed to oppose cold weathers and temperatures to ensure that you stay warm.
  • It has a stretchy brushed fabric on the back that provides excellent breathability which keeps you comfortable
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Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody Men’s

Arc'teryx Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody - Men's Jackets XL Poseidon

This is a lightweight, warm, and adequately breathable synthetic jacket. It comes equipped with breathable and stretchy side panels that ensure you get full movement when you are running, and also features Corelift 60 insulation throughout the packet. The Arc’teryx has a Tyono 20D shell that has the feel of a soft sleeping bag, which makes it very comfortable and cozy. If you are faced with windy weather, all you have to do is tuck your hands into the hand-warmer pockets that are fleece-lined and continue your running routine. And if it is raining, just put on the hood, fasten the waist and enjoy being dry. The water-resistant ability of this jacket is outstanding as drops of water repel off of it.

Main Features

  • This jacket is made as an active-use insulation layer, as it provides essential warmth and breathability
  • It is a lightweight jacket that delivers a great performance
  • It has versatile designs that make it suitable for different weather conditions
  • It has great durability, quick dry times, and also keeps its warmth when damp.
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Baleaf Men’s Cycling Running Jacket

Baleaf Men's Cycling Running Jacket Windproof Windbreaker Breathable Coat Fluorescent Yellow Size XL


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Things to consider before Investing in a men’s cold weather running jacket

There are thousands of cold weather running jacket, making it quite challenging to choose which one would suit your style best. The best cold weather running jacket should be comfortable, affordable, and effectively keep you from catching a cold. If you are on the hunt for one, then it’s essential to choose one which ticks all the factors listed.


When it comes to cold weather running jacket, most importantly, waterproof and water-resistant ones, you are paying for exploration, advancement, and performance of the fabric. Depending on the type of safety and protection that you wish to derive, every cold-weather running jacket comes with different characteristics and incorporated material capabilities.

If you are going for insulated cold weather running jacket with a feathered down, it is on the expensive side. So you have to budget $30 – $200 for your jacket depending on the brand and purpose of the jacket. It means that jackets of the higher price scale are more likely to offer more protection and ease when running. While you should not establish your final decision based on the price only, it should be a significant determinant of the jacket you choose to acquire.


Being able to breathe with ease in your running jacket is vital. There is little or no essence in stressing about external sources of water if your jacket is going to keep you warm. Most running jackets are constructed to be weather resistant, but even so, this is a vital feature to check before buying a cold-weather jacket distinctively. For people that sweat a lot, zippered armpit vents can be an excellent option to consider.


Not being constrained by your jacket is a huge deal. You should specifically make sure that your running jacket provides you with ease. The ability to swing your arms freely and move your body without any restriction. It should effectively allow you a full range of motion.


During the winter period, there is a high possibility of a low light condition.  So you are advised to get a cold-weather running jacket with bright colored strips or sharp colored material.


Asides comfort and breathability, a cold-weather running jacket should be extremely light. Weighing less than a pound is ideal, so as not to weigh you down during movement.


This factor should not be overlooked when getting a cold-weather running jacket. Be sure that there are pockets in the right places, to secure your belongings when on the move. Cold weather running jacket should be machine washable and easy to clean. Lastly, the zipper should not be a problem when zipping up or down.

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