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Men Wearing Collared Shirts And Sweaters

We have come to the season where layering clothes goes beyond making a fashion statement. It is now a necessity because of the weather. During this period, people bring multiple items of clothing together to make it functional and my favorite combination is collared shirts and sweaters.

I love the collared shirts and sweater combo because they can make the transition from day to night seamless. So, you can attend a formal event looking all prim and proper and then go on to a night event looking like you are ready to throw down. And in both places, you can blend in perfectly without standing out in the wrong way.

In this article, I am going to explore the concept of collared shirts and sweaters in detail. We will look at how to pair them properly as well as accessories you can throw into a look to create a specific collared shirt under sweater aesthetic style. But before we get into all of that, let us look at the reasons why you need to get on this trend as soon as possible.


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The Pros of Combining Collared Shirts with Sweaters

Earlier on, I did mention that this combination gives room for easy transition from day to night. However, there are plenty more reasons to love wearing collared shirts with sweaters.

1. It Is a Classic Gentleman Look

Looking like a gentleman does not mean that your closet is limited to suits and shirts. Having a sweater in the mix keeps your dressing within that theme while injecting some freshness into your style. For a very formal look, you can wear the combo with brogues. But if you want to add a new century twist, throw in a nice pair of sneakers.

2. It Is A Great Way to Add Color to Your Work Style

In a corporate environment you are restricted to specific colors however with a sweater and shirt combination you can introduce a splash of color without looking out of place

3. You Can Stay Warm yet Stylish In the Colder Months

The collared shirt and sweater combination basically form part of the cloth layering system that is employed as the months get colder. However, it also helps you ensure that you can infuse style into your look while staying warm.

What to Look Out for When Combining Sweaters with Collared Shirts

Before you jump into the trend, there are few things you need to look out for because, with a little mistake, this combination might work against you. So, here are a few things to pay attention to before you start combining.

1. The Size and Fit of both the Sweater and the Shirt

The basic rule when combining a sweater and collared shirt is to ensure that the shirt is fitted, and the sweater is slightly bigger than your normal size. Regular sized sweaters with shirts underneath that are bigger tend to look bulkier and this is not a look you want to go for.

2. The Colors of the Sweater and the Shirts

The best way to pair this without bearing any resemblance to a clown is to ensure that you are not throwing on too many colors at the same time. This would mean you avoiding pairing more than three colors at once. If you must go past the limit, ensure that the shirt underneath the sweater is a solid neutral color.

3. The Neck Opening Of the Sweater

There are different types of sweaters, but the neck of your sweater basically tells you how your collar should be positioned when you combine them. For example, if you are wearing V-neck sweaters, shirts with traditional collars are best as their points will be able to rest underneath the outline of the sweater’s neck region effortlessly.

How to Wear Sweater with Collared Shirts

In this section we are going to be focusing on three different occasions; a formal event, a semi-formal event and an informal event. These different distinctions would inform you on how best to wear your sweaters with collared shirts.

Wearing a Sweater with Collared Shirts to Formal Events

For a very corporate setting, it is important that you keep the colors plain and neutral. This does not mean that your outfit should become boring. You could pair up one solid color against a neutral color. For example, charcoal grey against white makes for a very interesting contrast.

Sweater with Collared Shirt Underneath for Semi-Formal Events

For events that have the business casual vibe, you can pair up solid colors against prints or even go for fabrics with graphic patterns. The key here is to ensure that one of the two steps back for the other to take the spotlight. So, if your sweater is patterned, the shirt has to be in a solid color and vice versa.

Wearing A Sweater Collared Shirt Combo to Informal Events

Sweaters with collared shirts under it does not have to be a formal affair. You can totally tone things down by wearing a dress shirt or a polo shirt that has a collar. The structure of the sweater itself does not have to be the standard V-neck sweater that is expected. You can opt for cardigan sweaters which offer you more flexibility.

Different Types of Sweaters

Sweaters are very versatile. They come in different designs to give you different expressions for different occasions. You can style them to suit any event that you are planning on attending. And it is more than just the colors or graphic designs displayed on the sweater. These different types of sweaters are made from a variety of materials

However, the main qualifying factor for the sweater styles that I will talk about shortly are in the shape and cut of the neck. Most of them can suit any body size but as with everything fashion, it is important to understand what works best for the occasion, your body frame and your personal style.

Crew Neck Sweaters

PENDLETON Men's Shetland Crew-Neck Sweater, Black Heather-63919, XL

In less formal settings, crew neck sweaters are also called round-neck sweaters. These are one of the more common types of sweaters for guys. Pairing a crew neck with collared shirts gives a very clean and polished look that makes them ideal for almost any event.

You can dress them up for that corporate and structured look or dress them down to match a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Apart from the colors and outfits that you pair them with, you should pay attention to the neck. A tight fit is best for a formal look while a loose neck gives a more chill vibe.

Shawl Collar Cardigan

100% Irish Merino Wool Traditional Button Neck Aran Sweater by West End Knitwear, Oatmeal Beige, Small

Out of all the different types of men’s sweaters, I would say that this is the one that works for any type of body frame in any setting. The skinny guy can rock the hell out of it and so can a guy with a bigger body frame.

Whether you are rocking them with a pair of jeans or your best formal pants, shawl collar cardigans have a way of putting your look together and helping you stay sharp. And they are a perfect companion for that collared shirt.


VOBOOM Men's Knitwear Button Down Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater with Pockets (Dark Grey, L)

Cardigans are the type of sweater that could easily make it to the best sweaters for men list but for some weird reason, they have been classified as old men’s sweaters. Thankfully, there are a lot of designers creating pieces that appeal to the youthful generation.

To wear them perfectly with your collared shirt, go for a slim cut like these dress shirts to give you modern lines. Unfortunately, if you are a little thick in the middle, you might need to stick with the shawl collar cardigan. It has a way of masking most mid-region bulk.

V-neck Sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Pima Cotton V-Neck Sweater (Large, Navy Blue)


And this is a classic case of saving the best for last. V-neck sweaters by all accounts are one of the best men’s sweaters in the market. And since we are talking about the collared shirt and sweater combo, out of all the different types of men’s sweaters, this is the most accommodating.

V-neck sweaters made from a lighter fabric would help you keep your pairing more structured. You can rock the V-neck sweater and dress shirt or with a tie if you prefer. During the deep of winter, layer up with a winter jacket or coat.

Officer Collared Shirts and Sweaters

Men’s Sweater and Dress Shirt

Accessorizing Your Collared Shirts and Sweaters

There are so many fun things you can do with this look, but I will start you on the basics. As you gain confidence with this style trend, you can include more to the list.


A good tie is a businessman’s best friend. Include one in your outfit and immediately, you nail the corporate CEO look. If you are wearing a V-neck sweater, it is best to go for a slim tie as a bigger tie can make your neck area appear bulky. Also remember to pick a color that perfectly complements or contrasts the look.


The pants you are wearing and the event you are attending would dictate the kind of shoes you should have on your feet. A formal event would of course, call for brogues or oxfords. A semi-formal affair would mean it is permissible to wear sneakers. For the extra laid-back vibe, I would say a nice pair of boots as opposed to sandals.


When it gets extra cold outside, you can layer up by adding a jacket to your look. Not all kinds of jackets can nail the collared shirt and sweater style trend. However, if you go with a blazer that comes in a solid color or the structured extra-long coat, you can’t go wrong. Just remember to keep the patterns and colors minimal.

On a final note, if you have made up your mind that this is the style you want to go for, you can shop online for great options. PS: don’t let the price hold you back. Besides, there are sexier sweaters for sale at prices that are just as stylish. As you shop for sweaters, check out these amazing slim fit shirts. They would go well for this look.

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