7 Most Comfortable Minimalist Sandals for Men this Year

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When wearing minimalist sandals it makes you feel inspired to take a walk on the beach, in the park, or run errands. Comfortable minimalist sandals give you that laid back feeling as if you are walking barefooted. The difference is that when you are out and about, it giving you the comfort, protection, and cushion you need.

Through the years, minimalist sandals have evolved both in material and design, making them suitable for more activities like hiking, running, yoga, cycling, climbing, etc.

In this article, we discuss the advantages of minimalist sandals, what to consider while getting yours and the 7 most comfortable minimalist sandals to invest in. Our choice of sandals are all black and influenced by our experience, reviews and feedback given by others.

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There is a quick overview of the 7 Best Men’s Minimalist Sandals

Luna Sandals Lightweight Sandals

Luna Minimalist Running and Hiking Sandals for men

We’re sure you’ll love the rugged, minimal look of these sandals.

These black Luna mono-winged edition sandals are very easy to adjust for maximum fit. They are designed with cushioned heel straps to eliminate the possibility of sustaining blisters at the back of your feet while climbing, cycling, hiking, running, yoga-ing or walking.

We love that these sandals are unisex. But if you have a spouse, we recommend you get 2 pairs. From experience, it’s difficult to return these sandals after enjoying its flexibility and comfort.

N.B.: Order ½ size smaller because of the close fit.

Main features

  • Outer material: Morflex EVA & natural rubber
  • Sole material: Vibram, EVA+ natural rubber
  • Easy-slide adjustment buckles
  • Cushioned heel strap
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Gold Pigeon Shoes Simplus Unisex Sandals

Gold Pigeon comfortable Outdoor Water Sandals for Men

If you hate the feel of thongs between your toes, you should go for these sandals.

They have multiple adjustment straps- one by your toes, the other slightly above your bridge. These straps help maintain a perfect fit.

It’s the perfect sandals for almost every occasion and environment. Its soles are perforated, this helps with draining water and keeping your foot dry.

Gold Pigeon provides lite support for your arch and a soft cushion for your heels.

Main features

  • Simplus perforated sole
  • Lite arch support
  • Soft cushion heel support
  • Slip-resistant outsole
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Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandal

Teva Men's Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandal, Black, 10 Medium US

This sandals is a movement. Teva’s Hurricane sandals are made from recycled plastics. By getting a pair, you are joining the movement to make the planet better by reducing plastic pollution.

Beyond your comfort, Teva looks out for your security. That’s why these sandals have a nylon shank to stabilize and support your foot on uneven terrain, and a rugged durabrasion outsole to supply great traction.

Feel free to adjust the sandals to get your perfect fit using the adjustable straps.

Main features

  • Soft heel strap padding
  • EVA foam foot bed
  • Water-ready polyester webbing
  • Closure type: hook and loop
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P.S.: Order ½ size smaller than your usual size.

Xero Z-Trek Minimalist Running Sandals

Xero Shoes Z-Trek - Men's Minimalist Barefoot-Insipred Sport Sandal - Hiking, Trail, Running, Walking - Charcoal/Coal Black

Out here, we call these flat sandals The Z-trek  because of its design. With a single tug on the strap, you can adjust these sandals to give you your desired fit.

Thanks to their non-elevated heels, we can maintain our natural posture as we walk or play. They are just the sandals you need for a natural fit, natural feel and natural motion.

The Xero Z-trek running sandals are recommended for a lot of activities, even ultra-marathons! That’s to prove the quality of the sandals. They are water-resistant, fast-drying, flexible, and of lightweight. (You’ll barely notice you have them on.)

Main features

  • Zero drop, non-elevated heel for natural posture
  • Adjustable Z-pattern straps
  • 5mm feel true rubber soles
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Chaco Minimalist Sandal Men’s ZCloud

Chaco Zcloud, Solid Lead, 11

Ask a podiatrist, these sandals are healthy for your feet.

Each feature of these sandals plays a key part in keeping you relaxed and secure. Their straps are made of polyester fabric to prevent water retention (especially on wet days). Its outsoles are made of upgraded rubber which helps you prevent a fall. While its insoles, which have dual-density, cushions the feet and prevents over-pronation.

Chaco Men Zloud are designed in different colours. Pick your spec.

Main features

  • Rubber sole
  • Jacquard webbing
  • LUVSEAT™ dual-density PU midsole
  • Polyester fabric
  • Injection-molded ladder lock buckle

P.S.: Be sure to buy your exact size. These sandals don’t adjust as much as others we’ve seen.

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Xero Shoes Genesis – Tarahumara Barefoot Minimalist Sandals

Xero Shoes Genesis - Men's Barefoot comfortable Minimalist Lightweight Running Sandals Black

If you wish to run as effortlessly as the notorious Tarahumara Indians, maybe you can start by wearing their sandals.

Xero Men’s barefoot style Tarahumara sandals are modeled after the sandals worn by Tarahumara Indians. These people are known to run 100 of miles at a time, wearing a pair of sandals made from truck tire which they wouldn’t trade for anything else.

In place of truck tires, Xero uses FeelTrue rubber. They are paracord lashed at the uppers with plastic syncing clasps by the ankles for easy adjustment.

Main features

  • FeelTrue rubber sole
  • Plastic syncing clasp
  • Paracord lashing
  • Super flexible, they can be folded to fit your palm
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Teva Original Universal Sandals

Teva Men's Minimalist Sport Sandals, Peaks Black

Nan from Kansas, who bought this pair of sandals for her husband describes them as “durable, sturdy, non-slip and quick-dry.”

The soles of the Teva minimalists sandals are EVA cushioned and treated with zinc-based Microban to kill odor-causing bacteria. This is quite thoughtful of Teva because most people who invest in minimalist sandals need a footwear that will be cozy even in wet environments. Let’s not forget the sandals are made of nylon fabric, which is why they are quick-dry.

With Teva’s Durabrasion rubber outsole design, you can eliminate the fear of slipping even on wet surfaces. They make the sandals non-slip.

Main features

  • Velcro strap
  • Microban® zinc-based anti-microbial treatment
  • Durabrasion® rubber outsole
  • Nylon fabric
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What Are Minimalist Sandals?

A minimalist sandal is a pair of footwear designed to make you feel like you’re barefoot. In other words, with minimalist sandals, your feet should flex naturally. These sandals should protect your feet and impose the barest minimum constriction to the natural movement of your feet.

A couple of factors make this possible and we’ll address them when we discuss factors to consider when investing in a pair of minimalist sandals.

Characteristics of a Minimalist Sandal

1. Flexibility

To help your feet bend freely, the sole of the sandals should be flexible and the upper should be free. You’ll observe that minimalist sandals have just 2- 3 straps or thongs on their uppers.

2. Multi-functional

This feature is as a result of its flexibility.

You should be able to use your minimalist sandals for a lot of things and on different ground surfaces. Things like hiking, cycling, climbing, yoga-ing, kayaking, running, ultra-marathons, and more.

Advantages of Minimalist Sandals

1. They are healthy

Truth is, most of our regular footwears cause harm to our feet, knees and back. Most times it’s because we’re ignorant of how our feet structure differs and the right shoes to choose.

For example, there are 3 types of foot arches: flat/ low, medium and high. Shoes are mass-produced, so manufacturers seldom pay particular attention to this detail. It’s left for you to know your arch type and get the appropriate insole if needs be.

But we often aren’t aware of this until we’ve developed a foot problem and have to visit the podiatrist.

Comfortable Minimalist sandals reduce our chances of developing such problems because they are designed to let our feet move naturally. They don’t dictate to our feet, our feet dictate to them.

2. Cost-effective

Owning minimalist sandals help you save money you would have spent buying an appropriate footwear for different activities. Your minimalist sandals can be used for pretty much everything you need a footwear for.

3. More comfortable

As far as you feel comfortable barefooted, you’ll feel comfortable in a minimalist sandal.

Next, let’s look at;

Factors to Consider When Investing in the Best Minimalist Sandals


1. Sole

The sole of your minimalist sandals should be

– Thin

– Slip-resistant and

– Zero-drop

Remember the 2 defining factors of the best minimalist sandals are flexibility and multi-functionality. For our sandals to be flexible, they need to have thin soles. The thicker the sole is, the less flexible it will be.

The soles should be slip-resistant if they are to serve you well on different ground surfaces, especially wet surfaces.

Rubber is flexible and offers good traction, so it’s commonly used.

By Zero-drop, we mean the sole should maintain the same thickness from the toes to the heels. Soles that are zero-drop encourage proper gait.

2. Fasteners

Fasteners are devices that secure something. In the context of what we’re discussing, fasteners secure our foot to the foot bed of the sandals.

Make sure your fastener is sturdy. It could be your saviour on a slippery slope.

3. Thongs, straps

We recommend thongs and straps that are quick-dry, or better still, water-resistant. Your comfort will depend on this.

4. Foot bed

This is also known as the insole. It is the part of the sandals where your feet lay on. Go for the most comfortable minimalist sandals with breathable insoles like the Gold Pigeon Simplus unisex sandals. Anti-microbial treated insoles are also a wise choice to make. Consider Teva original universal Men.


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