5 Wardrobe Staple Dress Shirts Every Man Needs

5 Wardrobe Staple Dress Shirts You Will Absolutely Love Wearing

How many dress shirts every man needs? As much as possible, the right answer would be. Be that as it may, it is essential that you own pieces ranging across the variants we will be discussing below.

Dress Shirts Every Man Needs

“Truly, there are myriads of shirts readily available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns just to mention a few.”

And the more the available options, the more compounded your possible fashion woes become.

What is the solution? It is simple: you stay within the ambit of trusted patterns and colors that have been tried!


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Van Heusen Men's Long Sleeve Relaxed Twill Dress Shirt, Royal Blue, Medium

Solid in Color

These are dresses typically with a single color of which the most common in the corporate world is the blue and the white – the staple of the formal environment.

As an essential, you should have these in your wardrobe and perhaps make one or two available in the office as a contingency plan – you never can tell.

The versatility of the solid white makes it the perfect background from which your tie of any color or stripe shape can be projected. Wear it with one of your warm jeans jackets, your favorite suits or just regular chinos, your solid dress shirts will go with almost anything.

Other beautiful solid colors include lavender, light pink, light blue, off-white, etc.

Original Penguin Men's Long Sleeve Windowpane Button Down Shirt, True Black, Extra Large

Point Collars and Cuffs

Shirts with distinctive and traditional points are easy to spot. Thus, unlike the spread collar dress shirts adapted for complex tie knots, the small distance between both points of the point collar dress shirt makes it a fit for simple tie knots such as the half Windsor and 4-in-hand.

If you are a round-faced man, you will find this variant of dress shirts very complementing.

barrel and french cuff typeThe lure of the standard point collar along with the appeal of French cuffs lying under a suit makes it a sacrosanct standard for many formal-minded individuals.

The cuffs, as an essential part of the dress shirts, are available in two basic styles – the formal French cuffs with silk knots or standard cuff links and the standard single button barrel cuffs.

Van Heusen Men's Short-Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt, Blue, 17.5"


This is another very important variant of the dress shirt that should be a staple in men’s wardrobes. You will find them readily available in myriads of complex patterns and colors.

It is also one that you should be very vigilant about when buying because the checkered patterns may very visible on a phone or PC screen. Even in real life, the distinctive colors on the semi-solid fabric could go easily unnoticed from a distance. But as one gets within good proximity, the patterns become obvious and pronounced.

The dual appearances influenced by distance makes this fabric versatile but an underutilized dress piece.


stripe shirt men


This variant is more laid back when compared to the formality of the traditional solid black and white. The stripes have a way of projecting you as an elusive slim figure, getting a perfectly slim fit that sits right well on you would make you look slenderer.

Although the stripes can be fitting in the formal environment, the fabrics with thinner or obscured stripes tend to appear as the most formal.

The distinctive colors blend easily into the pant and as a result, it projects a seeming regular look. It can be married along with a pair of chinos or denim for a more casual vibe.


men's style guide


Also known as plaid or tartan, this variant appears to be a fabulous and perfect choice for that semi-formal look. The typical check, especially the plaid or tartan, is characterized by multiple colors with at least one taking the lead as the dominant bold color defining the dress shirt.

Another shade of the check is the dual-color fabric with checkered boxes. With this dress shirt, you can easily project the desired formal flare without wearing the more formal look of the man having a tie on.

You can wear a shirt without a jacket and tie and still stand out in a formal or informal environment.


It is important to remember that the look and fabrics alone do not just define your choiced dress shirts, but other details as highlighted above would do the trick.

Irrespective of pattern or color, a dress shirt forms an essential part of any dress outfit. However, it is ideal not to allow it to take the spotlight by overshadowing the other pieces of your outfit.

In a very formal environment, it is highly recommended that you wear the dress shirt with a matching jacket layered over it to get the complete professional look.

As the popular saying goes “the way you are dress is the way you will be addressed.” So, if you are the boss or the team leader and desire to be addressed as such; you need to wear the look like every other traditional boss.

The reason is……. your dress shirts go a long way in revealing much about your personality than you can ever imagine. Therefore it is imperative that you do not allow these wears to project a false image or amplify your weakest of traits to the ever attentive audience out there.



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