Dry Skin Under Beard and Mustache

Dry Skin Under Beard and Mustache

Dry Skin under Beard and Mustache Prevented Once And For All

Men Dry Skin Under Beard and Mustache

Did you know that your beard hair is very different from your scalp hair?

The growth of androgenic hair or beard hair is dependent on the hormone testosterone. Further, the scalp is oilier than your facial skin.

This is why the treatment for the dry skin under your beard may not be similar to the routine you use to treat dry scalp.

If you are a man hell-bent on growing a mane, you’ll need to know how to deal with dry skin under your beard or mustache.

Fortunately, we have done all the homework for you.

Read on and get the courage to grow that fur.

The Reasons Why Your Skin May Dry Out

Having dry skin under your beard is uncomfortable, especially if the skin starts to itch due to beardruff.

Before we get into the details of how you can resolve this problem, let’s understand why your skin under your fur may be getting dry in the first place.

The hair of your beard forms in the hair follicle. The hair follicle also gives your hair all the nutrients it needs. Around the whiskers of your beard is what we call sebaceous glands. These secrete sebum oil which keeps your skin and hair hydrated and moisturized.

So, how are these details related to the dryness of your beard?

As your beard begins to grow, the sebaceous glands can actually keep up with its growth producing enough oil to keep it moisturized and healthy. Unfortunately, your sebaceous glands can only produce a given amount of sebum oil.

As your beard becomes longer, the sebaceous glands aren’t able to keep up with the sebum oil demand from your whiskers and skin. The result is dry skin and a brittle beard.

This is a natural process that occurs during your beard growth. However, there are other triggers that can speed up this process.

Some of them include.

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Use of Hair Shampoo or Facial Soap

You probably use your facial soap to wash your beard.

You reason that it can’t be harmful to your beard since you use it for your body, right?

Unfortunately, your reasoning isn’t right.

For starters, facial soaps are not made for your beard. They have a high alkaline quantity which strips all the sebum oil off your skin and hair. This makes your beard even more brittle.

Even worse is the use of bar soap on your beard. Bar soap is not even recommended for your face or hair, so why should you use it on your beard.

Similarly, many of us use regular hair shampoo to wash and get rid of dandruff on our beards. Unfortunately, these shampoos are manufactured to not only clean your hair but also to get rid of all the oil that makes your hair look greasy.

A good alternative is a beard shampoo which is specifically manufactured to clean your beard and to also leave the oils in your beard intact for a healthy and well-moisturized beard.

Washing Your Beard with Hot Water

We all know a nice hot shower feels good, especially on a cold winter day. However, if you are determined to grow a mane, you’ll need to sacrifice such luxuries.

Why don’t we recommend cleaning your beard with hot water?

The heat from the water causes the sebum oils on your mane to loosen up and wash off easily. The result is dry beard that may start itching soon. The solution is to embrace cold showers or use warm water. Further, limit the time you spend showering to ten minutes or less.

We want that to keep that fur looking good and healthy now don’t we?

Stress and Lack of Enough Sleep

There is enough evidence indicating stress as a major cause of dry skin and related problems.

How does this happen?

Stress causes your body to release the stress hormone known as Cortisol. This hormone breaks down collagen, a hormone that keeps your skin moisturized and smooth, leading to dry skin.

Lack of enough sleep is another cause of stress. Depending on the reaction of your body to make up for the deprived sleep, your body may release other chemicals that can lead to a hormonal misbalance, which affects the collagen hormone.

We recommended that you get at least eight hours of sleep daily and do your best to stay stress-free for better skin.

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Tips for Treating Dry Skin under Your Beard

Dry skin under your beard is one of the causes of beardruff.  These are characterized by small white flakes and a beard itch. The itch can become so uncomfortable that it forces you to visit the barber quicker than planned.

If you are already having dry skin under your beard, it is time to remedy it before it gets that irritating itch.

Here are tips on how to treat the dry skin under your mane.

Give It a Proper Wash

If you have a short beard, you’re lucky as you can treat this type of beard like your hair. However, a longer beard demands more care with the right washing regimen. Here’s how you do it.

Before You Get Into the Shower

Before you start showering, brush your beard with a beard brush. The best brush should be made up of natural bristles such as boar hair. Brushing your mane helps bring to the surface, loose hair, dry skin and cells, making it easier to wash them off.

During the Shower

In order to keep your beard healthy and clean, we recommend you use a beard conditioner and a shampoo for this process. These help to clean off anything that gets in your beard.

Similarly, as much as you want to keep your beard clean, it is more effective if you use the conditioner 3.4 times a week, while the shampoo should be used once per week.

When you shampoo and condition your beard daily, you strip it of important oils which are necessary if you want your mane to remain attractive and kiss-friendly.

Before we get carried away, here’s how to clean your beard:

• Apply the beard conditioner or shampoo and wait for the desired time for the shampoo to dissolve all the dirt
• Rinse the beard shampoo or conditioner thoroughly
• Ensure there is no shampoo left as any leftover shampoo will start flaking later in the day

After The shower

After you are done with your shower, towel-dry your beard and don’t try to wring or squeeze it.  Use a hair dryer as you run your fingers over the beard to dry all the moisture, as a damp beard can cause a bad stink. However, keep the dryer at a safer distance to ensure the dry air doesn’t come in contact with your skin.

Use Beard Oil or Beard Balm

When you wash your beard, you wash the natural oils that keep it healthy. These need to be replaced, and your best bet is either using beard oil or beard balm.  Natural products are the best for your beard. Go for those made of coconut or jojoba oils.

Don’t apply the beard balm or oil to a wet beard. Ensure it is completely dry. Use a little oil on your hands and massage it on the beard roots. If you have an extremely long beard, use a beard brush to spread the oil on the beard hair. Use these daily for a fresh and clean look.

Eat the Right Foods

Eating the right foods is great for your skin. There are some foods that are known to get rid of dry skin and prevent beardruff buildup. They include foods rich in:

• Protein such as milk, fish, rice, and poultry products
• Omega-3 fatty acids such as flaxseeds, walnuts, and salmon
• Vitamin C such as lemons, citrus fruits, and broccoli
• Vitamin A such as eggs, cheese, sweet potatoes, papayas, and carrots
• Vitamin E including peanuts, spinach, almond, and wheat

Besides a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and work out regularly. Apparently, guys with thicker and healthier facial hair have higher testosterone compared to those with lesser hair. A daily workout routine helps boost your testosterone levels for healthier skin and hair.

Brush Your Beard Regularly

There are numerous benefits of brushing your beard. For starters, it helps remove dead skin cells, skin flakes, and ingrown hair. Further, it improves the circulation of air in your beard and the skin beneath it. In addition, it massages and spreads the applied oil to every part of your beard.
For best results here’s how to brush your beard:

• Use a natural beard brush
• Entangle the hair of your beard with the brush to decrease irritation
• Brush in one direction to encourage beard growth in this direction
• Brush the beard daily and after applying beard oil or balm to ensure the oil spreads to all your beard hairs.

Seek Professional Help

Your dry skin and brittle beard may be treatable using proper hygiene and paying attention to the factors outlined above.
Unfortunately, in some other cases, your beard may require special attention from a dermatologist.
If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, it’s time to seek professional help. Visit a dermatologist who will be able to get to the root of the problem.

A Sample Daily Beard Routine

Here is a simple, easy to follow beard cleaning routine that puts together all the things we covered in this article.

• Exfoliate your beard using a beard brush and get rid of dead skin and cells
• Use a beard shampoo or a conditioner to clean your beard
• Rinse your beard with lukewarm and not hot water
• Towel dry and use a hair dry to completely dry your beard
• Use beard oil or balm and massage this to the roots of the beard. You can use the oil twice a day depending on how dry your skin is
• Brush your beard with a beard brush to distribute the oil as you style your beard for an attractive look attractive



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