How to Pick the Best Fitting T-Shirts for Athletic Build

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Finding the best fitting t-shirts for athletic build is not an easy task. You need something that complements your body in a discreet, elegant way, not a tight t-shirt that’s two sizes too small.


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What Is An Athletic Build Body-Type?

Generally speaking, an athletic body type refers to a body that’s honed in the gym, in a very good shape, with visible muscles and without extra fat. But, depending on genetics and the type of training one person practices, athletic body types actually come in different shapes and sizes.

The endomorph body type is wide, stocky, and tends to put muscles all over. People with this body type usually have a square torso with powerful arms and shoulders, without a narrow waist. Imagine the way a bodybuilder or a weightlifter looks – massive, bulky, with big muscles.

If that description fits you, it means you need t-shirts with a classic, loose cut, and in the right size – the biggest mistake is wearing clothes that are too small and make you look like a ham all tied up and ready for roasting.

The ectomorph body type is long and lean, and muscles are not as visible as in case of an endomorph body type. A marathon runner is the definition of the ectomorph body type. You need slim fit T-shirts, preferably tailored in the waist area.

The mesomorph body type is actually the middle of the body types and, depending on how you train and on your favorite sports, you can put on decent muscles while still maintaining the lean body look. People with this body type tend to have the so-called inverted triangle torso shape, which means broad shoulder and big arms, but rather narrow waist. Consequently, you’ll be needing T-shirts that are wide at the neck and shoulders, but tailored around the waist.

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Fashion Rules That Athletic Build Men Need To Follow

  • Avoid being ostentatious

You work hard to keep your body in shape, and healthy, and it’s only natural that you want your efforts and looks to be noticed. However, make sure you dress in a tasteful manner, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. Gym clothing and sport equipment are for training only, so keep them inside the gym or on the field.  When going out, pick casual, regular clothes like well-fitted jeans and a nice T-shirt, not workout pants with sleeveless shirts.

  • Pick clothes that are the right size, not too tight;

A lot of men tend to pick T-shirts that are too small and tight, instead of going to the trouble of finding the best fitting t-shirts for an athletic build. Your T-shirts should follow your body line closely, but without being overstretched and looking like they might break at the seams at any moment.

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  • Find a tailor that can adjust your clothes, when needed

Sometimes, no matter how much you shop around, you just don’t find a T-shirt that fits you well enough. This usually happens for people that pack big muscles on the upper body (shoulders and arms) and have a narrow waist. Usually, the only solution is to buy T-shirts large enough for your upper body, and to have it adjusted by a tailor in the waist area.

T-Shirt Cuts That Work for An Athletic Build

  • Slim fit vs. athletic fit

The slim fit offers that tapered, elegant look through the midsection and the waist area, but, for an athletic body, it usually offers little room for the shoulders, arms and neck. If you’re athletic but body type still allows you to wear slim fit t-shirts, they’re a great choice for you. However, if this type of cut is too tight for you, pick classic fit t-shirts to avoid the dreaded “over-stuffed sausage” look.

  • Are vest t-shirts a fashionable choice?

Fashionable? No, not really, not ever! Vest t-shirts are for the gym, or for playing beach volleyball, or basketball in the park. They’re definitely not for going out, not to a bar, not to the movies, the club, the grocery store or any other social situation that doesn’t specifically involve sports activities. Yes, vest t-shirts show off your body and your muscles, but they’re also really tacky outside the gym.

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  • Best fabrics for an athletic fit t-shirts

The fabric can make or break a t-shirt. In this particular case, where you need a t-shirt that looks good on your athletic body, it’s important to pick a fabric that drapes well but still has some weight to it. A mixt fabric that combines cotton with a little bit of elastane is probably the best choice.

Keep in mind the most important rules for picking t-shirts for athletic bodies: evaluate your body type correctly, make sure you get the right clothing size, tailor your t-shirts when needed, and emphasize your best physical attributes in a discreet, classy way!

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