How to Keep Shirt Tucked in Your Pants

How to Keep Shirt Tucked in Your Pants

As gentlemen, we all have the problem of keeping “it” in our pants. And by “it”, I am referring to our shirts (get your mind out the gutter dude). In an attempt to remedy the situation, we have been accused of groping ourselves in public. Well, that ends today because, I have 3 easy steps on how to keep your shirt tucked in your pants… for good!

Of course, the easiest way to go about this would be to apply some super strength glue to the edges of the shirt and then stick it to the pants. But that is extreme and here, we don’t do extreme. We keep it classy and clean.

So, in honor of that tradition, let us kickoff the countdown.

Step One: Buy the Right Size to Prevent Shirt From Scrunching Up

The first rule of style is to ensure that it fits. If you are buying a shirt that is too short for you and you are aiming for that tucked in professional look, you can expect that it will be coming out of those pants every time you move. Seriously, even a sneeze can undo you.

If you decide to go for a shirt that is too big, you might be able to avoid the problem of your shirt stepping out on you. But, you will have a “big” situation going on in your pants and it will definitely not be the kind of “big” that makes the ladies blush.

Preserve your dignity and your style sense by following Goldilocks basic rule of “not too big, not too little, but just right”.  That said, we still have a problem of knowing what “just right” is since we all have different body shapes and sizes. Don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered. Here is how to tell the right shirt size for you.


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1. Check for the length and Avoid Tummy Slip Problems

You know that a shirt is just right for you if the shirt can almost cover your behind. If not, it is better to leave it untucked (that is if you like the shirt so much). You should also look at the wrists to tell if you are getting the right size. When you put your hands down, and the sleeve is just above your wrist, the length of that shirt may not be right for you.

Another dead giveaway that the length you’re wearing is too small for you is, if you raise both hands up and realize that there’s a lot of skin showing.

2. Pay Attention to the Buttons or Risk Showing More Than You Bargained for

If every time you sit down or inhale it appears as though your buttons are under stress this is a clear indication that you are wearing the wrong size of shirt and it is time to level up. At the same time, if you notice that there is too much fabric gap every time you button-up, it may be an indication that you need to go a size lower.

3. To Get it Right, the Shoulder Fit Should be Perfect

The shoulder points of your shirt should line up perfectly with the edges of your shoulder. Anything outside this might suggest an improper fit.

Check out these slim fit dress shirts for style inspiration.

Step Two: Keep Your Pants Up with a Nice Grip

You can’t expect your shirt to stay down, if your pants won’t stay up. I know that this sounded like something you would hear from a hippie dude who is a throwback from the 70s, but this is so true. One way to ensure that your shirts do not come undone (at least not without your consent) is by ensuring that your pants sit comfortably on your waist.

This is one of those simple logic situations where the science is really just a simple addition of one plus. The tighter the grip your pants have on your waist, the easier it would be for your shirt to stay tucked in. Before you reach for that whale bone waist trainer, here’s how to keep your shirt tucked in your pants.

1. Use a Belt to the Pant and Shirt in Place

Go for a quality leather variety to maintain the style quotient in this shirt-pant relationship. Cheap is never good when it comes to belts.

2. Try Suspenders for a Classic Vibe

Although suspenders may not be as effective as belts, they do have a way of ensuring that your pants stay up and the shirt stays tucked in. Traditional folks would love this solution.

3. Elastic Waist Bands are Simple but Effective

Perfect for people who are okay with bending the style rules. It is a quick, non-fussy way to maintain a waist fit without compromising style or comfort.

Step Three: Get Extra Hands to Keep the Shirt Down

I did not mean this literally of course.

I am simply referring to ingenious fashion solutions that have been created to help you keep your shirt in your pants. Some of these items are not things you would find in the mainstream market. So, they may be a little bit strange to you, and the others are still being tested so, they are not exactly ideal for everyone.

I found 10 different types during my research for this article but we are going to look at just three of them

1. Tuck Your Shirt in Your Underwear to Keep it in Place

They are underwear that are specifically designed for this purpose. They come with straps on the side that you can clip onto the shirt in order to keep them tucked in all day without any necessary adjustments from you.

2. Use Shirt Tail Magnets for East Access

These magnets have one side placed on the inside of the shirt, and the other side placed on the outside of the shirt. You insert the shirt and adjust the magnets to stay just below or above the belt. This will keep the shirt tucked in but it might cause a bulge.

3. For a Less Conventional Method, Try Shirt Belts

These are becoming increasingly popular because they solve a problem. Think of them as belts for your shirts. They are made of elastic and are not visible when they are used. You simply use them to give your shirt an extra grip below the belt before wearing your pants.

Well, now that you have figured out how to keep shirt tucked in your pants, you know how to stay classy without effort. That said, if you ever decide to be a little rebellious, you might want to read this guide to untucked shirts.


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