8 Best Men’s Henley Shirts to Wear this Season

Best Men’s Henley Shirts

8 Best Henley Shirts To Wear Right Now

8 Best Men’s Henley Shirts

Tired of having just casual plain white tees? Or you are looking to upgrade your collection of Henley shirts?  Then keep reading. Having a Henley shirt is a must have for every guy. They fit seamlessly into your fall wardrobe because it can be worn inside a blazer/jacket or even with a pair of jeans. It isn’t enough to desire a Henley shirt, but you must do your assignment correctly to select the best men’s Henley shirts.

The essence of this article is to help you in mastering what to look out for before buying one. Luckily for you, we have done all the work. With proper research, we have come up with a list of 8 different Henley shirts that would surely impress you. Whether you need it for going to meetings, casual outings, or even daily errands we have got you covered.

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Men’s Long-sleeve Beefy Henley T-shirt

Hanes Men's Long-Sleeve Beefy Henley T-Shirt - X-Large - Pebblestone Heather

Hanes is a famous manufacturer known for always dishing out quality products. Hence, the texture and fit of this shirt don’t come as a surprise. Firstly, this Henley shirt comes in a variety of colors, ebony, grey, red, black, white and so on.  Whatever color you decide on would be great. As long as you get the right size. The Hanes Henley shirt is a must have if you are going all out to get a Henley shirt, and you are on a budget. It offers maximum comfort as it is made of 100% cotton, and also tag-free. With this shirt, you don’t need to put in too much effort to look good. When you are wearing this, you don’t get any itching no matter how long you have had it on. It comes with three buttons at the top. You can effortlessly match it with a pair of good jeans.

Main Features

  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Imported
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Carhartt Men’s Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes), Navy, Large

Carhartt is a company that specializes in quality workwear products, so we know not to expect any less. As number two on our list the Carhartt Henley shirt is best suited for colder weathers. Now, you wouldn’t want to wear this inside a suit. That would be a shame in the fashion world, which you should run away from. Moving on, this Henley shirt is made of 100% cotton. It comes with a front pocket and three-button closure. Plus, it also has a rib-knit collar and cuffs making it ideal for casual dressing.  Not only that, it has a side-seamed construction. This is to make sure you are entirely comfortable and don’t feel out of place. To get the most out of this shirt, pair it with a fitted jean and watch the ladies smile your way.

Main Features

  • 100% cotton
  • Tag-free to avoid itching
  • Lightweight and easy to wash
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H2H Men’s Casual Premium Slim Fit T-shirt Henley

H2H Mens Casual Slim Fit Henley T-Shirt 3/4Sleeves White US L/Asia XL (CMTTS0194)

You are missing out if you fail to buy this Henley shirt. When wearing this, not only would you feel extremely comfortable. But you would feel like a celebrity, lol. It’s a two-tone Henley shirt and can be worn in almost any setting. Ranging from professional to casual settings. It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is incredibly soft to the touch, making it relatively easy to wash. I can bet you like the sound of that… This Henley shirt is durable compared to your average Henley t-shirts. Its design is on another level, full sleeve with a three-button closure. And it has a curling round neck giving you the simple yet mesmerizing look. You can decide to rock it with a pair of jeans or wear it inside your jacket. Lastly, do not forget to match it with a killer pair of shoes.

Main Features

  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • It gives a nice fitting
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Karlywindow Mens Cotton Solid Long Sleeve Henley Shirts Crew Neck Buttons Up Fashion T Shirt Beige


Going to the beach and wondering what to wear? Ponder no more.  Because we have come with the perfect solution. This is a must have for the summer days. You don’t have to worry endlessly about what to wear for a casual date or parties with friends. The Karlywindow Henley shirt has a loose neck fitting and is made with a breathable fabric. This is perfect for sunny days. Its material is soft, stretchy, and comfortable, offering 100% freedom of movement.  Depending on your mood, you can decide to button it up or down. Either way, the v-neck design would make you look cool. It can be teamed up with a pair of white shorts for a proper beach look. You can also add a lovely shade to step up your game. The quality of this Henley shirt makes you stand out in a crowd.

Main Features

  • Made with ultra-soft linen and cotton
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
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Under Armour Men's Baseball Long Sleeve Henley Top, Midnight Navy /Baseball Gray, Large


Remember this isn’t a shirt to wear to a job interview, it sure looks professional right? Now that we have that out of the way. This Henley shirt is the perfect piece to wear to a low-key summer wedding. Pairing it with plain tailored trousers would give you the look of a distinguished guest. With this combo, you can also wear it to almost any occasion, excluding a job interview of course. The Under Armour Henley shirt is perfect as work-off attire so that you can make the best out of it. It is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. And also, its material is perfect for a sunny day. This is because it dries off sweat fast. So you don’t have to worry about it ruining your looks.

Main Features

  • Lightweight
  • Its material is stretchable
  • It also has a soft feel, so you don’t feel as if you are wearing paper.
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Rasco NTF453 Men’s FR Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

Rasco FR Men's Navy Henley T-Shirt

Very few Henley shirts can hold a match to the Rasco Henley shirt. It is incredibly stylish and can be worn at any time. It is 100% cotton knit and is flame resistant. It features a three-button front placket and a left chest pocket.  It gives you a casual look; this implies that it can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Plus its rib-knit collar gives it an upgraded look. To get the best out of it, pair it with a cool sneaker and go about your weekend business. Next, you can also pair it with a denim jacket and suede footwear. The versatility of this Henley shirt makes it a must-have for you.

Main Features

  • 100% cotton knit
  • It is flame resistant
  • Soft and lightweight
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Enjoybuy Men’s Short Sleeve Linen Henley

Enjoybuy Mens Summer Linen Henley Shirts Short Sleeve Banded Collar Casual Beach Shirt Tops White

Not all Henley shirts have to be like a second skin to fit. The Enjoybuy men’s henley shirt is proof of that. It comes with a loose-fitting provided you get the right size. This Henley shirt features a banded collar and one front pocket. It is a casual Henley shirt that goes perfectly well with a short khaki. With this combo, you can wear it all weekend and look fly!!.. Its material is a blend of soft cotton and linen, which would make it extremely comfortable during the summer season.  This stylish Enjoybuy men’s Henley shirt would look fabulous in any of its six colors. You might want to get all the colors if you are up to the task lol… When wearing this, be ready for the compliments that would roll in mostly from the ladies.

Main Features

  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Its material is a pure blend of cotton and flax
  • It is exceptionally soft and lightweight
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Pioneer Camp Men's Quick Dry Moisture-Wicking Slim Fit Short Sleeve Henley T-Shirts Black


This Henley shirt is a must because of its fabric and design. Its fabric is the right blend of polyester and spandex (breathable, high elasticity, and smooth). Its thin thickness makes it ideal for summer. It features a three-button placket and comes in two colors.  With a Henley shirt like this, you won’t have to worry about replacing it soon. Its material is super soft and lightweight, and it doesn’t store in sweat. It is a perfect choice for running, hiking, basketball, or any outdoor activities. Pair it with a beautiful short and sneakers, and you are good to go.

Main Features

  • High durability
  • Very comfortable
  • Superior moisture management
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Characteristics of a Henley Shirt

Earlier on, I did say that a Henley shirt can be described as a polo shirt without a collar. But that does not necessarily mean if you take off the collar on your polo shirt, you are automatically left with a Henley shirt.

There are few distinguishing qualities of a Henley shirt.

1. It has no collars

The neckline of a Henley shirt typically has no collars and it could be a round shape or a v-neck which is more popular. The shape will be determined by the placket on the shirt and we’ll get to that shortly.

There is a distinct difference, however, between the collar of a Henley shirt and that of what you find on what is generally known as collarless shirts. And that difference is the mock neck that most collarless shirt has.

2. It has a placket

Typically a placket is a double layer of fabric that holds the buttons and the buttonholes. And you can find it either at the neckline area of the shirt or, on the sleeves.

In this case, the placket starts just below the neckline, giving the wearer the option of either having a closed or an open/v-neck shirt. The plunge of the V-neck is determined by the number of buttons on the shirt which is somewhere between 2 and 5.

3. It is made from cotton fabric

If you were hoping to have more fabric options when it comes to the Henley shirt, I’m sorry to disappoint. While there are talks that there are Henley shirts made from linen and denim, those are not mainstream.

However, most Henley shirts are designed to fit the seasons. The only difference is that you find some shirts made from thick cotton fabric that are more suited to the colder months. And for Henley shirts that are worn in summer, you will find that they are made from lighter fabrics.

The Ideal Body Type For a Henley Shirt

Now that we have answered the question of, “What is a Henley shirt?”, it is time to figure out if the Henley shirt is right for you.

Most shirts are very forgiving when it comes to body type, but not the Henley. You see, the fit and the cut of the Henley shirt was made for people with the athletic body type.

So, if you are skinny, the shirt might hang loose on you. Also, it does not give the most flattering look to people who are bulking up in places where they shouldn’t be. That said, we know a lot of people who have defied general standards to please their fashion sense.

If you are confident enough to wear the Henley shirt, why not?

Where to Wear the Henley Shirt

The Henley shirt is one of those flexible outfits that can take you from day to night. In a Henley shirt, you can start your day at the gym and finish up at the bar without looking too out of place. However, this is not a shirt you want to show up to your uncle’s funeral in.

That said, if I have learned anything in fashion, it is the fact that it is not where you are going to that determines what you wear. It is how you wear what you own, that determines where you should go to.

How to Wear a Henley Shirt

There are so many innovative ways to rock the Henley shirt. However, for people who are just beginning their fashion adventure, I am going to look at three different ways to go about it. As you get bolder, you can explore the limits of your imagination.

1. Wear it alone to keep it simple

If you have a great body type for the Henley shirt, wearing it alone over your favorite pair of jeans and a nice set of sneakers is just perfect. Especially, if the weather permits it. A Henley shirt doesn’t need all the fuss and drama. Keep it simple for a casual and relaxed vibe.

2. Upgrade the Henley Shirt with a Jacket

Wearing the Henley shirt under a jacket or a hoodie serves both a practical and a stylish purpose.

Practical in the sense that during the colder months you need to layer up as much fabric as possible and the Henley shirt stands in as a great addition to the pile, especially if you’re going for the long sleeve version.

Now, if you want to appear a little less casual, layer your Henley under a solid color jacket and pair it up with nice pants and boots.

3. Nail the business casual look with a Henley

It may be hard to picture the Henley shirt in a business casual setting. But with the right application of fashion knowledge, you can hit this look and make it work. First you need to start off with the colors.

Business casual usually means toned down colors. I’d say your henley shirt should be white, beige or black. Wear it with your favorite burly office jacket and a nice pair of Oxford shoes. Thrown on a scarf to wrap up the look. You are definitely never going to look at Henley shirts the same way again.

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Henley Shirt

If you are someone who fancies wearing shirts that gives you the formal but yet classy look, then the Henley shirt is the right pick for you. But picking the right shirt that would serve your purposes is quite demanding. But we got you covered on things to put into consideration before buying a Henley shirt.


Getting a Henley shirt that would fit perfectly is a must. This particular factor determines the fitting of your shirt. But to get your perfect fit, you should know your body measurement. Measurements like your neck size, arm length, chest, and waist size. We all come in different sizes and shapes, so it is essential to be aware of your figure type.

You do not want to be in a situation where either the chest region or arm region of your shirt is tight on you. This would restrict your movement and freedom. Getting a fitted shirt would not only be a self-esteem booster but would be appealing to the eyes of people around you.


This is a style feature in any shirt. They are numerous, ranging from cutaways to spread collars to English spread. To be exact, the choices to pick from are vast. The main detail to pay close attention to when accessing a collar is how it fits. Make sure that you are utterly comfortable with the fitting of the collar. To avoid getting a shirt with collars that would turn your face red or restrict you’re breathing.


Your style and the weather condition is a significant determinant when it comes to the type of material the shirt you wish to have. You are most likely not to wear shirts with heavy textile during the summer. But instead, you go for lighter fabrics with pinpoint or even poplin.


What attracts you to a particular shirt is its design and style. The designs printed on a shirt can, at times, take over everything about the shirt, including fabric texture or anything else. So, get a shirt with designs that suit you and relay the message you wish to pass to people around you.


The sad nightmare of the shrinkage of your Henley shirts can be avoided. Choosing a shirt with knitting that is relaxed, round in shape, and not overstretched is necessary. This would ensure that when your shirts get washed, it won’t become shorter and broader. This happens due to a fault in the knit fabric construction.

The overstretched fiber shrinks back to its original form and thereby makes the shirt shorter and broader. It is important to note that cotton fabric shrinks a lot. So your 100% cotton would shrink a whole lot more than polyester.

Even if you want to get a cotton shirt, opt for ones made with long-staple cotton. They would not overstretch like other types of cotton. Another point to consider in terms of quality is the over-stretching of some specific areas like the neckline.

Henley shirts with excellent quality will have stay tape around the neckline that would stop it from overstretching.

Sewing Construction

This is a significant factor to put into consideration. If your shirt is poorly made, it can distort your shape. From a wrongly made neckband to the sleeve and other parts of the shirt, it would change your whole look. If the shirt looks twisted in the showroom, there are high chances of it being twisted at home too. So make sure your shirt is in a proper and orderly manner before getting it.



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