The 5 Cool Men’s Pendants With Meaningful Statements

Cool Mens Pendant Ideas

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we know that we guys also happen to like our jewelry too. And for any lady reading this, believe it or not, our hearts flutter when you buy us good jewelry too. However, don’t run off to buy the biggest grills you can find. Choose instead to go for men’s pendant with meanings. They are better appreciated.

So you may be wondering, what do pendants symbolize? A pendant is an ornament worn around the neck in many cultures. And usually serve for ceremonial, religious, magical, or funerary purposes. It may also be used as a symbol of wealth, power, identity, position, and affiliation. Pendants take many forms and are commonly made of precious metals and minerals.

Shopping for jewelry that holds a personal meaning can be a tricky thing whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone else. There are things to take into consideration like personal preference, style and so on. But the key thing is to look at the symbolism behind the pendant. The best and most appropriate pendant would be the one you most connect with.

To help you find the best men’s pendants with meanings, we have narrowed it down six that will match your needs and budget.


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Cool Pendant Ideas for Men’s Necklace

Necklaces for men are not designed to be the main feature when it comes to their overall look. So, there shouldn’t be anything overwhelming. That said, a single thread of gold as a chain should not be your lot. These cool pendant ideas could give you that personal touch you like without making you look out of place no matter the setting.

Men’s Pendant with Spiritual Symbols

Solid 14k Two-Tone Gold Linear Cross INRI Crucifix Pendant Necklace, 22"

We all seek a form of spiritual upliftment regardless of your faith. And there are certain symbols that you connect with that ultimately resonate deeply with your entire being. These symbols speak your peace, your hope and your appreciation for life. Chakra symbols quickly come to mind when I think of spiritual symbols.

Men’s Pendant with Personal Symbols

Small 14k Gold Name Necklace - Custom Made with any Name! (14k Yellow Gold, 20)

Jewelry that captures information that is very personal to us can be very cool too. Personal symbols pendants can be anything from birthdates, significant dates, names of important people or places. The best part is you can choose to put the information out in your own way. From Morse code to braille to even art, you have different ways to identify with the things that matter to you.

Crafted Animal Symbol Pendant

14k Solid Yellow Gold Soaring American Eagle Animal Pendant

Pendants with animal symbols on them are usually about pets that we love or animals that we feel represents our inner animals. If you look it up on the internet, you will find out that animals have their own meaning. Owls represent wisdom. Dogs represent loyalty. Lions represent strength and the list goes on.

Zodiac Symbol

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Lion Necklace Pendant

Meaningful necklaces for guys are often about establishing our identity without being obvious. Our zodiac signs are a way of giving ourselves that extra definition or distinguishing quality that makes us who we are. All 12 zodiac signs (or 13 if you belong to the other group) have symbols that can be engraved on pendants and you have options.

Professional Symbols

KeyLimeBay Heavy Weight Anchor Pendant in Marine Grade Bronze by Jewelry Artist, J. Nautora with Necklace

If you are proud of what you do professionally or as a hobby, your pendant can be used to show off your pride. There are a lot of cool symbols with a masculine vibe that you can use as a source of inspiration. One of the most common symbols in this category would be the anchor which is peculiar to people in the navy community.

Men’s Bracelet with Pendants

Necklaces are not the only jewelry for men that uses pendants. Bracelets can share in the expression of one’s own personal style. In addition to all I have listed above, there are unique ideas for pendants that you can use, and I am going to list out a few of them. Just remember this small tip. Keep it small, classy and very simple.


MyNameNecklace Men Personalized Engraved Bracelet Stainless Steel and Black Leather Custom ID Any Name Initials- Men's Christmas Gift

Using the initials of your name or someone who holds a special place in your heart can make a very good inscription or engravement on the pendant of your bracelet. In fact, the initial itself could be the pendant. If this is something you are interested in, you would have a lot of options as there are pendants in all 26 alphabets in different fonts.

Bands with Inscriptions

This is another way to personalize your jewelry. It is a personal favorite for me because it is so simple yet very impactful. In my case, I had the geographical coordinates of my favorite place in the world inscribed on the surface of the band. I have friends who inscribed an assortment of symbols with personal meanings to them on this band. You can figure out what works for you

Exotic Souvenirs

SatinCrystals Peridot Necklace Tropical Green Gemstone Fish Bone Skeleton Smiling Stone Black Leather B01 (28")

This works better on a necklace because most souvenirs will look too big for bracelets especially if you want to be discreet. But if you are able to find the right size, they add this distinct quality to your look. A cowry shell or an animal tooth is perfect as exotic souvenirs.

Tips for Wearing Pendants in the Workplace

Masculine jewelry with pendants may have personal meaning but you still have to ensure that they appeal to the people around you especially the womenfolk. And since we are on the subject of pleasing the ladies, try these scents that are created to make you a woman magnet. Now back to jewelry. Follow these bling rules in the workplace;

1. Don’t wear more than one piece at a time.

If you do, ensure that one is hidden out of sight.

2. Don’t stack your jewelry

Even for a business casual setting, it can be too much

3. Don’t wear bright jewelry

This is the cardinal law of workplace dressing. Stick to dark or neutral hues. Ruby and emerald have little to no place at the office.

There are tens of thousands of symbols that could be made into a pendant and their meanings could be spiritual, religious, personal or motivational. In this article, I am going to walk you through the more common types of pendants and then hopefully, you would have better insight on the right kind of pendant for you.

In addition to this, I am also going to share some tips on formal jewelry for men. There are classy ways to ‘bling out’ without blinding everyone that you come in contact with. And that is not to say that massive jewelry pieces for men should be discounted. I am just saying that they have their place and for the classic gentleman, subtle and simple is always nice.

Jewelry is your opportunity to show off. Don’t waste the chance to display your personal style using men’s pendant with meaning that reflects the real you. There are tons of ideas out there. Like these cool metal wallets or these smooth leather backpacks that can fit into any lifestyle. Share your personal favorite if you can. You just might inspire someone’s style.


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