Best Men’s Slippers for Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, it’s important to know the best men’s slippers for hardwood floors to avoid experiencing the same pains I did.

Few months after I moved into a new apartment, I started experiencing pains at the bottom of my foot. A visit to the podiatrist helped me understand the pains were caused by walking barefooted on hardwood floors in my home.

Amongst other things, the podiatrist advised I wore slippers for hardwood floors to ease the pain and prevent it from re-occuring. I did, and it eased the pain.

If you have a hardwood floor in your home or you plan on fixing one, this article is for you.

In this article, you’ll discover 5 best men’s slippers for hardwood floor and factors  to consider when choosing yours. We’ll also have a mini-discussion on how hardwood floors affect our feet.

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What are the Best Slippers for Hardwood Floors?

The best slippers for hardwood floors are non-slip, leave no scratches on the floor and keep your feet warm. They should also be comfortable and easy to slip on and off. After enduring your work shoes or sneakers all day, you don’t want another pair of footwears to restrict the freedom of your feet.

By choosing the right slippers, we achieve 3 things. One: comfort. Two: we reduce the chances of experiencing injuries associated with walking or standing on hard floor. Three: we preserve the quality and beauty of our hardwood floor.

We’ll shortly discuss other factors to consider when investing in slippers for hardwood floors, but before then let’s review…


Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers

HomeIdeas Men's house slippers

We’re sure the 2  words on the mind of Home Ideas while designing these slippers were ‘comfort’ and ‘quiet’.

These slippers are multi-layered with different insoles to cushion your feet and provide lasting comfort. An X-ray of the sole of the slippers will reveal a 5mm layer of memory foam, a 5mm high elasticity sponge, a layer of 4mm EVA cushion and a 7mm high elastic sponge heel.

If you’re guilty of grabbing a quick snack from the kitchen or fridge when everyone is sleeping at  night, these slippers are a good partner in crime. Their soles are made of soft, noiseless thermoplastic rubber.


Hand and machine washable

Multi-layered insoles to provide support and ease foot stress

Noiseless thermoplastic rubber sole.


Memory foam flattens after a while.

If you’re a regular late-night eater, we have a feeling you need to read our article titled, “15 Key Gym Workout Clothing Care, Hacks and Essentials”.

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RockDove Memory Foam Men’s Slippers

RockDove Men's wear around the house slippers for hard floors

Hardwood floors or not, you need to keep your feet warm during the cold weather. A pair of socks may be a good choice sometimes, but a pair of RockDove Original slippers for men will be the better choice most times.

They are breathable, warm and easy to wear.

Do well to get the right size when purchasing yours. The right size will fit like a glove, and you’ll enjoy your slippers better.

Some users note that its memory foam insole flattens after wash, but rebounds ASAP.


Its uppers are breathable which keeps your feet odor-free, cool and dry

They’re waterproof


The outsoles are made of hard rubber. Therefore, it’s not noiseless.

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Cozy Memory Foam Hardwood Floor Slippers by ULTRAIDEAS

ULTRAIDEAS Men's hardwood floor slippers

The ULTRAIDEAS one of the best men’s house slippers for hardwood floors you’ll need for the winter.

Its adjustable strap and elasticized collar secures the feet firmly, traps heat and keeps cold air out. That’s not all.

They are lined with soft fleece and cushioned with memory foam and EVA insoles.

There are just a few other slippers that can give your feet the heavenly feeling these slippers offer.

Should you choose to get new slippers after months or years of using this, you can convert it to an outdoor footwear.


They’re great for indoor and outdoor use, courtesy of its appearance and durable hard rubber sole

Despite its lining, cushioning and woolen uppers, the slippers is breathable.


Too warm for dry/ hot season.

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WALK·HERO Arch Support Indoor Men’s Hardwood Floor Slippers

Best men's Slippers with Anti-Skid Rubber Sole

Call these orthopedic slippers, and you’ll be right.

These slippers ease stress and pain caused by flat feet. They provide relieve from Achilles Tendonitis, ball of foot and plantar fasciitis (heel & heel spurs) pains.

Because of the testimonies shared by other users with plantar fasciitis, we encourage you to invest in 2 pairs of these slippers: one for indoor use and the other for outdoor use.


Removable fleece inserts makes it usable both in hot and cold weather conditions. Orthopaedic-grade arch support and metatarsal pad helps disperse stress on your shinbones and ease plantar fasciitis.


No back heel support or strap. Your feet can slide off if you’re not careful.

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Deer Stag’s Hardwood floor Men Slippers

Deer Stags mens Slipper, Blue/Black, 15 Wide US

These slippers remind me of my grandma. They look exactly like a pair of slippers she hand-made for me.

Gift your family or loved ones these pair of Deer Stag’s Nordic slippers, and watch the smile that’ll light up their face.

Most users agrees it’s a super-comfy pair of slippers, plus the buttery faux shearling lining reduces friction and pampers the feet

Guys with wide feet will appreciate Deer Stag more because they make some of their Nordic Men’s slippers wide.

N.B.: To get the right fit, check size chart for guide on how to order the right size.


  • Great for people with wide feet
  • Soft lining promotes comfort


  • There isn’t much support or cushioning.
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How Does Hardwood Floor Affect Our Feet?

Yes, hardwood floors are ritzy and classy. Certain finishes and tones make our house look bourgie. But unfortunately, they are not our feet’s best friend.

Walking barefooted on hard floor surfaces leads to fat pad deterioration. When this happens, some tissues, muscles, and tendons are over-stressed from carrying our full body weight. This leads to plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a common challenge people who stand or walk on hard surfaces for long experience. It is characterized by throbbing pain by the bottom of the foot, near the heel.

Such excruciating pain can be eased and avoided by wearing the best slippers for hardwood floors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Slippers for Hard Floors

1. Sole 

– Non-slip soles

You will periodically need to wax, polish or clean your hardwood floor. If not properly managed, these will make the floor slippery. Even dirts and water, especially on Swedish Finish/ acid cured hardwood floor, make the floor slippery.

Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for non-skid slippers. They’ll protect us from slipping, especially when we’re not immediately aware of the slipperiness of our floor.

– Soles that leave no scratches on the floor

Scratches reduce the elegance of your hardwood floor. Don’t wear heels or footwear with sharp or rough sole surfaces. Wear and pull off such footwears outside.

Slippers with rubber soles are usually non-slip slippers and leave no scratches on the floor. These qualities make em ideal hardwood floors slippers.

– Insole

Go for slippers with insoles that cushion the feet, ease pressure, provide arch support, and absorb shock. Memory foam or gel insoles will be a good choice to make.

You need the insoles of your slippers to have all or most of these qualities because, as we’ll soon see, hardwood floors can cause pain in the arches and heels of the feet, plantar fasciitis and similar injuries.

2. Breathability

The uppers of slippers are covered, which means there’s less room for air to spread around your feet as effortlessly as it would have if you’re barefoot. That’s why you should choose breathable slippers.

According to Science Direct, breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow perspiration, evaporated by the body, to escape to the outside.

For your comfort, the fabric of the uppers of your slippers need to be breathable.

3. Slippers for Warmth

Hardwood floors retain warmth, but they get cold during winter. In addition to keeping warm by wearing a sweater or a winter jacket, you need to wear slippers that keep your feet warm.

Most manufacturers use fleece for lining and wool for the uppers to make the slippers warm. This is commendable because these materials make the slippers breathable.

Related Questions

What sizing is Best for House Slippers?

You need all the comfort you can get after a long day of wearing close-fitting shoes. Therefore, the size of the slippers you choose should be loose-fitting, yet hold your feet firmly.

Should I Wear House Slippers Outside?

We don’t recommend that because it’s not hygienic.

There are germs and bacteria our footwears pick outside. Wearing our house slippers outside brings in such bacteria. These bacteria could cause health issues especially in homes where there are children. Children can pick things off the ground and eat when you’re not watching.

If your feet feel happy in your house slippers (as is often the case), get a second pair instead of using one for both indoor and outdoor activities.


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