8 Most Comfortable Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes That Are Stylish

8 Most Comfortable Oxfords Men’s Dress Shoes

The saying that shoes make the man holds true. It is without a doubt that the shoes you wear are of undeniable importance. However, don’t go for stylish shoes and forget about comfort. The most comfortable men’s oxford dress shoes add confidence to your step. Not to mention that they help you avoid sore and painful blisters on your feet.

How much are oxford shoes? The best oxford shoes by popular brand cost on average $70 to $450. Based on the type of upper material used, along with its craftsmanship finish, the price will be higher.

Think about it, even if you are dressed like a true gentleman in the latest pair of laced-up oxfords, if your shoes are ill-fitting, we will notice something is amiss.

So which are the most comfortable men’s dress shoes in the market?

Let us help you stay classy and comfortable with our eight best comfortable and affordable men’s oxford dress shoes you can buy.


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Quick Look at the Best Men’s Oxford Shoes You Can Buy

Bruno Marc Classic Leather Oxford Dress Shoes

Rockport Men’s Evander Moc-Toe Oxford

Stacy Adams Lace-up Oxford Dress Shoes

Stacy Adams Dunbar Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Clarks Oxford Dress Shoes

Dockers Men’s Perspective Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoe

Dockers Men’s Black Leather Oxford Dress Shoe:

The Eight most Comfortable Oxford Men’s Dress Shoes

Without further ado, let’s review the eight most comfortable dress shoes for men in the market.

1. Bruno Marc Classic Leather Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes

Bruno Marc Men's Black Classic Leather Dress Oxford Shoes Thomson-01 Size 10 M US

Bruno Marc has a reputation for making comfortable and sturdy shoes. Their lace-up Oxford dress shoe is no different.

Made from premium leather lining and a comfortable Oxford soft latex cushioned footbed, this is a shoe that is not only a breathtaking in appearance but comfortable too.

The shoe also comes in a variety of styles, colors, and stitch designs. With its fair price, this can easily be your new favorite shoe.


•  Soft latex cushioning at the base making them extremely comfortable to wear
•  Classy looking shoes that are made of a premium leather lining
•  Well-priced
•  Comes in a variety of colors, stitch designs and styles



•  Runs longer to size and has a pointy toe

2. Rockport Men’s Evander Moc-Toe Oxford

Rockport men's Oxford dress shoes
The Evander Moc-Toe Oxford is a men’s business casual shoes that will look even better when paired with a well-tailored suit.  We also love the fact that it is comfy.

The outsoles are well designed to support your weigh. Further, the removable footpad is made for better feet cushioning.

We’ve got to give Rockport thumbs up for the use of waterproof materials on the upper and the outsole. The material ensures your feet are dry and comfortable even in wet weather.

The square toe shape plus the blind eyelets are an addition that gives this shoe the much needed formal, sophisticated look.


•  Extremely comfortable shoes with rubber soles for grip

•  Waterproof shoes that keep you dry even when walking on wet surfaces

• A sturdy dress shoe that fits both business and casual wear

• Affordable men’s cushioned dress shoes



•  The waterproof material makes the shoe hot especially in hot weather

3. Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Black Lace-up Oxford

Stacy Adams Men's Oxford dress shoes

The Dickinson is a classic made of 100% leather. With its sophisticated style, this is a shoe that will represent you with breath-taking elegance.

Stacy Adams took meticulous attention when doing the leather upper finishing visible from the stitch detailing that makes this shoe stand out. Coupled with a memory foam insole, this is a shoe that gives you cushioned all-day comfort.

Further, the leather lining is comfortable and breathable while the shoe sole absorbs shock waves from your foot with each step you take.


• Made of durable leather upper

• Great stitching and detailing

• Cushioned memory foam for added comfort and shock absorption

• comfortable men’s dress shoes for walking all day


• Customers complained of sole falling apart after a few wears

4. Stacy Adams Men’s Dunbar Wingtip Lace-Up Oxford

Stacy Adams Men's Oxford dress shoes

One of the most comfortable oxfords men’s dress shoes for any man who loves style, a wingtip Oxford shoe is a must-have. The Stacy Adams Dunbar Wingtip is a cushioned dress shoe. It features perforated brogue trims, a perfect example of classic elegance.

You can forget getting another shoe soon as the upper leather is bound to last. For added breathability, it has leather linings and the fully cushioned memory foam insole makes it comfortable all-day long.  They come in black, brown, indigo, and cognac beautiful colors giving you a choice for every style.


• The upper is made up of long-lasting leather

• Memory foam on the fully cushioned insole for comfort

• Sleek wingtip Bourges designed with beautiful colors to choose from

• Breathable leather dress shoes


• They ran about a size large

5. Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Brown Oxford Dress Shoes

Clarks Men's Oxford dress shoes

The Clarks Tilden Oxford shoe is made by a company that has been in the shoe business for more than 150 years. This shoe excellent craftsmanship represents everything that the company has to offer.

Made of 100% upper leather and an in-built orthoLite insole, this is a wide oxford dress shoe for men that is durable and comfortable as it wicks away odor, moisture, and fungus.

The lace-up closure, plus the added elastic slit on the side, provides you with extra comfort when wearing the shoe. The rubber dress sole adds comfort and traction on your feet, making them ideal for an 8-hour work day.

If you have wide feet, you are in luck, as these shoes are ideal for those that need some extra room in their shoes.


• Made of 100% durable and breathable leather

• An in-built orthoLite footbed that has odor and moisture-wicking abilities

• The added elastic slit on the side makes them comfortable and easy to fit


• Too pointy for some buyers

6. Dockers Men’s Perspective Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

Dockers Men’s Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

The Perspective is yet another durable and comfortable dress shoe from Dockers. Its great value for money considering it’s made of pure smooth leather upper.

The all motion comfort system sets it apart as it gives unparalleled cushioning. You will love the EVA sock lining with comfort gel heel insert if you are planning to wear this shoe for hours on end. The brand has added a wide range of sizes which is great if you have wide feet.

You can’t afford to miss out on this shoe whether you are attending a black tie event or just going out on a first date.


• Heel support and comfort gel for better cushioning

• An affordable shoe that is made of high quality leather

• All motion comfort system for all day comfort


• Stiff in the first few days of wear and need some time to break in

7. Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoe

Calvin Klein Brodie Men's Oxford Shoe

We all love Calvin Klein for their classy and sleek products.  Their Brodie Oxford burnished dress shoes are no exception.

The Oxfords that are available in seven fashionable colors have a smooth look that speaks elegance in every aspect.

Made with pure soft and supple leather, this is a shoe that will last for many years. The cushioned foam insole is great for shock absorption and comfort.

These comfortable dressy shoes hold a shine reasonably well. Available options are in large sizes and wide widths.

And yes, you can’t beat the price- what’s not to love about this shoe.


• Stylish shoe that is also comfortable on the feet

• Comes in a variety of colors to choose from

• Made of quality leather which guarantees durability


• Long toe which chips off easily

8. Dockers Men’s Gordon Black Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

Dockers Leather Men’s Oxford Dress Shoe

Whether you are attending a board meeting or just your usual 8-5 job, you can’t go wrong with the Dockers Gordon oxford dress shoe.

Made from pure leather on the uppers, you can be assured that once you buy this shoe, you’re not going back to the shop soon.

The shoe polishes up well and comes out with a nice shine. With a padded collar and a lightweight outsole, you will get hours on end comfort. Available in three colors, we are sure you won’t lack a color that pleases your style.


• Padded collars and a light outsole that promotes proper foot function

• Affordable shoes made of pure leather uppers making them long lasting

• Semi-hard rubber sole that lasts and offers great traction


• Extra-long laces that fray easily

What to Look For When Shopping For the Best Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes

Before we get right into it, let’s look at some of the factors to consider when shopping for oxford dress shoes.

Shall we?

1. Choose the Right Fit

It goes without saying that a comfortable shoe should fit you perfectly.

If you can personally visit the store and fit the shoe, it will be great. However, if you are shopping online, consider the following:

•  Measure your feet first before deciding on your shoe size as the size of your feet will change with change in age and weight
•  Read online customer reviews before shopping, as this will help you get an idea of the sizing of the different dress shoes
•  Consider the sizing used by the shoe manufacturer. For instance, Chinese sizing will be different from the US sizing
•  Consider the width of your feet when deciding on the right fit
•  Don’t expect shoes that are too tight to stretch even if they are made of leather, return them early and buy perfect fitting shoes

2. Consider the Shoe Sole

Consider if there is padding or cushioning on the dress shoe sole. Unlike leather soles, rubber soles reduce the impact of the heel on your feet, resulting in improved comfort. Rubber soles also have better traction compared to leather soles. Additionally, comfortable men dress shoes with memory foam rubber padding give more cushioning compared to the ones that don’t.

3. Look Out For the Heel

Low heeled dress shoes are the most comfortable.  They reduce the pressure on your feet as your weight will be concentrated on a larger area of your foot. They also make your shoe appear more elegant.

Go for 1-inch heeled shoe if you plan to wear your shoe during the better part of the day.

4. The Material Matters

You’ll never go wrong with a leather dress shoe.  Leather is durable and also offers great breathability compared to other synthetic materials.

When choosing between the different types of leather, consider full-grain leather, which is very long lasting and moisture resistant. However, you also have options in terms of top-grain leather, patent leather, pebble grain leather, and suede.

5. Consider the Different Types of Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes

For the longest time dress shoes were available in the Oxford style. Fortunately for you, today you have an array of stylish dress shoes to choose from.

If you are an old school guy, an Oxford dress shoe will look great. However, their lacing system may mean more pinching on your toes, especially if you have wider feet. Similarly, a loafer may be too tight fitting for wide feet as it needs to be snug when you wear it.

On the other hand, a derby shoe will have a vamp on its top part made of breathable material which increases comfort and flexibility.

Depending on the occasion you’ll wear your dress shoe, don’t forget to consider the style that gives you maximum comfort.



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