Men’s Black Straigth Jeans with Destroyed Broken hole Zipper-deco.
Made of strength stretch fabric, not because of the size selection is inappropriate, unpleasant or not dressedfashion, handsome charming

Pls pay attention the SIZE CHART

30: Waist:76CM/29.92″ Length:102CM/41.73″ Hip:96CM/38.58″ Thigh:53CM/22.44″

32: Waist:81CM/32.68″ Length:104CM/42.91″ Hip:100CM/40.94″ Thigh:55CM/23.62″

33: Waist:84CM/33.86″ Length:105CM/42.91″ Hip:102CM/41.73″ Thigh:56CM/24.41″

34: Waist:86CM/35.43″ Length:106CM/43.31″ Hip:104CM/42.52″ Thigh:58CM/24.80″

36: Waist:93CM/36.61″ Length:107CM/43.31″ Hip:106CM/44.09″ Thigh:60CM/25.20″

38: Waist:96CM/37.80″ Length:109CM/43.70″ Hip:108CM/46.46″ Thigh:62CM/26.77″

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