Are Running Shoes Slip Resistant?

slip resistant running shoes

When running you become more vulnerable to any obstacle along your course. Even the floor on which you tread can be very dangerous. As one could fall off and get seriously injured (or worse). This fact is why special shoes for runners were invented. And such shoes are usually deemed to be slip-resistant. 

But really, 

Are running shoes slip resistant?

One of the main features of a running shoe is its outsole. Which is usually made of soft rubber and it has a well-patterned tread. These characteristics enable the running shoe to grab easily onto any floor with or without spills. So you can run, jog, and walk without the fear of falling due to slips.

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What Makes a Shoe Slip Resistant?

For a shoe to be deemed slip-resistant there are certain features its outsole must-have. Given the outsole is the part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. Which could be a sandy pavement, oily or wet quarry tile.

With this in mind, the outsole of slip resistant shoes should be able to withstand such surfaces. So the user doesn’t slip up and get an injury. 

Such features the outsole should possess includes:

  • Outsole material

There are two factors to consider. The type of material and its intensity. Because these two determine how well it can handle a wet or oily hard surface. 

For instance, if your shoe’s outsole is too hard and made of some generic outsole compound then slipping due to a wet surface is very possible. Even if the outsole is well-patterned.

But, if the outsole is a softer material that happens to be rubber, then the shoe has a better chance of handling water or oil spills on the floor.

 Why soft rubber? Because it allows your weight to force the sole into grabbing onto the floor. Irrespective of a hard-wooden or quarry floor being wet/oily.

But you should know the pattern also plays a significant role in the “grabbing” process by the outsole of an anti-slip shoe.

  • Tread pattern

The objective of a slip-resistant shoe is to maintain full contact with the ground at all times. So that the user won’t slip up and fall. 

This is why the pattern on the surface of your shoe’s outsole should be designed in such a way it allows free flow of liquid. That way, the liquid (Water or oil) doesn’t form a barrier between the outsole of your shoe and the ground. And that scenario will lead you to slip up and fall.

So, how should the pattern be designed? The idea is to allow the free flow of liquid underneath your shoe. This means it would be a bad idea to get a “slip-resistant” shoe that has a narrow or enclosed tread pattern. The correct tread pattern would be a wider one. That’ll allow easy and full contact with a wet floor.

How do you know if Your Running Shoes are non-slip?

It’s not enough for the label or product description to tell you a particular you wish to purchase is a non-slip model. It’s advisable to find out for yourself which is non-slip or not as it would give you an edge in the market where there are lots of generic and substandard units.

Here are ways to identify a non-slip shoe:

It Must Be Certified As Slip Resistant

Look around for an indicator that says it passes the ASTM International F1677 standards. This means the shoe has been tested to withstand wet and oily surfaces. You can find such indicators probably as a sticker on the box or written in its product description section (online).

Note: if it doesn’t possess this then the shoe might not be worth buying.

The Running Shoes Outsole Should Be Softer

The outsole is a very crucial part of the non-slip shoe model. It must be soft and it must be made of rubber (high grade or medium). 

Why? As said earlier in this post, the outsole has a better chance of grabbing onto the floor as long it’s very soft and made of rubber. Such a shoe with an outsole should handle the hard and wet surface easily.

Note: apart from grabbing onto slippery surfaces, a soft rubber outsole will also provide better shock absorption which prevents you from experiencing fatigue.

The Treads Are Well-Patterned

You know those grooves on the surface of your outsole which makes contact with the ground, those are the treads. They help to create a good level of friction between the floor surface and the shoe. 

And the ideal tread for a running shoe must be wide. As the grooves should have enough space for apple water or oil to flow. So it doesn’t end up being trapped and then it begins to form a barrier between the floor surface and your outsole.

Are Nike Shoes Non Slip?

Nike is well known for its stylish sporty shoes that runners, hikers, and even everyday users sought for. Ironically, Nike doesn’t even have a non-slip line. But that’s overlooked because most of Nike’s shoes do have a great design as they provide good traction.

Slip Resistant Running Shoes Brands to Consider

Feetmat’s Non-Slip Gym Sneaker

Feetmat Mens Tennis Shoes Ultra Lightweight Non Slip Sport Shoes Slip-On Sneakers for Boys Fashion Shoes Black Running Shoes Black 7.5M

This is an ultralight running shoe that’ll make you feel Aerodynamic. Thanks to its breathable build and well-built sole. In which it’s outsole is made of soft rubber that’ll do well with ensuring you gain ample traction while you jog, run, or take walks.

On top of that, this same durable rubber offers scratch-resistance so the grooves don’t get messed up in such a way it loses its anti-slip feature. Also, you get to enjoy good impact cushioning which makes every step feel natural. As though you’re walking on clouds.

Another great feature is the tread pattern which consists of wider grooves. That’ll ensure complete contact with the floor is achieved irrespective of spills.

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Jsleap Blade-Like Sneaker

Mens Running Shoes Non Slip Athletic Walking Blade Type Sneakers Black White,US 9

If you’re looking to try out something new then you should for this model. As it possesses a unique outsole design that is much thicker, offers more space for fluid flow, and it’s very soft. So with these features, you get to enjoy a good run, jog or walk without the need to worry about skidding or slipping.

Also, you get to enjoy a good bounce back for every step you make, so that you’re always on your heels. And you won’t slow down due to fatigue.

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Feetmat’s Non slip Sneaker

Feetmat Mens Sneakers Slip On Walking Tennis Running Shoes Ultra Lightweight Air Knitted Breathable Mesh Fashion Athletic Gym Sports Non Slip Casual Shoes Black 10.5 M US

Here’s another shoe from the brand feetmat’s which offers the same level of comfort as the other model in this list. One feature that should catch your attention is its overall light-weight design which offers an aerodynamic feel any time you go for a run or a jog. With no worries of slipping or skidding thanks to the shoe’s soft rubber outsole that allows full contact with the ground. 

Also, the tread pattern on the outsole is wide enough and the grooves are designed wavy-like. Such that a wet hard floor would be easily handled.

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Nike’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe, black/black, 9 Regular US

You can always go for the Nike footwear if you don’t seem to make up your mind on the remaining options in this roundup. Why? because Nike is well known for making sporty shoes that offer awesome traction. And the Nike revolution 4 running shoe is among the special sets of Nikes that are perfect for running, jogging, and even taking walks or hiking.

This is so because the shoe consists of an overall light-weight design that will keep you feeling aerodynamic. Also, the shoe possesses a well-patterned shoe outsole which is also made of soft rubber. This means the shoe won’t slip or skid easily when you walk on a water or oil spill. 

Because it’s soft rubber outsole which is well-patterned will grab onto the floor with ease.

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Merrel’s Vapor Glove 3 Running Shoe

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner, Molten Lava, 10 M US

If you’re really into patterns then you should consider this model as it possesses a special tread pattern style. Merrel’s store calls it the Vibram TC5 outsole. Which has lots of grooves that are quite wide enough to ensure a free flow of fluids. So that liquids don’t get trapped between the outsole and the ground.

Another great feature is its overall light-weight build, which can make you feel Aerodynamic. On top of that, the outsole is made of soft rubber which helps well with contact between the shoe and the floor. 

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Get yourself a pair now…

Running shoes are supposed to be non-slip because the user is expected to be in fast motion most of the time. And when you move fast, you are more vulnerable to slips and skids. Which occurs if the shoe isn’t well patterned or the outsole is too hard.

With the information we’ve provided you should know the ideal running shoe has a softer rubber outsole and a well-patterned surface. 

Along with that, by now you should know what makes a running shoe non-stick and how to identify them. So you can make the right pick. Either from our top 5 picks or the market.

Also, rainfall can occur. This is why it’s best to consider when rain-ready gear apart from a non-slip running shoe.


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