Should I Wear Boxers or Briefs | What are the Pros And Cons

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There are many hard choices to make which could significantly affect your lifestyle.

In this article, it’s going to be about something really simple. And that is which style of underwear to choose from – boxers or briefs? Although this may be easily answered, there’s still significant information that should be known.

That way you can make an informed decision.

Thus, bringing us back to the question, Should I wear boxers or briefs?

 Both are great options for underwear, as each of them provides comfort uniquely. For instance, the boxer’s short offers ample space while the briefs give proper ball support. With great advantages like these, you should consider getting both. That way, you can handle any situation.

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Differences Between Boxers or Briefs

One fact for sure is that they both provide comfort, with respect to certain factors such as preference and activity.

So, here are the major differences:

  • Space

Boxer shorts offer you more breathing space than briefs. Because the boxer’s material is much relaxed and big enough to ensure you enjoy a tight-free experience between your legs. As though you’re going commando, but with the luxury of being more sanitary.

It’s not the same with briefs, as the material is so elastic it’ll hug your thighs. Thus making them uncomfortable after long use.

  • Style

When you look at the cover of any top men or sports magazine like men’s weekly, it’s extremely likely that you’ll find a well-built man in Briefs. Because nothing screams sporty and fashionable like tight-fitted underwear that rhymes perfectly with a model’s chiseled abs.

It is very different for regular boxer’s shorts, as they’re a lot looser. Thus, making it difficult to properly display your fit physique.

  • Ventilation

With the boxer’s shorts, you get to enjoy ample space between the fabric and your package, so you don’t have to experience stress. This space also ensures you enjoy enough ventilation, that way your groin area doesn’t heat up. Which is a plus for preventing infertility.

As for the briefs, it offers a different approach to providing comfort. And it involves hugging the body. Although it’s very effective at preventing chafing or friction of any kind, it’s not a great choice if ventilation is what you sought.

  • Pro-sport?

There’s no better underwear that ensures ultimate comfort during sporting activities as briefs do. As they support everything in place whilst providing comfy cushioning and preventing friction (chafing) from occurring.

The same can’t be said about the boxer’s short. As it possesses so much space a part of boxers will then cause friction between your thighs during any sporting activity.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Boxers

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Like every other product, the boxers possess both advantages and disadvantages. Here they are below:



It improves sperm quality

Boxers are designed in such a way it ensures ample ventilation in your groin area. This means you don’t have to worry about the excess heat build-up, sweat, or any infection that could tamper with your sperm quality.

You should also know it’s scientifically proven that frequent users of boxers tend to have better sperm quality than men who use briefs abusively.

Provides ample space

Due to the loose design of the boxer’s shorts, you get to enjoy ample space for your groin. This means you don’t have to experience tightening stress.

Boxers comfortable alternatives to pajamas

Instead of wearing your sleep overalls, you can simply just stick with your comfy boxer shorts. It’s very convenient as there’s less clothing on you. This will ensure you get much-needed ventilation while you sleep. Especially during sure nights.

They come in various materials

Boxers can come in more materials than briefs. This is because the design of the boxer’s shorts is a lot looser. And there are lots of comfy materials in the market that’ll do well as boxers, which aren’t elastic.

Doesn’t make you look fat

Given the boxer’s short is a lot looser and probably bulky, it can make fat or average body more appealing. At least much better than briefs could.

It’s a lot easier to shop for

It’s very easy to find a comfortable piece of boxers when shopping. As there’s isn’t much to consider, given the key features to look at doesn’t go further than size and material quality.


  • Chafing can occur
  • Not comfortable for sporting activity
  • Very uncomfortable in skinny


Disadvantages and Advantages of Wearing Briefs

Disadvantages and Advantages of Wearing Briefs


Keeps everything in place

Briefs are made mainly of elastic materials. So it’ll hug your body in such a way every part of your groin will be fitted in place. With no space or excess material to bunch up between your legs.

No chafing or friction

Unlike the loose boxer’s shorts, briefs don’t allow friction of any kind to occur. Mainly because it’s elastic and hugs the body. Thus, making briefs great for wearing skinny jeans.

Perfect for sporting activities

Briefs offer a more natural feel when the activity is a sport. Due to its tight-fitted design, you get to enjoy no retrains, bunching up, or any discomfort while you run, jump, or perform any intense activity.


  • Could lack proper ventilation
  • It’s harder to find the best briefs
  • Can negatively affect fertility
  • Can make you look fatter

Are Boxers More ComfortableThan Briefs?

It depends on the situation. But in most casual cases, boxer shorts are the perfect choice of underwear for ultimate comfort.

Here’s why…

Boxer shorts are great for preventing infertility. This is due to the loose nature of its fabric which in turn supports ample ventilation whilst providing comfort for your skin.

You can’t enjoy all those with the briefs. As they are tight-fitted to your skin. In such a way heat will build up to a level and then it begins to deplete your sperm count.


Do Boxer Briefs Affect Size

It’s common for people who aren’t into briefs to claim it makes one’s manhood small. But this is just not true as the worst thing you could get from tight briefs is increased heat and a depleting sperm count.

When to Wear Boxers or Briefs

Both the boxer’s shorts and the briefs are great styles of underwear. But your choice should depend on the situation.

For instance, if you’re an athlete by trade (or hubby), you’ll definitely need to be comfortable while you make jumps, runs, or tackles. The best option of underwear for such activities is the briefs.

Due to their tight-fitted nature, you don’t have to worry about discomfort such as bunching up of extra material between your legs. Which could in turn cause your underwear to rip. Especially when you’re wearing skinny jeans. But with tight briefs, you are sure to feel somewhat aerodynamic.

Another instance to consider is when there are no plans to make jumps, runs, and tackles. When all you aim for is to be comfortable. Then the Boxer’s short becomes the viable option. Because it offers more space and it’s mostly-likely made of a comfortable (probably non-elastic) material that’s easy on the skin. Such as high-grade cotton.

On top of that, boxer shorts tend to offer more ventilation, which also helps in maintaining your sperm quality.

With the last fact in mind, the boxer’s short is the ideal choice for most situations.


Is It Better To Sleep in Boxers or Briefs

The ideal way to sleep is to enjoy as much ventilation as possible. That way, you won’t build up your body temperature. Especially in your groin region, as it could lead to slight sperm depletion.

So the perfect choice of underwear will be boxer shorts. Due to its loose nature, you get to enjoy ample ventilation while you sleep. As though you’re naked. This feature alone is the reason why briefs aren’t advised when it comes to choosing underwear to sleep with.

The reason is that briefs hug the body in such a way it puts everything in place thanks to their usually elastic and non-breathable material. Therefore prevent needed ventilation in your groin region. Which could end up damaging your sperm quality.

Do Most Guys Wear Boxers or Briefs

Considering factors such as fertility and comfort, more men are likely to choose boxer shorts over briefs. Unless they have a liking for more style, then briefs are usually chosen. But at the end of the day, briefs users are most-likely also users of boxer’s shorts. Majorly due to the health risk around excess use of briefs.

Get Your Perfect Match…

Now you can see it’s a lot more complicated than you thought. With all the conditions and situations that had been illustrated in this post, you should be able to make a perfect choice. As we’ve provided advantages and disadvantages for each style of underwear. We’ve also answered some crucial questions to give you a clearer picture.

Now that you understand the difference between boxers and briefs, check out this article on the best swim trunks for muscular leg men.



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