Black Suit Shirt and Tie Combinations That’ll Get You Noticed For The Right Reasons

Formal dress codes for men can often be a pain to get right, so an easy way out is to invest in a classic, tailor-made Black suit because it is guaranteed to make you look stylish and sleek, moreover, a Black suit can be styled, mixed and matched for almost any occasion. While Black is a safe color as it goes well with all kinds of skin tone and hair styles, even black can sometimes go wrong if it’s not paired with the right shirt or right tie. Here is a complete guide to how to pull off the Black suit, shirt and tie combination flawlessly.


Black Suit, White Shirt and Black Tie

The timeless combination, a tailor made Black suit, white shirt and Black tie is guaranteed to be a foolproof combination for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or even a funeral this combination can effortlessly pull it off and if you want to add a little extra charm to your black suit combination wear a bow tie instead of a black tie.

The combination is sauve, stylish and sleek and even masculine,  provided it’s done properly. Believe it or not a slight mistake and you can end up looking like a Zebra or a Penguin. You must ensure that the White shirt is an accent color, whilst the Black suit acts as a protagonist.

If you are headed to an elite social gathering and want to add a bit of oomph to your fashion statement a Black Tuxedo can do wonders paired with a white shirt and Black Bow tie, it is safe to say that a Man looks his very best in a Black Tuxedo.

Don’t forget to pair your Black suit with a pair of stylish Mens footwear.


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Black Suit, Blue Shirt

If you want to opt for something that is more lively than a Black suit with a White shirt, pair your suit with a Blue shirt instead. There are many shades of Blue but the perfect combination is a Black suit with a powder Blue shirt.

If you want to visually align your combination of Black and Blue try pairing your suit with some Black or White accessories such as a White Square piece handkerchief perfectly folded and placed in the upper, front, Right pocket of the suit.

Traditionally, wearing Black and Blue together was considered a fashion sin, but in recent years the Black and Blue marriage have become a success story, Black and Powder Blue is common combination, whilst Black and Navy have also gained acceptance from fashion critics over the years, the Black and Blu combination is perfect for office wear.

If you want to perfect a really dapper look, accessorize the Blue and Black combo with the perfect tie, a Black silk tie will go well with the combination and you can even opt for a deeper Blue, Maroon and even stripes, the Blue, Yellow and Red stripe tie has been a popular trend since 2018 and has been flaunted by many celebrities such as Prince William and Daniel Craig, both celebrities are often seen flaunting the Black suit, shirt and tie combination.

All Black

The all Black suit can be an “if looks could kill” combination, but for some men it could be a total disaster, you must ensure that your Black suit is perfectly tailored so the correct proportion of black shirt is visible, a little too much of the shirt and the whole suit looks tacky.

Whilst the all black look is pretty common, but due to lack of contrast the fitting of the suit can often go unnoticed this is why it is important to only opt for all black if the suit is stitched to perfection, otherwise you can very easily end up looking like a square box, which you don’t want to, trust me. You want to look sleek in your suit and not shapeless.

If you have opted for an All Black suit and are wondering which tie goes best with it, we will advise that Black on Black looks best without a tie, however, if you are really eager to wear one it is advisable to stick to a Black tie, any other color is an experiment and could be distraught.

Black Suit, No Tie, Casual Shirt

Whilst the Black suit, formal shirt can make a man go from Steve Busemi to Ryan Reynolds in a blink of an eye, sometimes it can also be worn casually, headed for  a boys night out to the bar and need something that is sleek and stylish but not too formal? Slide into your black suit, but this time without the shirt, instead replace the formal shirt with a White T-shirt.

A clean, well fitted White T-shirt under a black suit will look sexy and the perfect attire for casual events. If you do not wish to wear a White T-shirt a Black T-shirt will look just as vogue.

Depending on the weather even knitwear can be pulled off under a Black suit, you will be known as a man of impeccable taste when you combine that Black Suit with a Black Woolen turtle neck or even a dark Gray one, pull off the perfect look at the office during the Winters.

Complete the look with ankle socks and loafers or sneakers that are either White and sparkling clean or black, with a nice pair of Black shades.

Black Suit, Which Shoes?

So you have the perfect Black suit, paired with a crisp shirt and silk tie a Black suit, shirt and tie combination to die for, but what about your shoes? What shoes do you wear with a sleek Black suit? The safest option is to wear finely polished Black shoes with your Black suit, the Whole cut Oxford is a solid piece of Italian leather shoes and the safest, most desirable option when it comes to formal wear shoes.

For a less formal event you can opt for the Derby Black shoes, this is a safe option.

If you want to go the extra mile and look really trendy and stylish, you can even experiment with a pair of sneakers, however, this is not suitable for a formal event but can be worn on a casual event such as eating out with friends. It is preferable to wear White sneakers with a Black suit, but other colors may also compliment, but it is important whatever you may decide it must be squeaky clean.

Black Suits, pocket squares and socks.

A pocket square is the perfect accessory to add some luxury to suit, add a little bit of your own personality to your dressing style, be a little creative and unleash the inner Karl Lagerfield, this will allow you more freedom to be creative than just choosing your own tie and shirt. It is important to remember that the choice you decide to make regarding the pocket squares and socks make sure they make a suitable combination, your pocket square does not need to be the same as your tie it must be a contrast instead.

You can pick out a secondary color in your tie and use it as your primary color for your pocket square and as for socks it is advisable to wear black socks but even socks can be contrasted. Striped socks are popular these days as well as socks with cartoon characters and other funky designs, whilst they do not look formal they definitely look trendy and bring out your personality.

Expert Tip on Wearing A Black Suit

Now that you have invested in a Black suit, shirt and tie combination here are some Golden rules that you must swear by in order to ensure that you pull of the Black suit look perfectly every time. A Black suit is is a wardrobe staple and it is an absolute must to own one, this is because a Black suit can be utilized for all occasions. Whether it’s a Birthday, formal meeting or a wedding, you can style up your Black suit and wear it every time and still look as handsome as ever.

Imagine, you have just been invited to the most elitist wedding in town and you can’t afford to buy a high end designer suit. What do you do? You pull out the Black suit from your wardrobe, tailor it with a crisp White shirt, a fine silk tie and shiny whole cut Oxford shoes. There you have it all set to go, I bet you feel great because you undoubtedly look stunning. Time to go out and do your thing!

When buying a Black suit make sure your suit is made from natural fabric such as cotton, linen or wool, polyester suits are a big NO!

Last but certainly not least, make sure your suit fits you perfectly well, a suit can be highly priced, from the best brand in town but if it does not fit it is no good the perfect suit must fit like glove.



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