6 Tips For Traveling With A Sling Backpack

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As sling backpacks are becoming more popular in the fashion world, many people have been wondering whether they are practical and comfortable to travel with despite their small size.

So, are sling backpacks comfortable? Sling backpacks are not only popular for their aesthetics, but they are also comfortable to wear and travel with. Since sling backpacks tend to be small, they do not weigh a lot on your shoulder. They are also very versatile bags as they come in many shapes, styles, and colors, so you can easily find one that suits your travel needs.

Keep reading to learn some tips on how to choose the perfect sling backpack for your travels.


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Choose a Size That Suits You

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A sling bag is a gender-neutral bag that is made to be worn snugly across either your chest or back. Due to where you’re wearing the bag, they are typically small to fit comfortably against you.

Sling backpacks are smaller than the average backpack. This means they can hold 8-10 liters on average. Being able to only store a small amount is what will keep your bag light and comfortable.

That being said, they can still vary in size and what size you choose depends both on your needs and what you want your sling backpack to look like on you.

A bigger sling backpack may overwhelm you and your outfit, but a smaller one may not be noticeable. Trying on various sizes of backpacks can help you determine which is the best size for you.

Pick the Perfect Material

Keeping your sling backpack light will also help to make it last longer. A good, durable sling backpack can be a great investment if treated right.

It helps to buy a sling backpack made of a strong material like thick cotton or canvas material. If you plan to use your sling backpack in water-based activities, however, you will need a different type of material.

Nylon and PVC sling backpacks would be the best material for water-based activities or in places that are known to be rainy.

Also, if you’re worried about theft occurring when traveling, you can get sling backpacks made of an anti-theft and slash-proof material to prevent potential thieves from cutting open your bag.

Pack Only Your Essentials

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Though the size of a sling backpack may seem like a hindrance, it is what makes them light and comfortable. Carrying a sling backpack means you can only pack your essentials.

This may include things like your phone, headphones, wallet or keys. As you are only carrying a small bag with your essentials, your sling backpack will be light and will not weigh your shoulders down.

Similarly, having all of your essentials close to you will keep them safe and allow you to access them easily and comfortably. No more digging around a huge bag or purse!

Since you have the option to comfortably wear your sling backpack in front of you, this will keep your essentials even safer since you will be able to see if anyone is trying to open or cut your bag.

Choose How to Wear Your Backpack

Unlike the typical backpack, sling backpacks are made to be comfortably worn on one shoulder against either your back or your front.

This versatility allows users to choose between many different ways of wearing their backpack. It can constantly be adjusted as well, so if you want to wear it on your front one day to access it easily, you can.

If you want to wear it on your back one day to show off your outfit better, you can. If your right shoulder is hurting for some reason, just wear it on your left shoulder!

Typical backpacks worn on both shoulders that press against your back tend to cause sweat in that area. Being able to move your sling backpack around will also help prevent this from happening.

Use a Sling Backpack as Your Carry-On Bag

The biggest problem people face when planning their trip is what to pack. Trying to stuff everything you need for your trip into the correct size bag while also making sure it is not overweight can be stressful.

Every airline also has different baggage policies, so knowing what you will be allowed to bring can be complicated. Using a sling backpack as your carry-on bag can eliminate all of this stress.

Due to their small size, sling backpacks are the perfect size to bring with you on the plane as they can comfortably fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment in any plane.

Using a sling backpack as your carry-on bag will also ensure that all of your essentials are safe and with you when you need them throughout your flight.

Maneuver Easily Through Crowds

Traveling to new places can be overwhelming, especially when places are crowded and bustling. Trying to maneuver around that new environment can be hard. Trying while also carrying around a big backpack can be even worse.

Using a sling backpack will allow you to easily maneuver through crowds without bumping into anyone. You will also take up less room on public transport, helping to keep your fellow passengers comfortable as well.

Going into places like small shops will be easier as well as your small backpack won’t knock anything over.

Now that you know how useful sling backpacks can be, here are some of the best ones available right now.

Comfortable Sling Backpacks

Kavu Rope Sling Bag

KAVU Mini Rope Bag Crossbody Polyester travel Sling Backpack

The Kavu Rope Sling Bag is Amazon’s number 1 best seller in climbing slings and for good reason. The Seattle based company Kavu is known for their quality outdoor clothing and bags like this one.

If you’re looking for a durable bag to take on your outdoor adventures, look no further. The body of the bag is made of strong, 100% polyester material. Unlike your average sling bag, this one has straps made of rope. The rope helps keep the bag sturdy making it durable, strong, but still lightweight and comfortable.

Though this sling bag is small at 20 x 11 x 3 inches, you can still fit everything you need. It has two main pockets big enough to hold things like your clothes, shoes or water bottle. It also has two smaller pockets on the front for your smaller essentials like a cell phone or wallet. Having separate pockets lets you organize and find your things much faster. Buy on Amazon

Outdoor Master Shoulder Backpack

OutdoorMaster Sling Backpack - Small Crossbody Backpack for Men & Women

The company Outdoor Master lives up to their namesake with good quality, outdoor products like this sling bag.

This sling bag is made of a lightweight, sturdy material with a comfortable, padded shoulder strap that is also reversible. This makes it perfect for both left-handed and right-handed people.

It is also a great bag for travelers as there is a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back to store your valuables. There is also a big, main pocket that can hold things as big as your laptop (up to 12”), with two, smaller front pockets and a side pocket to store your water bottle upright to keep it from leaking.

With so many pockets, none of your stuff will be left out! Also, good news for men and women is that the bag is unisex and comes in six different colors to suit your preference.Buy on Amazon

Kaka Sling Backpack

KAKA Sling Bag,Crossbody Backpack Shoulder Bag Travel With USB Charging Port

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, but still want a practical sling backpack, this Kaka sling bag with a USB charging port is a great bag for daily use.

This sling backpack is made of high-quality polyester cloth. The material is not only waterproof but also anti-theft.

Despite the small size at 18 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches, you can fit all your daily essentials. The bag has six pockets with a main pocket to hold bigger things like your books or tablet. A side pocket for your water bottle, a separate phone pocket and three, smaller pockets.

Not only would this bag be good for students or for everyday use, but it is also perfect for travelers as well. It has a hidden, RFID security pocket on the back to keep your valuables safe. It also has a built-in USB cable to connect your phone and charger.Buy on Amazon


Polare Cool Real Leather Cross Body Sling Backpack

Polare Cool Real Leather Cross Body Sling Backpack

If style is what you’re after with your sling bag, this is it. Polare Original’s sling bag is made of quality leather imported from Italy.

As if the stylish leather wasn’t enough, this bag also comes in four different colors all made from soft, first grain cowhide leather.

If there is something this bag lacks, it’s definitely not pockets. Polare Orginal’s sling bag has a whopping six pockets of various sizes. The main pocket is big enough to store a tablet or iPad up to 9.7 inches.

There are also three, smaller pockets on the front to hold smaller essentials. In case you need more space or customization, there is a detachable pouch on the front as well. You can keep it on the bag, or detach it to wear on your belt. Last of the pockets is a small, hidden one on the back of the bag for your valuables.Buy on Amazon

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