Best Undershirt that Stays Tucked in For Men

best undershirts that stay tucked in

Best Undershirts That Stay Tucked in You’ll Really And Truly Wear All the Time

Best Undershirt that Stays Tucked in

For guys, it’s not just about what to wear on the surface – it’s far more than that. This is why the best undershirts that stays tucked in is a must-have. It’s all part of the package. To have a hygienic appeal, undershirts are not debatable. They help to make the outer-clothes appear more comfortable.

Although, just a little percentage of men pay attention to the usefulness of this piece of clothing when they go about the business of selecting what to wear. Of course, most of you guys can relate – it’s a case that you don’t wear them at all and it’s because you don’t own them.

Well, let’s get you intimated on the usefulness of these undershirts and the best ones you could go for.

Best Undershirts That Stay Tucked In

Davis Men’s Undershirts

These undershirts have been designed from soft fabrics to provide warmth and comfort to your skin. During summer, it keeps your body cool, and during winter, it keeps it warm. Nevertheless, because they are white, the armpit stains will show on them in a short time.

Mr. Davis Men's Bamboo Viscose Traditional Cut Crew Neck Undershirt, XL, White

Bamboo Viscose Traditional Cut Crew Neck Undershirt

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Texere  V-neck Luxury Undershirt

These tees are light weighted. Also, they provide a good layer for dress shirts. They are hypoallergenic and more odor resistant than other undershirts.  If not properly laundered could wear off in no time.

Texere Men's V-Neck Luxury Undershirt (Meio, Natural White, XL) Breathable Tee

Texere Men’s V-Neck Luxury Undershirt

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Undershirts: What Are They?

For those of you who don’t know what an undershirt is, well, we’d be telling you about them. It’s what you are quite familiar with though.

Undershirts are pieces of underwear that are worn under a shirt for the purpose of preventing such shirts from odors, body oils, dirt and sweats. Apart from protecting your shirts, they also help to shield your body by making shirts or dresses that are transparent, less transparent. Also they during cold weather conditions, they serve as a supplementary layer which provides the body with warmth.

Interestingly too, you don’t have to launder your shirts every now and then as the undershirts prevent them from getting dirty (excepts for the white ones though). This all adds up to make the undershirts inevitable for every guy.

Undershirt Styles

  • T-shirt

Even though these can be worn as casual dress, they are used by some as undershirts. Most of these undershirts are made from cotton; they are heavier in weight when compared to other types of undershirts.

Mostly T-shirts are designed for unisex. Those used as undershirts are mostly short sleeved with round neckline known as the crew neck collar.


  • Tank tops

Tank tops are sleeveless shirts; they also can be called A-shirts. They have also been used as undershirts. For instance, military personnel uses this type of undershirts under their uniforms. They have crew neck collar too.


  • Crew neck

This underwear style has a round neckline. It is to be worn when shirts are to be buttoned up totally or when a tie is to be used.


  • V- neck,

This style of V-neck is common. It has some V-shaped pattern around the neck. The V-neck style of undershirts is appropriate for those who like their top button unbuttoned.


  • long sleeve

This style is mostly worn by sportsmen and women especially footballers. It’s made from compressed material such that it fits whoever is wearing it appropriately

Should Undershirts Be Tucked In?

To avoid these pieces of clothing from poking beneath the other layers of shirts, it is appropriate to tuck in your undershirts. It’s a must you tuck in your undershirts if you would tuck-in your dress or formal shirts.

However, where it’s a casual shirt you have on and it’s a casual occasion you are attending, it’s not necessary to tuck in your undershirt provided it’s not poking underneath the shirt you have on.

What Color Of Undershirts Is Best?

What would come to most people’s mind is the color ‘white’ (maybe it’s because that’s the most popular). White undershirts are easy to bleach and when they peek out beneath your shirts, no much harm is done. After all, white is a neutral color

Nevertheless, a white undershirt is not the best for you. One, because they will show through transparent shirts (most especially white shirts); two, because the armpit stains reflect on them in a short while.

So, you should go for ‘light gray undershirts’. One, because it takes longer for armpit stains to reflect on them; and two, you could launder them with other clothing materials simultaneously.

What Are The Best Undershirts?

Consider the following best undershirts options; they are best undershirts that stay tucked in

  • Spanx compression V neck: This smart undershirt is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly on you because it compresses. That’s why when it is tucked-in; it stays on your body.
  • Boss cotton jersey T-shirts: these thinnest undershirts have a very light texture. They make a good layer for any shirts.
  • Calvin Klein cotton classics Tees: these are made from cotton. These tees are really nice undershirts. They absorb sweats and body dirt perfectly.
  • Saxx crew neck: these undershirts too are made from cotton. They are mostly designed as crewnecks. They provide perfect comfort for your body.
  • Mack Weldon singlets: these are made from cool fabrics. They provide the necessary comfort for your skin. Only that your pits are left open.

Do Undershirts Keep You Cool?

Of course, apart from the fact that undershirts protect your shirts from your skin, they also keep your body cool. They do this by trapping the moisture emanating from your skin and prevent your outer clothes from getting soaked. After this moisture has been wick away from your skin, evaporated cooling takes place.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Undershirts for Men?

Consider the following tips when you are shopping for the best undershirts that stay tucked in

  • Ensure that whatever style of undershirt you are buying perfectly protects your pit areas. The V-neck or crew neck undershirts are perfect for this function
  • Make sure that the undershirts you are picking up do not peek out from the neck. You can prevent this by using a tie or buttoning up completely.
  • If the collar will not be buttoned, ensure you go for a V-neck.
  • Instead of white undershirts, go for light gray
  • Ensure it’s the perfect fit
  • Undershirts made from cotton have the best quality. So, go for them
  • Ensure it is long enough to tuck in.