Is It Weird For A Guy To Get Waxed?

guys get waxed hair removalRemember the buff men with hairy chests and legs from the 70s? Well, it’s a new day and age, and these days many guys want a clean chest and legs and even private areas. By clean, we mean no hairs – just smooth like a baby’s behind. To achieve this, many a-guy have resorted to waxing.

As simple as this sounds, many people still wonder, “is it weird for a guy to get waxed?” It’s definitely not weird for a guy to get waxed. It’s not the 9th wonder of the world. Proper grooming is super important, and any guy that takes it seriously is admirable.

 If this doesn’t convince you, don’t worry. We have plenty of info to put you at ease on this all-important subject. So if you’re a guy and looking to join the waxing trend, then this is for you. Find out what waxing is all about and what to expect in this article.

What Is A Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax or “brozilian” wax involves the removal of all the hairs on your private area, leaving you with smooth skin.

Hot wax is spread on your skin, then a strip is placed carefully and yanked away in a snap against the direction of hair growth. Sounds painful? It is. But, it gets easier with each waxing appointment.

For sensitive areas, hard wax is used, which does not involve a strip. Baby oil can also be applied before the wax to help reduce bonding to the wax. You can also use egg oil days before the procedure to soften and moisturize the skin, reducing irritation.

The Brazilian wax procedure involves the removal of hair from the back, scrotum, and space between the buttocks. Although many home kits have been made available, it’s advisable to go to a professional.

Do Guys Get Their Body Hair Waxed?

male chest waxing

Indeed, guys get their body hair waxed. It’s the more common practice these days to get a full-body wax as opposed to just certain parts alone.

However, more specifically, areas guys get waxed are:


Nothing matches a hot summer body better than a waxed chest. This explains why a lot of guys are getting their chest waxed these days.

Speaking of hot summer bodies, do you know you can achieve a hot summer body without gym equipment? Find out how by reading this article we wrote.

Back to waxing, you should regularly wax because it helps your hair grow back slowly and thinly. With this, you don’t have to worry about chest hair anytime soon. Waxing also leaves you with very smooth skin, so it’s definitely worth the pain.


When it comes to facial hair, there are two kinds of guys. There’s the beard gang and those who like a clean, smooth face. It so happens that the clean, smooth-faced guys are gradually taking over. They’re everywhere, especially on social media. And just how do they achieve such baby faces (apart from those who can’t grow facial hair—yes, they exist)? Waxing.

But waxing isn’t just for the beardless gang, even guys that like to keep a beard go for waxing. It makes the overall look neat and sharp and takes care of any unwanted hair. Plus, the hair will not be growing back anytime soon. So the beard look can be maintained better and for longer.

Shoulders And Back

A smooth back is definitely more comfortable than a hairy back which is why it’s very common for guys to wax this area. Plus, you can’t go for chest wax and forget to wax the back. Imagine walking by the beach with a smooth chest only to turn and reveal a hairy back. Yikes!

Armpits And Private Area

More guys these days are open to the idea of waxing their armpits and private area. Armpits aren’t really a big deal, but the private area is on a whole new level.

Please don’t try this at home. It’s best to go to a professional for help. And make sure your private area is clean and dry before waxing.

Waxing the private area is safe as long as you’re using a professional.


Don’t be surprised at this. Many guys these days are matching a smooth body with smooth legs.

Quick caution, if you’re waxing for the first time, it’s advisable to do a small area first just in case there’s a reaction. After that, you can go for full body waxing.

How Should You Prepare Before A Waxing Appointment?

Male Brazilian wax

Waxing is a delicate procedure, and you need to prepare for it ahead of time. A few things to do are:

  • Have a nice shower. It’s super important that you’re clean, especially in your armpits and private area. You’ll feel more comfortable that way, and you’ll also be helping the waxing professional.

We recommend you use a nice bath gel for your shower. Check out the Best Hydrating Body Wash For Men With Dry Skin I wrote recently.

Don’t return from playing football or working out to go for a waxing procedure. Not only will you be smelly and sweaty, but you’ll also interfere with the waxing procedure. The sweat will affect how well the wax will stick to your skin.

  • Don’t apply lotion on your body after you bathe. Lotion makes it hard for the wax to hold the hairs on your body.
  • You also want to make sure you have some hair to wax, at least a quarter of an inch of hair. So if you’d normally shave, don’t shave three weeks before your waxing appointment, especially in your genital area.
  • It helps to exfoliate the area you’re waxing the night before your appointment to deal with ingrown hairs.
  • Pain is usually associated with waxing, especially in your first appointment. You can’t think of hair being ripped off your body suddenly and be at ease. So help yourself by taking some painkillers before the appointment.
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine, and the stimulants in these cause you to be more sensitive. This means you’ll feel the pain way more than normal.
  • Finally, wear loose clothing on the day of your appointment. Your skin, especially the private area, needs to breathe.

Preparing ahead this way will help you big time, and you won’t have to feel embarrassed for any reason.

What Should You Expect During A Waxing Procedure

When you visit an esthetician for a waxing procedure, you will be put through certain things and asked certain questions to put you at ease. So some of the things to expect are:

  • Expect pain: Hot wax removed immediately by a strip is nothing less than painful, so expect it. However, don’t be nervous about it. It gets easier with each visit. You can take some painkillers ahead and avoid alcohol or caffeine.
  • Remove your clothes: You’ll be expected to remove your clothes, so prepare your mind. It’s normal to get shy but remember; the esthetician is a professional. It’s just like visiting the doctor and having to go bare before him.

If you’re uncomfortable with a female esthetician, you can opt for a male one. For modesty’s sake, you’ll be given a towel to cover other areas not being waxed at the moment.

  • Cleaning: The area will be cleaned, and a Pre wax gel will be applied to it to prepare it for waxing.
  • Lying position: You’ll be kept in a rather humbling position so the esthetician can access the areas they need to.
  • Post waxing treatment: After the waxing procedure, oils will be applied to get rid of any remaining wax. Lotions will be added as well to aid recovery or prevent irritations.

A Brazilian wax, depending on the thickness and volume of your hair, will take about 40mins to an hour to complete. So brace yourself.

What Should You Expect After Waxing?

It’s normal to experience some redness or puffiness after waxing. However, expect it to go down within 48 hours. During this waiting period, avoid exfoliating your skin, steam baths, jacuzzis, and sexual activity.

Don’t shower in the next 6 hours after waxing, and don’t go straight from a waxing appointment to the gym. Working out or doing any other strenuous activity should be completely avoided for two days.

You should use an antibacterial ointment after showing for the next 24-48 hours from your waxing job. This is because after waxing, your pores are more open to bacteria, and so you want to keep that area clean and sanitized.

Then you should also wash with a glycolic cleanse after showing from three to five days of your waxing job.

When the redness or puffiness has gone, say 3 to 5 days after, you should exfoliate 2-3 times a week after a bath to prevent ingrown hairs.

Your next waxing appointment should be in the next 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the rate at which your hair grows.

Why Should Guys Wax?

Despite many concerns about guys waxing, there are benefits to it that surpass most fears or concerns.

  • It reduces the rate at which hair grows. Waxing is a better solution than shaving to reduce hair growth in unwanted areas. Regular waxing makes the hair grow back thinner and softer and, in the long run, barely noticeable when they grow out.

This happens because regular waxing weakens the hair follicles, making it harder to grow hair in those waxed areas.

Shaving, on the other hand, leads to darker and thicker hair growth. And when the hair starts to grow out, it gets itchy and uncomfortable and even causes ingrown hair.

  • Lovely, smooth skin: Waxing leaves your skin in a better state than shaving. You get smooth, hair-free skin that will last longer before your next waxing appointment.

Also, when waxing, the waxing strip or whatever else method used doesn’t only remove hairs but also dead skin cells. This leaves your skin looking healthier and more refreshed.

By exfoliating your skin, you’re also left with a nice youthful glow. It will also take care of hairs down to their roots, so ingrown hairs and stubbles aren’t a concern.

  • Hygiene: Believe it when we say waxing is hygienic. It propels you to carry out a healthy skincare routine you would otherwise have not done. A routine like using an antibacterial ointment, exfoliating, and so on.

Also, hairs on the body trap dirt and cause you to sweat more which leads to body odor. So getting rid of the hairs rids your body of excess dirt and sweat. And this, in turn, reduces body odor.

You’re left with smooth, dry, and more hygienic skin. During hotter months or when you’re working out, you’ll find that your skin is more comfortable and pleasant.

  • Your partner will love it. It’s common to find many women complaining about their partners’ excess hair. Many guys have landed in a waxing salon because their partners booked an appointment for them. So getting rid of this will definitely please your partner.

While you’re taking it for granted, someone you care about is sorely displeased. So when you wax, not only will you feel good about it, but your partner will be pleased.

It also shows your partner that you care about body grooming which is attractive to any woman.

  • Low maintenance: A waxed body is easier to maintain over time than a shaven body. This is because the hair takes longer to grow, and with time, it will become harder to grow.

You don’t wax as often as you shave. And with waxing, you don’t have to worry about buying many razors. You can also avoid cuts and scratches that you get from shaving. As long as you use your moisturizers daily and groom properly, you don’t have to worry about skin irritations.

For the longest time, waxing was a woman’s thing, but lots of guys have jumped on the trend. Some guys may worry that waxing takes away their manliness which is not true. There’s nothing weird about a guy waxing. Hairy chests and legs don’t make you a man or a manly man.

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