White VS Blue Dress Shirts – Which is Better?

White VS Blue Dress Shirts

Choosing between a blue or white dress shirt could turn out to be a daunting task for some. If you are one of them, this article could be more than helpful. Here, we have tried to discuss the key aspect to consider while selecting white or blue dress shirts. This would allow you to make an informed decision.

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Why are most Dress Shirts Blue?

Blue is a dominating color in almost every man’s wardrobe. This is so, as it suits men’s complexion, making it a viable alternative to white. The blue color gives a nice and exciting vibe to a simple dress. Apart from this, blue dress shirts are suitable for a variety of occasions, giving you the freedom to wear them at formal or casual gatherings.


White vs Blue Dress Shirt – which is Better?

Usually, elegance comes from the way you dress. For instance, choosing the right color plays a critical role while carrying your independent styling and appearance. Since blue and white are two popular colors for men, it tends to be confusing to choose between a blue or white dress shirt.

To make things simple for you, we have briefly discussed why you should go with a white or blue color dress shirt.


Reasons to Wear a White Shirt

  • Being an all-time classic, white shirts are among the best options for almost every man.
  • White shirts serve as a well-defined standard for formal dress.
  • A white shirt offers a neutral base for every color, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of coats and ties irrespective of their colors.

Reasons to Wear Blue Shirt

  • Blue shirts are less formal, allowing you to wear them on a variety of occasions.
  • Blue color suits men with different complexions.
  • Blue shirts are versatile and work well with almost any type of tie or suit.

So, blue or white dress shirt, what should you wear?

No doubt, a white shirt has its benefits, yet it might not be a viable choice for some men depending on their complexion. On the contrary, the blue color goes well with almost every complexion. Besides, the blue color shirt also proves to be more trendy and offers an attractive look.

After going through the above comparison, you might find it easy to choose between a blue or white dress shirt. In addition to our recommendation, do consider your styling preferences when opting for a white or blue shirt.


How to Wear a Blue Dress Shirt

When wearing a blue dress shirt, make sure it fits you well. If it is too loose or tight, it won’t give you the desired look.

Below are a few of the ways to wear a blue shirt:

  • You can wear a blue dress shirt with a light suit while experimenting with different shades of this color.
  • A light or medium blue suit also looks good with a blue shirt.
  • Wearing separate pants and a blazer with a blue dress shirt can add some flare to your outfit.
  • Blue color complements a variety of colors including khaki.
  • Almost every shade of blue pairs well with jeans.


What to Look for in a Perfect Blue Dress Shirt

Listed below are some of the key aspects to consider when buying a perfect blue dress shirt:

Cut: Make sure what cuts suit your personality. Your blue dress shirt should offer a nice and elegant fit.

Shade: Find a shade of blue that compliments your complexion and overall appearance. Usually, sky-blue shades are quite trendy.

Collar: The collar should suit your facial features. For instance, people with long and narrow faces should go with a spread collar.

Cuffs: Button cuffs are recommended if you want a blue dress shirt as casual wear. For a formal look, you can opt for French cuffs.


How to Wear a White Dress Shirt

The way your dress shirt fits can make a huge difference. If it is too tight, you would look bulky. Similarly, a loose shirt won’t pass an attractive look.

Below are some of the best ways to wear a white dress shirt.

  • For a sheer formal look, you can wear a white shirt with a black suit.
  • A white shirt and navy suit is a killer combo.
  • Blue suit and white shirt can be a head-turner.
  • For a professional look, you can go with a white shirt and a charcoal suit.


What to Look for in a Perfect White Dress Shirt

When searching for a white dress shirt, it is essential to pay attention to the fabric. Choose a material that feels comfortable and offers the required versatility.

Below are some of the other things to consider when finding a perfect white dress shirt:

Cut: Know your body shape when buying a dress shirt. If you are slim, try to opt for a tailored fit cut.

Collar: Although, there are various types of collar styles to choose from, avoid making a random choice. Don’t forget to keep in mind your facial features when selecting a collar style.

Cuffs: For a formal look, use cufflinks. On the contrary, buttons work perfectly well for a white shirt if you wear it casually.


The Perfect Dress Shirt Colors for all Four Seasons

The selection of a color for your dress shirt also depends on the seasons. Hence, a man with a fashion sense will coordinate his outfit depending on the season.

Below are the different types of dress shirt colors depending on the seasons:


Darker colors are highly recommended during the winter. Some of the best color choices in winter include gray, dark greens, darker blues, and browns. These colors not only offer warmth but also add charm to your personality.


Light colors are usually preferred during summer. For instance, you can wear white, gray, light pink, light blue, or off-white color dress shirts during summer.


Spring season is a great time to wear light and vivid color dress shirts. Some of these colors include pink, lavender, light blues, and rose.


Just like in winter, you can wear heavier fabrics with dark colors during fall. A few of the colors to choose from could include brown, tan, olive, maroon, and navy.

What Goes Well with a White Dress Shirt

The color choices for the suit depend largely on whether you are wearing a blue or white dress shirt. White shirts give a graceful appearance to your outfit. Besides, you can wear anything else to compliment the neutral feel of a white shirt. For instance, you can wear a blue, black, navy, khaki, or grey suit with a white shirt.


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