How To Wear Hiking Boots With Jeans


Many people may feel in doubt about pairing hiking boots with jeans, thinking that it is not a good combo. Some may even think that hiking boots are only good for backpacking trips and that wearing them with jeans on casual days will lose its purpose. But, this myth should be debunked. 

Wondering how to wear hiking boots with jeans?  The key is to go for a style that makes you feel comfortable based on the weather and occasion. Skinny or straight jeans fit perfectly with most hiking boots and enhance their overall appearance. Experiment with different tops and accessories and you’ll create a bunch of fresher looks that are excellent for any casual occasion. 

In this article, learn more about hiking boots, how to correctly match them with jeans, and the methods you can use to pull off this look on any outdoor adventure.


What Classifies A Hiking Boot?

A hiking boot has specific materials used for its functionality. It is even different with a hiking shoe. Hiking boots tend to be heavier because of their extra features. Materials used tend to be more durable for extreme adventures. It offers strong ankle support with padded uppers but often has a flexible design for comfort. Boots have strong heel, toe, shank, and plate features to enhance their capability to protect, especially for heavy loads. It also has multi-directional lugs for superior grips which are great when hiking on challenging terrains.


3 Types of Hiking Boots to Wear with Jeans

Hiking boots come in various categories depending on your hiking needs: lightweight hiking boots, midweight hiking boots, and heavyweight hiking boots.


Lightweight Hiking Boots

Lightweight hiking boots are known to be more affordable and perfect for fast-packing and shorter trips. If you’re new to hiking, lightweight hiking boots can be your best option to use. This can complement casual jeans for everyday wear.

Midweight Hiking Boots

Offering a balance of comfort and protection, midweight boots suit most backpacking trips. It may be stiffer than lightweight boots but provides more stability for hikers carrying a decent load along the way. If you prefer a rugged style, midweight hiking boots can help you achieve this look.

Heavyweight Hiking Boots

Compared with lightweight and midweight, heavyweight hiking boots are designed for rough terrains and heavy loads. It often comes in classic designs with full leather and is long-lasting and sturdy, which can pass challenging hiking adventures. When worn with jeans, heavyweight hiking boots can give you an outdoor aesthetic vibe.


The Best Jeans to Style with Hiking Boots

Choosing the right pair of jeans to match your hiking boots is crucial in improving your style and comfort during outdoor activities. Ill-fitting or excessively long jeans can result in inconvenience and can disrupt your hike. To ensure a hassle-free experience, consider these best types of jeans to pair with your hiking boots.

Skinny Jeans

If you want to keep your boots clean and dirt-free, skinny jeans can be a good choice. They fit well and can be tucked into your boots easily, making them look perfect for photos. However, this might not provide comfort and mobility compared with straight jeans.

Straight Jeans

Commonly worn on hikes, straight jeans are neither baggy nor skinny. Its features make it a go-to choice for hikers who seek comfort and functionality on their journey. Apart from that, it can easily be styled — whether you prefer to wear it cuffed or in its regular form — you can make sure that your jeans blend well with your hiking boots without making it look awkward.

Stretchy Jeans

Another popular option to pair with hiking boots is stretchy jeans. It provides both comfort and style as it is often made of elastane or spandex instead of the usual cotton material. It can be both straight or skinny but feels better because of its stretchy feature, which allows you to move freely on trails or any outdoor activity. Apart from that, they often have moisture-wicking properties and are breathable compared to other jeans.


How to Correctly Match Jeans with Boots

When styling hiking boots with jeans, the key is to balance purpose and style. Whether you opt for straight-cut, skinny, or stretchy jeans, the right pair can complete your outfit. To correctly match jeans with boots, here are some other things to consider:


  • Balance. When pairing hiking boots and jeans, make sure to balance the look. Avoid wearing baggy jeans that cover the entire boots. 
  • Occasion. Now that we know that hiking boots aren’t for hiking alone, dress up according to the occasion. Whether you are meeting up for a casual gathering, attending a concert, or other events, determine the type of style that fits the occasion.
  • Tops. Hiking boots are considered casual so it’s best to wear them with a T-shirt, flannel shirt, or sweater. 
  • Accessories. To add style to your hiking boots and jeans outfit, accessorize with a scarf or a simple hat. This will not only help you complete the look but will also keep you warm in colder weather.
  • Socks. When going on adventures, comfort should be our top priority. Opt for moisture-wicking socks that help you prevent blisters during hikes and provide comfort throughout your trips. Here’s a guide to choosing the best socks for your hiking trip.


Make Sure The Jeans Has The Appropriate Length

The length of your jeans plays an important role in your overall look. Hiking boots don’t match jeans that are either too short or too long so make sure they are at their appropriate length. Jeans that are too short often create an awkward gap between the boots and the jeans. On the other hand, when jeans are too long, the excess fabric can bunch up at the top of the boots which won’t look good even when tucked into it.

Your jeans should be long enough to tuck into your boots and prevent the excess fabric from tangling around your ankles. Making sure your jeans are at the appropriate length will allow you to showcase a comfortable and stylish look outdoors.


Stacking vs Cuffing vs Rolling Jeans with hiking Boots

Truth is, not all men know the difference between stacking, cuffing, or rolling jeans. However, your styling option can influence your overall style and comfort when paired with hiking boots.


 To stack your jeans, you have to let the fabric bunch up naturally around the ankles. This creates a rugged style that complements outdoor vibes. Stacking works well with longer jeans with a length that naturally rests on top of the boots. 


 Cuffed jeans are done by folding their hem to create a cuff above the boots. This method allows you to have a more tidy look while showing off the entire boots. It works well with jeans of various lengths and prevents excess fabric from bunching up.


 Rolling jeans require a neater fold which is similar to cuffing but with a smaller roll. If you prefer a cleaner look, this method can be your best option. This works well with various lengths of jeans and ensures a comfortable fit perfect for hiking adventures.

How you prefer to style your jeans depends on your style and the length of your jeans. Checking each styling method can help you find which complements your hiking boots and jeans better.


How to Wear Hiking Boots Casually with Jeans


The classic style

For casual events and activities, you can achieve a classic look by pairing your hiking boots and jeans with a plaid shirt or your favorite sweater. This provides a relaxed and comfortable feel on your next weekend getaway. Opt for straight-leg or skinny jeans that casually match your hiking boots and add an iconic denim jacket for an overall effortless style.

The edgy vibe

Pair your hiking boots with distressed denim jeans and a leather jacket for an edgy and rebellious look. Pick your favorite band t-shirt and choose hiking boots with lace-up features to add more style. Finish the look with a buckled belt or a bold accessory. 

The winter look

Make a fashionable choice even on cooler days by pairing your hiking boots and jeans with a cozy sweater and a warm puffer vest. Choose dark-colored jeans and add an oversized scarf and beanie. Make sure that your top is warm and comfortable enough to confidently flaunt your style during winter. Click here to check out the best men’s sweaters to keep you warm in cold weather. 

It’s okay to dress casually in hiking boots and jeans and people can create a stylish look out of it. When pairing hiking boots with jeans, you have to consider the weather, the activity, and your style. Are you simply attending a casual event, in for a lighter and faster-paced hike, or going on heavy backpack trips? Determining this will allow you to effortlessly match the hiking boots and jeans. 

It is also worth checking on the current weather to help you choose which outfit is best. Whether you are going on short trips or a more extreme adventure, always go for something that blends well with comfort and style. Considering these two will allow you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

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