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If you don’t know the right jeans for your body type, spending hundreds of dollars on a high-quality wardrobe won’t make that butt look fashionable and flattering.

Having an eye for jeans that look good is one thing, but like me, the nice curvy edges of your buttocks take on the appearance of the statue of a Greek god…sort of. But the second you put them into a pair of jeans, everything disappears


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You must embrace your body as it is and dress to show the areas that are most appealing, While hiding areas of your  frame that are less than desirable. Flat butts come in all shapes and sizes. Even though you have access to the best jeans for men with no buttocks, you still need to factor your body size into the equation.

So, in this article, it is not just going to be about finding the right jean to flatter your derriere. You would also get tips on picking the right men’s jean to suit your body frame. Then I will also be sharing tips on getting your butt in shape. So, if you are ready, let us get started.

Body Types And The Best Jeans For Them

As I mentioned earlier, having a flat butt does not automatically mean you are in a one size fits all category. We are all built-in different ways and to get the right clothing for us, we need to ensure that our clothes are not just hanging off our bodies. For jeans, the right fit has nothing to do with how tight or loose they are on you.

So, what are the best jeans for men with no butt?

As a general rule, jeans like a slim fit that will molds to your body form in such a way that it shows off your best features and either covers up your flaws or creates an optical illusion to mask your bad assets (couldn’t resist).

Body Type One: Best Jeans for Slim Men


ARIAT M5 Slim Fitted Straight Leg Jean

ARIAT M5 Slim Fit Men’s Jeans

In this case, long does not necessarily mean tall. There are people who are short but very skinny. This gives them a long look. The best jeans for skinny men are the types of jeans that are straight cut with a low rise. You can also opt for a slim fit jeans.

However, avoid jeans that are extra tight if you are super skinny. You may get a butt out of the deal, but it would emphasize your bony points and make you look even smaller.

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Body Type Two: The Average Joe

Levi's Men's 541 Athletic Fit Jean, Husker - Stretch, 34W x 32L

Levi’s 541 Athletic-Fit Jean

Most guys want to be this guy. He is not too skinny and not too muscular on the other hand. He is considered athletic. In a perfect world, he should not be on this list, but he has a butt problem so, here we are.

A men’s jeans that make your bum look good for his body type would be athletic jeans. It would adapt to his somewhat muscular physique and taper out the butt region to give him the semblance of a nice curvy package. Another option would be jeans with a relaxed cut. Super tip: a stretchy pair of jeans can contour your body and create a good butt illusion.


Body Type Three: The Big and Bulky Guy

Levi's Big & Tall men's 541 Athletic Fit Jean

Levi’s 541 Big & Tall Athletic Fit Jean

When I say big, you could either have a lot of muscle or a lot of fat. The best jeans for fat guys are jeans that mask your bulk without making you look like you are lost in the clothes. Now you have to understand, being fat is one thing. Being overweight is another.

The best jeans for overweight men are athletic cuts with wide legs or a slimmer cut with a stretchy fit. Your height would play a role in determining what to go for. Tall and muscular guys would get a lot more out of their jeans if the legs are wider. For shorter guys, that would just emphasize your wideness. So, stick to slimmer cuts.


7 For All Mankind Slimmy Slim Fit Jeans

7 For All Mankind Slimmy Slim Fit Jeans

This is a finely crafted pair of slim fit jeans pants for men by 7 For All Mankind, which fits well in the seat. It has been said that this brand is over rated but the proof is in the wearing. Expect a super comfy fit that can be worn to work or casual outing.  The perfect pants for men with no butt, this jeans feature a small and simple pocket design to give you a flawless silhouette from behind and a fuller look.

Compare to other jeans brands these tend to run longer in length. If that’s the case you will have to tailor them to set right on your shoes for a neater look.

For the price this premium denim wear is a steal.


DL1961 Russell-slim straight leg fit jean

DL1961 Men's Russell-Slim Straight Leg Fit Jean

Whether you are dressing up or down the DL1961 Russell slim fit jeans is one of the best men’s jeans for flat bottom. Slimming through the thigh and straight through the leg as it tapers off to the ankle. This jean is not too tight or too loose but flattering and super comfy.

The 93% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 2% Lycra combination hits the right balance between softness and stretchiness. Also great for travelers, it gives you the range of movement you need.

DL1961 men’s Russell-slim straight leg fit jean comes in a wide range of size enabling men of all built to find the right size for them.

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Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Butt Lifting Jeans for Your Body Type

Choosing the perfect jeans for your body type is an underrated hassle. Severally, I’ve bought jeans that seemed like a perfect fit because the waist size and length checked, only to look funny after wearing them.

What exactly could be the problem, I wondered. What should I have considered while shopping for jeans? It took washing several dollars down the drain, then getting expert advice from storekeepers to get the right answer to this question. And that’s what I want to share with you in this section.

In this section, I’ll share with you how to choose the perfect jeans for your body type. This will save you time and money and guarantee you look peng when you match them with your form-fitting shirt or any other shirt of your choice.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Butt Enhancing Jeans

1. Men’s Jeans Fit Guide

There are 5 common denim fits for men.

a.    Loose fit

These jeans have a loose fit on your body. They don’t stick to any part of your legs from the butt, down to your ankles… not even your thighs.

b.    Skinny fit

If you say these are the opposite of loose-fit jeans, you won’t be incorrect because they fit tightly from the waist through the ankle.

c.    Slim fit

These jeans fit closely, but not tightly like the skinny fit jeans.

d.    Relaxed fit

These denim offer a loose fit from the waist to the hem of the trousers. They don’t hug the body, neither do they provide plenty of space. In fact, they offer just the right fit.

e.    Regular fit

This one is a straight-cut kinda jeans. It falls straight from the knee to the leg opening and through the hip and thigh.

2.  How to Find the Right Jeans For My Body Type?

There are 3 main body types:

Ectomorph: people with this body type have little muscles with long and slender body frame. These are the people you’d easily call underweight.

Mesomorph: the mid-point between ectomorphs and mesomorphs. People in this category are neither underweight nor overweight.

Endomorph: this is the opposite of ectomorph. People in this category have lots of body fat and muscles, plus they easily put on weight.

But most of us have body frames that can’t be accurately described with any of the above body types. To make up for this, men’s body type can be categorized into 5. Namely:

  • Thin or rectangle
  • Fit or trapezoid
  • Wide hips or triangle
  • Muscular or inverted triangle and
  • Large waist or oval

a. The Thin or Rectangle Body Male

This guy is characterized by a straight up and down shape, with his hips, chest, and waist appearing to be of equal proportion.

In choosing your jeans, the goal should be to create an optical illusion that makes you appear bigger than you are. Slim and regular fit jeans perform this magic. You can also try skinny jeans if you don’t look too slender.

But loose jeans will enunciate your downside, so we do not recommend them.

b. The Fit or Trapezoid Body Male

This is the body goal for the corporate gentleman.

With hips that fall between narrow and wide, sizeable arms, slightly broad shoulders, and chest; this guy has a well-proportioned body. No part is annunciated.

Slim, regular, and relaxed fit jeans bring out the beauty of this body type.

c. The Wide Hips or Triangle Body Type

This guy’s chest and shoulders are narrower than his (wide) hips, giving his upper body the appearance of a triangle.

With this body type, unwanted attention is drawn towards the hips because they are wide, and the shoulder looks narrow compared to it.

The objective, therefore, is to make the body appear well-proportioned by wearing regular, relaxed, or lose jeans.

Slim and skinny jeans will do the opposite. We say no to those.

d. The Inverted Triangle Body Type Male

Just think of ‘The Rock’, and you’ll get a mental image of what this gentleman looks like.

This gentleman has a narrow waist and hips with broad shoulders. It is typical of people who exercise regularly with heavy-weight equipment to develop this body type.

The emphasis of this body type easily moves from the broad shoulders to the seemingly narrow waist. So, to make the body look balanced, go for relaxed, and regular fit jeans. You can risk wearing loose jeans but avoid slim and skinny jeans entirely. They’ll make you look like Johnny Bravo.

e. The Large Waist or Oval Body Type Male

This gentleman is identified with his rounded stomach and large upper arms.

Gentlemen, you need loose and relaxed jeans with high-rise if your body type falls under this category. They’ll give you the most comfortable fit.

High-rise jeans will help camouflage your belly size.

You’ll look hideous and feel uncomfortable in slim and skinny jeans.

Yes! You should check out this article on 7 Best Shirts for Big Belly Men. You’ll find something you’ll love.

All we have discussed may be a lot to remember, especially if you are also shopping for someone with a different body type. So, I’ve inserted a table below to help you remember what we’ve just discussed.

You’ll observe that some boxes are unticked. I do not strongly recommend or disapprove of them. You should try them out for yourself and discover if you’ll look great in them.

Inverted Triangle


3. Jeans Rise

The rise of a trouser refers to the amount of material extending from the waist to the crotch. In other words, it is the distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam.

Types of Rise Jeans for Men

  1. Low-rise: low-rise jeans rest at the hip bones.
  2. Mid-rise: with mid-rise jeans, your waistband rests between your belly button and hip bones.
  3. High-rise: the waistband of these jeans rest on, or slightly above the belly button.

The rise of your denim can make you appear taller or cut some inches off your height.

Tall guys: If you are tall, you’ll be less concerned about appearing tall so low-rise and mid-rise jeans will be just ok for you.

Average guys: You should invest in mid-rise and high-rise jeans if you are of average height. High-rise jeans will make you look taller. Mid-rise jeans will make you look as you are.

Below-average guys: you want to look tall. High-rise jeans will help you achieve this feat by making your legs appear longer.

Below average


4. How to Find Your Jeans Size in Men’s Jeans

You’ll be one step closer to getting jeans that fit perfectly if you know your jeans size.

Most brands write only the waist size and the inseam length of their denims. When you see 32 x 36 (for example) on the tag of your jeans, know that’s the trouser’s waist size and inseam length in inches, respectively.

However, they also provide a size chart that features all the size options you should consider before buying your jeans.

To get the best fitting jeans, you should know these other measurements and how you should check for yours.

Thigh: your thigh is the upper part of your leg between the hip and knee. You’ll get the needed measurement by wrapping your tape around its fullest part.

Hips: Take the tape around the widest part of your hips to get the needed measurement.

Waist: measure the circumference of the area of you’ll like your waistband to be. It could be a little above your waist or below your waist. Keep your height and what we discussed in the section about the rise of your jeans while taking it.

Inseam: This is the distance from the crotch of the jeans to the bottom/hem.

Meanwhile, check out this article on How Men’s Jeans Should Fit in the Crotch.

5. What Is the Proper Length for Men’s Jeans

Jeans are fashion items that can do much more than just protect our skin. They can also accentuate our ‘selling points’ and make up for what we may consider to be our physical deficiencies.

With the right jeans length and the right rise, you can add or remove a few inches from your height.

As a tall gentleman, you can very well invest in whatever length of jeans you like. But if you want to look less tall, then go for mid-rise jeans that are (about 2 inches) above your ankle.

For guys of average or below average height who want to appear taller, invest in mid-rise jeans that are ankle-length long with wide openings.

6. What Color Men’s Jeans Are In Style

Here’s a hack we’ll teach you for free.

Dark colors create a slimming illusion. Bright colors do the opposite.

You look slimmer when you wear colors like dark blue, dark brown, burgundy, black, etc.

Bright colors add to your frame. That’s why you look slightly bigger when you wear colors like white, sky blue, light brown, etc.


Does and Don’t For Buying Jeans for Men with A Flat Buttocks

Size: Try a jeans size one or two sizes smaller.

Be patient: To find the best style for your body type that fits your need to try on several different pairs.

Fit: Don’t wear boot cuts or loose fitted jeans.

Washing: Don’t wash your jeans too often.  If it doesn’t smell consider wear it 3 to 4 times or more before washing. Too much washing will stretch out your jeans, therefore giving you a looser fit around your backside.

Back Pockets: Large rear pocket gives the illusion that your butt is small, the opposite is also true. Wearing jeans with smaller pocket gives you a fuller look.

What to avoid: Avoid jeans with patterns, embellishment and design that will draw attention to your bottom. Keep it plain and simple.

Stretchy Fabric: To get the hug you need in the right place, select denim with elastic or spandex combined in the fabric. Stiffer jeans will make your bum looks flatter if you have none already.

Awareness: Although low rise jeans have the advantage of improving your small butt. It also has the disadvantage of showing off your butt crack. So beware.


Exercises that You Can Do to Get Perkier Butts

We have looked at the best jeans for men with no butt and the focus was on the ideal type of jeans fitting for the major body types. But according to my research, the solution is not limited to your favorite jeans store. There are exercises that you can do to perk things up.

Now if the idea of a butt workout makes you feel some kind of way, think of it as exercises for your glutes. The benefits are numerous as you will soon come to find out. The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

1. The Squats

This is the most common exercise routine to help you get your glutes in shape. More than giving your asset a good lift, squats help you work out some of the key muscles that are responsible for good posture. There are different types of squats. Include them in your regular workout routine for maximum impact.

2. Deadlifts

This workout routine targets all parts of your body including your glutes. There are different variations of deadlifts. Look for one that works for you. However, if you would rather stick with the basic deadlift, ensure that you squeeze your glutes as you lift. You get more out of the routine that way.

3. Lunges

Lunges are very easy to do. You can do them while walking while climbing the stairs and you can do them whenever. If you feel that the routine is too easy for you, hold some weights in your hand while you lunge to create some resistance.

For more detailed workouts to fix a flat butt check out this article.

While we are still on the subject of best jeans for men with no butt, you should check out How Should Men’s Jeans Fit In the Crotch and cool biker jeans. They are affordable and come in different shapes and sizes. And the best part is that they make any butt look great.

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