8 Best Men’s Ankle Boot to Wear in The Summer


Best Mens Ankle Boot

Summer and boots are two words that don’t seem to go together. It’s hot, the temperature’s rising, and all your feet want are a pair of flip flops, boat shoes, or low-top sneakers. However, when it comes right down to it, you do need a pair of boots for summer.

To clear all doubts, “can men wear ankle boots in summer?” They sure can. Ankle boots go with any outfit nicely. You can look formal in them, as well as casual, depending on the type of boot. Plus, there are comfortable and breathable boots that are just as good for summer as any other footwear.

So don’t call us crazy just yet because we can help you rock a pair of cool ankle boots in summer. You don’t have to wait until winter or spring to bring out those boots you love. And not just any boots, but boots perfect for summer. So in no particular order, here are 8 stylish and functional men’s ankle boots for summer. Let’s get right to it.


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NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Brown Black Tan Ankle High Waterproof Hiking Boots Outdoor Lightweight Shoes Trekking Trails Size 7 M US 160448_M

NORTIV 8 comes first on our super list of best men’s ankle boots for summer. You’ll find this pair of boots irresistible for two major reasons: first, comfort, and second, they’re lightweight.

Get ready for some of the best comfort your feet have ever received in these boots. These boots feature removable insoles that provide all-day comfort and foot support. They’re also shock absorbent such that no matter the terrain, you barely feel the pressure.

The lightweight feature of these boots makes them easy to lift, relieving you of foot fatigue. Their soft EVA midsoles are flexible and provide extra cushioning for your feet. They also feature a soft outer shell that’s breathable, flexible, and easy to break in.

Summer needs easy boots like these to get around. They are ideal for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activities. The firm grip you’ll get from these boots is what you need for any surface. And to cap it off, they’re super stylish.

You can pair them with jeans or chinos, a casual shirt, and you’re ready for a summer outing.


Clarks Men’s Desert Chukka Boots


Clarks mens Desert Chukka Boot, Beeswax, 11 US

60 years and counting in the shoemaking industry has not dampened the style genius of Clarks one bit. The quality and design of Clarks have remained unchanged over the years, which is why they’re a trusted brand.

So if you trust Clark, we’re sure you’ll like these desert boots by them. Made from 100% premium suede and plantation crepe sole, you sure are getting high quality with this pair of desert boots.

The timeless style and comfort of these boots will leave you enjoying them for years.

They’re also trendy, simple, and casual. You can pair them with a shirt, tee-shirt or even a Henley. A pair of shorts will go nicely as well, giving you that perfect, breezy summer look.

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Skechers Men’s Sargeants-Verdict Waterproof Boot


Skechers Men's Sergeants-Verdict Waterproof Boot,Dark Brown,10.5 M US

Skechers isn’t a new name in the footwear industry. Their affordable, high-quality, and versatile shoes are the reason they’ve bagged multiple awards in the shoemaking industry over the years.

One of the shoes that put them in the spotlight is this pair of men’s Sargeants-Verdict boots. On the outside, you get a pair of fabulous boots that will match most summer outfits. And on the inside, you get highly comfortable and functional boots.

This pair of boots feature air-cooled memory foam, so sweaty feet aren’t a problem this summer. You can walk in these for many hours, and your feet will feel as cool as a cucumber. You also get more comfort thanks to their padded collars.

When you think you’ve loved this pair of boots enough, they hit you with more. With this pair of boots, you don’t have to worry about water because they are waterproof. Just cause it’s summer doesn’t mean your boots won’t encounter water one way or another.

So the jury has decided, and the verdict on these Sargeants-Verdict boots is that they are good to go for summer.


Timberland PRO Men’s Industrial Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6

The brand name timberland brings thoughts of sturdy, long-lasting, and stylish footwear. These thoughts become a reality when you actually purchase a pair.

Made from 100% soft, breathable leather, these boots are flexible and easy on your feet. They’re also very sturdy and perfect for any work environment and outdoor purpose.

However, just because these boots are soft and comfortable doesn’t mean they aren’t tough. They meet ANSI safety standards featuring non-slip soles that are oil and abrasion-resistant. They also provide high traction for balance and comfort.

These shoes will take you wherever you need to go, at the same level of comfort from the beginning of your journey to the end. Padded collars also add extra comfort and support for your legs. And the cool lace-up design is a perfect finish to this pair of boots.

So if you’re looking to get a pair of stylish summer kicks, these Timberland pro men’s work boots are a great option.


Jousen Men’s Chelsea Casual Ankle Boots

Jousen Men's Chelsea Boots Waterproof Casual Ankle Boots Dress Chukka Boots for Men(AMY8150 tan 10)

We’re moving from lace-up boots to classic Chelsea boots. These boots by Jousen are perfect for going around town and a nice outing with friends.

Give us a Chelsea boot any day, anytime, and we’ll give you a set smart- casual look. And Chelsea boots that look like these will make your outfit stand out.

Now about this pair of boots, they’re made from flexible suede uppers, making them easy to break in. Their solid soles are non-slip and provide a proper balance when you walk or stand. Check this post on the best men’s jeans to wear with chelsea boots.

They’re also easy to wear, providing a nice fit when you wear them. And on days you have to go formal, these Chelsea boots have got you.

If you need help finding your right Chelsea boot size, let’s help you out.

So to spice up your outfit this summer, these boots are a great buy. Try them on with a pair of blue jeans or chinos and a casual short sleeve shirt.

Remember that rolled-up jeans are a fun summer look, and you can find out how to pull them off here.


Vostey Waterproof Casual Chukka Boots

Vostey Men's Hiking Boots Waterproof Casual Chukka Boots for Men(BMY670B Grey 10.5)

Few things make an amazing pair of boots, and this pair of boots by Vostey has them.

First, they’ve got some banging style which is what summer is about. It’s the time to chill out in the most comfortable casual or smart-casual attire and have a fun holiday. A pair of boots like this is comfortable, and you can kick back, relax and enjoy a summer outing in them.

Secondly, they provide a secure fit thanks to the lace-up design and padded collar.

Thirdly, they’re made from soft, skin-friendly fabric, which also provides ankle protection. The softness of these shoes is enough to make you not want to take them off.

And finally, the non-slip rubber soles on these boots are a nice finish to a pair of boots you’ll be rocking all summer.

This is indeed a pair of boots and more. But we expect nothing less from a shoemaking company like Vostey that deals in high-quality, fashionable shoes.

So get your feet dancing in these sweet boots by Vostey.


Dockorio Motorcycle Boots

Dockorio Mens motorcycle boots genuine leather combat casual Dress work boots for men

Go classic on these Dockorio motorcycle boots. They may be called motorcycle boots, but those boots are made for way more than riding bikes.

These classic Italian-style boots bring out the European gentleman in you. From start to finish, through every detail, these shoes are what exquisite shoes are about.

Hand stitchings, coloring, and stretching come together to produce these fine durable boots. Made from full-grain, you know you’re buying quality. They’re also lined with breathable pig leather and insoles, which keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The solid outsoles on these boots are comfortable and wear-resistant. Then you get a traditional lace-up design that isn’t just stylish but also provides a secure fit.

Wearing these boots is sure to put you on the classy list.


Othume Combat Zipper Casual Boots

Brown Zipper Casual Boots for Men - Motorcycle Cap Toe Leather Men Dress Boots, Combat Work Chelsea Military Boots RHM02-BROWN-10.5

Turn up the heat on your summer wardrobe with this pair of boots. Not literal heat, because these boots will leave you looking and feeling cool.

From the soft leather to the rubber outsole, you’ll be getting the complete package with these. The soft leather will make you feel comfortable, the soft insole puts your feet at ease, and the rubber outsoles are reliable and non-slip.

Each boot features a side zipper giving them that cool and edgy look. Add that to the lace-up design, and you have no reason to complain when putting them on or taking them off. Even while wearing them, these boots provide a secure fit.

You can wear these boots with almost any outfit, and they match your wardrobe easily. The only problem you’ll have with these boots is wanting to wear them all the time.


What Boots Are Best For Summer?

Here, we’ll be looking at the three most common boots styles for summer:

#1 The Chelsea boot

Chelsea boots are a safe addition to your summer wardrobe. Their simple and sophisticated design makes them a classic staple in every guy’s shoe collection.

They’re versatile and can be paired with many outfits in the casual and smart casual categories. Clothes like jeans, chinos, blazers or suits go nicely with a pair of Chelsea boots.

Since we’re talking about summer, you can pair your Chelsea boots with a t-shirt, Henley, or a polo shirt. For this style combination, brown, tan, or grey suede Chelsea is usually the better option. Black leather Chelsea goes more with a formal outfit.


#2 Desert boots and Chukka Boots

Few things are as versatile as Desert and Chukka boots. From cool casual to strictly formal, these boots are your go-to boots. These boots, though similar, are not quite the same. The difference between the two is that the sole of desert boots are always made from crepe, while chukka boots aren’t always made from crepe.

Another difference is that desert boots uppers are made from only suede, while you can find chukkas in both suede and leather. Their differences do not matter on most occasions, as these boots style the same.

They’re also both breathable and versatile.

So if you’re feeling formal, a sleek pair of black leather chukkas is the way to go.

Then brown, grey, dark blue, or tan suede chukkas or desert boots are more versatile than black. They’re the best option for jeans, chinos or shorts.

#3. Military boots

These hot boots are cool for summer. They’ll go nicely with a pair of jeans or chinos. Remember to wear a pair of socks to avoid smelly feet.

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What Should You Not Wear With Ankle Boots

Wearing ankle boots can make you feel really cool. However, wearing ankle boots with the following will make you feel “uncool”:

  • Baggy trousers: Ankle Boots fit a slim silhouette nicely, so whatever you’re wearing with your ankle boots, make sure they fit. Don’t wear something like joggers or baggy pants with your ankle boots.

You’ll end up with a frumpy look that will haunt you forever.

  • Mixing up blacks and browns: Blacks are better with formal attire, and brown or suede are better with more casual attire. Mixing them up can end up looking unstylish. It may not be easily noticed, but there will just be something off with your attire.
  • A tuxedo: do not wear ankle boots with a tuxedo or to a black or white tie event. Stick with traditional dress shoes instead.
  • Wearing your trousers tucked into your boots: Never do this. It’s just tacky. Instead, cuff or stack your jeans on your boots. It’s a more streamlined and neat look. And do make sure your jeans have tapered ends.

Should Ankle Boots Be Tight Or Lose?

As a general rule, ankle boots shouldn’t be tight or loose but just right. When they’re too loose, your heel will move in them, which will end up in a painful disaster.

Ankle boots that are too tight, on the other hand, will cramp your toes and make them uncomfortable. It can also lead to blisters – painful blisters.

So to be safe, stick to what fits. But how do you know what fits? Well, the instep and ball of your foot should align with your boots and provide a snug fit at the bottom.

Fingers come in handy when checking the fit of your ankle shoes. If they fit right, then there should be enough space to fit in one finger. If they fit in two fingers, then they’re too loose. Then if you can barely get one finger in, then they’re too tight.

It’s as simple as it gets.

So there you have it, the 8 best men’s ankle boots to wear in the summer. For more hot summer styling, check these out:

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