What Motorcycle Jacket to Buy Online – A Complete Buyers Guide

buy motorcycle jackets onlineOwning great motorcycle gear rocks. However, you may think that a motorcycle jacket costs tons of cash and go, “regular clothing it is.” However, regular clothing shouldn’t even be an option considering the importance of wearing a jacket while riding. And if you know what to look for online in a jacket, you can get so much even with a small budget.

So, how much does a  motorcycle jacket cost? On average, a quality motorcycle jacket can cost up to 250 bucks. On the high end, we’re looking at up to $1,500. Now that’s a lot for a motorcycle jacket. But if you can afford it, why not? The good news is, you may not really need to spend that much.

In this article, we’ll be guiding you through choosing the best motorcycle jacket for you when buying online. You’ll get to know how much you should spend on a jacket. And then how to differentiate an expensive jacket from a cheaper one. And, of course, we’ll be dropping some tips on buying the right motorcycle jacket.

Advantages of Wearing a Motorcycle Jacket

There are various advantages to wearing a motorcycle jacket. These advantages give them an edge over wearing regular clothes while riding.

That said, let’s take a look at some reasons why motorcycle jackets aren’t your everyday riding clothes:

  • Safety: Most motorcycle jackets come with armor or safety padding on the shoulders, elbows, and back. This armor acts as a shield for your body in the event of sudden impact. It protects you from friction burns and sharp external objects.
  • Protection: They offer protection from the elements: wind, rain, sun, and snow.
  • Comfort: Many motorcycle jackets come with mesh lining for breathability in hot weather. This ensures that you remain cool even when the weather’s hot. They also provide warmth for rides in cold weather. Their waterproof feature also works great to keep you dry in wet conditions.
  • Style: Look the part sporting a motorcycle jacket. We can’t get enough of that sleek, hardcore look. And there’s no better way to show your love and passion for motorcycles.
  • Visibility: With motorcycle jackets, you can avoid hearing, “sorry-mate-I-didn’t-see-you.” The reflective design helps you stay visible while riding at night.

As a whole, Motorcycle jackets should be worn for every ride, both for beauty and functionality. Skin against pavements is never a pretty sight.

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Types of Motorcycle Jackets: 4 Common Styles

Motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles. So, depending on the event or what kind of rider you are, here are your options:

  • Cruiser jackets: These are simple jackets. Although they’re usually made with leather, you can also find textile ones. These jackets are all about comfort and rarely feature any armor, although some new models do.
  • Street jackets: You can find these in mostly textile, but there are some leather types available, or a mixture of both. They’re versatile and come with removable liners and venting, making them perfect for all seasons. These usually give a sporty fit without being too tight. They may also feature pockets and be waterproof.
  • Racing jackets: These are usually made with thick leather, particularly cowhide. They tend to prioritize protection. Some even feature integrated airbags. These jackets are the most durable jackets with high abrasion resistance. They have armor and provide a tight fit to avoid wind drag.
  • Adventure jackets: These jackets are extremely durable and tailor-made to accommodate all your riding needs. They’re usually made with textile fabric, sometimes mesh. They also come with functional features like armor, vents, waterproofing, pockets, zippers, and so on.

Why are Motorcycle Jackets So Expensive?

Motorcycle jackets are usually expensive because they’re well-made protective gear, usually made with high-quality materials. You can find them in leather, textile, mesh, and so on.

Most biker jackets also come with functions like waterproofing, armor padding, and venting. And don’t forget other goodies like pockets, quality zippers, removable thermal liners, and so on.

So, generally, a good motorcycle jacket costs between 100-600 bucks.

As a fashion statement, they come in a variety of designs. The more premium brands are a little more expensive. Regardless, you can still get good-quality biker jackets at an affordable price.

They, however, wouldn’t be as affordable as regular clothing. No comparison whatsoever.

Another unique thing about motorcycle jackets is that they come with special seams which don’t come loose upon impact. And they also provide abrasion resistance.

So you’re not only buying functionality and style, but you’re also buying durability and decades of comfort.

In total, motorcycle jackets are worth every penny.

Differences between Expensive and Cheap Motorcycle Jackets Online

There are various differences between expensive and cheap motorcycle jackets you see online. From the material used to the features they provide, these differences are what set cheap jackets apart from expensive ones.

But does buying a cheaper jacket affect its quality and function? Well, here are a few things to note when making a choice.

  • Expensive jackets are usually CE-certified, while most cheap jackets don’t come with CE-approved armor.
  • A cheap jacket with CE armor usually has to sacrifice breathability and waterproofing. An expensive jacket, on the other hand, can easily accommodate all the necessary features.
  • If you have up to 1,500 bucks, you can buy an expensive motorcycle jacket with an in-built airbag. This type of jacket inflates when it senses a crash. It also provides extra protection for your spine and torso.
  • Expensive jackets are made with higher quality material and construction, having a better finish.
  • Sometimes, the difference between an expensive jacket and a cheap one is the brand name. More premium brand names are more expensive than others.

Bear in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean fake. Thankfully, these days, you can get a pretty decent cheap jacket with cool features.

Leather vs. Textile Motorcycle Jackets

In choosing your Motorcycle jacket, there are two basic options available. It’s either you get a leather jacket or a textile jacket. So which should you go for?


Leather jackets date way back to the old times and still rule the road today. They are unbeatable in abrasion resistance and are well known for durability.

Many leather jackets now feature perforated panels for ventilation. And they can stretch for more movement.

Leather is typically heavier than textile. And very few are waterproof, so you may need to carry a waterproof layer with you. However, applying treatment can provide some protection against the elements.

Leather jackets are stylish and classic. They never go out of style.


Textile jackets are flooding the stores. They’re more versatile than leather jackets and offer a range of prices and designs. They’re unlike leather jackets, which are more expensive.

Textile jackets are basically any jackets that are not leather or denim. They usually come in mesh, Goretex, or any other polyester fabric.

These textile jackets tend to be lightweight and provide protection through armor or padding. They, however, offer more breathability and ventilation than leather and feature waterproofing.

Remember, whether you’re buying a leather or textile motorcycle jacket, ensure that it’s comfortable and provides adequate protection.

Tips for Buying a Motorcycle Jacket Online

Whether it’s your first motorcycle jacket or a replacement, here are a few tips to make your purchase worthwhile.

First tip – fabric. If you’re going for a more masculine look, you probably want to go for a leather jacket. But if you want a more sporty look, a textile jacket is just right.

Next, what sort of riding are you into? Are you a cruiser, street rider, racer, or adventure rider? This will determine not only the fabric but also the style and cut.

After that, look at the fit. Motorcycle jackets generally come in three fits. There’s the American fit, European fit, and Race fit.

The American fit is a more regular fit. It provides more room at the shoulder, waist, or arms. The European fit is a slim fit or sport cut and provides a tapered waist, slim fit body, and arms. Then the Race fit gives you a slim fit throughout the entire body. And it comes with pre-curved arms.

To check if your jacket is the right fit, sit on a bike for a few minutes to see if you’re comfortable.

Other things to watch for include:

  • Protection
  • Ventilation / breathability
  • Waterproofing
  • Pockets, zippers
  • Adjustability
  • Visibility

Will Leather Motorcycle Jackets Stretch?

Leather naturally stretches to a certain degree over time, depending on the size and type of leather. Generally, cowhide tends to stretch way more than goat or sheep hide.

That’s why you should buy a motorcycle leather jacket that isn’t too tight or too loose because it will eventually stretch.

You can stretch out your leather jacket simply by wearing it. However, you can also use other means to make it stretch, including:

  • Water: Take a damp cloth and dip it inside water. Next, apply it over the areas you want a little stretch, and then wear the jacket while it’s still wet.
  • Conditioner: Conditioners generally tend to soften leather. So you can apply some to your motorcycle leather jacket and wait for 2 hours, giving the leather time to absorb the conditioner. Then wipe it off.
  • Heat: Running an iron over your leather jacket will help soften it for the desired shape and fit.

It is important to handle your jackets properly for a longer lifespan. Be careful while stretching so that you do not end up damaging the leather.

What Colour Should You Get? Black or Brown

Deciding on the color of jacket to buy is really a question of your personality. Ask yourself, what persona do I want to portray? This will determine which you opt for.

Black leather

Everyone needs a little black in their wardrobe. It’s a very accommodating color, even for a Motorcycle jacket. Wearing black leather gives you the edgy bad boy motorcycle look and a little bit of mystery.

It carries a presence and an aura of power and independence. And can work great to give you a more formal look. And finally, it’s easy to pair a black leather jacket with a nice pair of jeans.

Brown leather

Brown exudes adventure and stability. It provides a more casual option and portrays a retro look.

Brown has a more earthy tone to it and is often worn by archaeologists and people in the fields.

Brown is versatile because you can either wear it in either light or dark tones. And they’re perfect for everyday wear. You can easily pair brown leather jackets with any type of boots.

Of course, there are other colors of leather jackets available. But despite that, black and brown remain the top choice.

How Do You Store A Motorcycle Jacket?

When storing your motorcycle jacket, it’s best to create some closet space and hang it. This allows it to get enough air, especially if it’s leather.

However, if you don’t have closet space, you can store them in a box. Just make sure the box is large and deep enough to store your biker jacket without having to fold it. Folding can cause your jacket to lose its shape and reduce its lifespan.

Before storing away, make sure to clean your jacket in the best way possible. For leather, use a soft sponge and rub gently over it. But if it’s textile or mesh, check the cleaning instructions on the jacket and wash it carefully.

Always ensure your jacket is completely dry before you put them away to avoid mold. However, don’t dry it in direct sunlight. Instead, use a dryer to avoid damage.

Finally, it’s best to invest in a good storage biker gear facility. So you enjoy more out of your jacket.

Coolest Motorcycle Jacket For Hot Weather

The coolest motorcycle jackets for hot weather are those that are breathable.

Summer is near, and so is the heat. If you want to still have fun riding in hot weather, then you need the right biking jacket.

Mesh textile jackets or perforated leather, with venting, are great for breathability, making them perfect for hot weather.

To help you along, here are five cool and functional motorcycle jackets to check out online this summer:


Alpha Cycle Motorcycle All-season Jacket

Motorcycle Jackets for Men Viking Cycle Ironside Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket (Medium, Black)

Viking Cycle Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


Joe Rocket 1516-4504 Phoenix Ion Men's Mesh Motorcycle Jacket (Silver, Large)

Joe Rocket Men’s Motorcycle Jacket


Cuber Motorcycle Mesh Jacket Riding Air Biker Jacket CE Armored Breathable Summer Motorbike Jacket Men

Cuber Motorcycle Summer Mesh Jacket


HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Riding Air Motorbike Jacket Biker CE Armored Breathable (Small, Black)

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Breathable Jacket


And voila! A complete guide to buying motorcycle jackets online at a glance.



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