5 Best Canvas Shoes Styles For Men

Best Canvas Shoes Styles For Men

Summer calls for some lightweight, breathable casual shoes. Like a pair of canvas shoes. These shoes create a more proportioned trendy look and work best when paired with casual pants or jeans. Plus, they’re low maintenance. It’s such a heave of sweet relief to find shoes that are so accommodating.

However, you may be wondering, “are canvas shoes good for your feet?” Generally, canvas shoes are good for your feet and not without reason. These shoes are lightweight and breathable, which is a total cincher in terms of comfort and health. Sweaty and smelly feet are uncomfortable and can lead to a bacterial infection.

So if you’re tired of some leather action, you can opt for a pair of cool canvas instead. This is why we’re bringing you the 5 best canvas shoe styles for men. These shoes can be worn with different outfits, to work, school, or for play.


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Cole Haan Grandpro Rally Canvas


Cole Haan mens Grandpro Rally Canvas Court Sneaker, Ivory/Natural, 11.5 US

It’s near impossible to get it wrong with Cole Haan. So if you’re looking for a pair of cool, clean canvas? Then you can step on the brakes and stop in front of a pair of Cole Haan Grandpro.

There are so many reasons to love this pair of canvas shoes. For one, they’re super comfortable, and this is really important for any pair of canvas you’re going for. They’re padded with memory foam to make them comfortable and breathable.

Another special treat this shoe offers is the double-density, super comfortable Grandfoam outsole. You get that springy lift with each step and the proper traction and support for your feet.

The uppers are made from solid canvas material with stylish stitching on the surface. Even though the style is simple, you’re bound to get noticed rocking these.

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ZGR Men’s High-Top Canvas Sneakers

ZGR Men’s High Top Canvas Sneakers Lace Up Classic Casual Walking Shoes (Black, Numeric_7)

ZGR strives to deliver quality men’s shoes, and this pair is no different.

The ZGR men’s high-top sneakers are easy on the feet and easy to walk in. You can walk confidently knowing you won’t slip, thanks to their non-slip soles. The soles are lightweight and flexible, made of soft, easy to bend rubber.

These sneakers feature quality breathable canvas for the uppers. Now when ZGR says they use quality material, they mean it. Only the best. This makes for a comfortable pair of canvas sneakers.

The hightop design on these canvas sneakers is simply stylish, complemented by clean flat shoelaces.

These shoes are perfect for casual walks or errands, leisure, travel, and sports. As fashionable sneakers, you can wear them with jeans, chinos, as casual or smart casual wear.

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Amazon Essentials Men’s Canvas Lace-up

Amazon Essentials Men's Lace Up Beach Sneaker, Grey Canvas, 11 D US

Trust Amazon Essentials to bring you affordable, comfortable, and functional shoes, one of which are these canvas shoes.

Made from 100% canvas material, they are sturdy and sure to last a long time.

The minimalist design of these canvas shoes can match any clothing in the casual and smart casual category. And the classic lace-up design gives you a better fit for your feet. The low-top design matches nicely with a pair of jeans rolled up, and it’s also perfect for the beach.

For maximum comfort, these shoe features mesh inner lining and soft, breathable uppers. And the outsoles on these shoes are solid with shock absorbing abilities and wear resistance. You’ll get a good grip on the ground with these soles as they’re anti-slip.

To top it off, these shoes are lightweight. You’ll feel no pressure or discomfort walking in these. And the confidence you’ll get is truly worth your buck.

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Skechers Men’s Moreno Canvas Oxford Shoes

Skechers mens Skechers Men s Moreno Canvas Oxford Shoe, Beige (Tpe 578), 12 US

This canvas Oxford shoe by Skechers takes comfort to the max. However, if you’re familiar with Skechers, you know this is a trademark.

The Moreno Canvas Oxford shoes are padded with triple-layer padding on the inside. The first layer is the insole with wicking abilities. Beneath that is the gel-infused memory foam which also provides high rebound.  And beneath this still is the molded dual lite® base material.

The combination of these three makes up the air-cooled memory foam padding. This memory foam relieves pressure, is comfortable and breathable.

Apart from the functionality of these shoes, they aren’t bad to look at. Quite the opposite. They have this rugged appeal to them that is manly and down to earth. Made with attention to detail, these shoes will complement your outfit nicely.

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Nunn Bush Kore City Walk Canvas

Nunn Bush Men's KORE City Walk Canvas Moc Toe Slip-On Sneaker, Stone, 9

This pair of canvas shoes give you a different experience in canvas shoes. The simple Moc toe design is gorgeous and versatile. You can wear it with almost anything and look really sharp.

The uppers of these shoes are made from soft, durable cotton canvas matched with lightweight EVA rubber soles. On the inside, you have a breathable mesh lining, comfort gel footbed, memory foam, and Smartscent footbed technology. This combination provides comfort and helps fight unwanted odors.

The Kore technology used in manufacturing these shoes helps with movement. It pushes you forward as you walk while the soles cushion and support every step you take. Speaking of soles, the outsoles on these shoes are ultra-lightweight while still being exceptionally durable.

With a slip-on build, these shoes are easy and ready to wear.

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What Type Of Shoes Are Canvas?

Shoes made with a canvas upper, and rubber, leather, or fiber sole are canvas shoes. Canvas is a rough material obtained from hemp. You might have seen other things made with it, like tents, painting boards (canvas), sails, etc. They’re usually lightweight and come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs—lace-ups, slip-on, etc.

Canvas shoes are stylish, casual, and affordable, which is why they are so popular. However, they aren’t very good for sports or long walks. This is because they typically do not provide enough support, shock absorption, or cushioning for your feet. Nonetheless, modern designs are incorporating these much-needed support systems.

Albeit, whatever the case may be, Canvas Shoes are still classic shoes. A major reason why a lot of people go for canvas is that they are easy to maintain. Cleaning canvas shoes is as easy as pie. You can even clean them in the washing machine when they get dirty. Just remember to remove surface dirt and mud and take out the shoelaces.

You should also note that canvas shoes do not do so well in winter. They don’t have insulating features, nor are they waterproof. Also, canvas shoes and salt stains aren’t the best of buddies. Salt stains damage the soles of your shoes and the stitching if they aren’t removed immediately from the shoe.

So please do not wear canvas shoes in colder months. Instead, opt for winter shoes or boots.

What Are Canvas Shoes Good For?

Thanks to how easy and versatile canvas shoes are, they are suitable for many things, including:

  • Exercising at the gym: Canvas shoes make great gym shoes. Their lightweight design is good for carrying out exercises at the gym. Plus, they fit well, so you don’t lose them on a treadmill. They’re also breathable and easy to clean, two things that are very important for gym shoes.
  • Sports: You can wear canvas for some sporting activities. The rubber sole on canvas shoes provides a good grip for sports like basketball, tennis, and skateboarding. However, when it comes to running, opt for trainers or other running shoes.

 Outings: Canvas shoes offer cool and casual styling that’s suitable for casual outings, night outs, picnics, and even casual dates.

  • Vacation: Due to how lightweight and breathable canvas shoes are, they make good vacation shoes. Your feet don’t have to be sweaty and uncomfortable when it gets hot. And after a fun day at the beach, you can easily clean out the same in your washing machine.
  • For wearing casual or smart casual outfits: The versatile nature of canvas shoes allows you to wear them with different outfits. You can wear them with a pair of faithful jeans, sturdy chinos and even a pair of neat shorts.

Should You Wear Socks With Canvas Shoes?

The rule on socks and canvas shoes is the same for most shoes. It’s up to you and your outfit. You can opt for socks or no socks but just remember that you risk smelly feet without socks.

If what you’re wearing doesn’t require socks, you can play it safe by wearing shoe liners, trainer socks, or no-show/invisible socks.

How Do I Clean My Canvas Shoes?

There are two ways to clean your canvas shoes. You can use a washing machine or wash them by hand.

Using a washing machine is easy. Just remember to remove visible dirt or surface mud and remove the shoelaces. However, if you want to wash by hand, follow these steps:

  • Get a bowl and fill it with warm water.
  • Add some detergent, not too much.
  • Use a soft brush and dip into the water, then scrub the body of your canvas.
  • Rinse out the soap with clean water
  • Then use a towel to dry them a bit before air-drying them
  • Get some newspaper, scrunch them out, and put them into your shoes to preserve their shape.

Do Canvas Shoes Breathe

Canvas shoes are breathable, and this is because of what they are made of—hemp. Hemp is a very popular natural fiber. Its popularity is drawn from how easy it is woven or spun into a linen-like material. Add this to the fact that it ranks amongst the strongest and most durable natural fibers.

Hemp also doesn’t stretch as much as other natural fibers, which is why canvas can hold its shape well. Also, the canvas is woven thickly with heavy to medium threads, making it quite solid.

As a natural fiber, hemp is quite flexible, which means that canvas shoes are flexible.

Canvas is also made from cotton. This began in 1500 BC and as cotton increased, so did the production of cotton canvas. It became even more widespread in Europe from the 18th century.

By being breathable, cool air from outside can enter into canvas shoes, and air from within can also escape. And so, your sweat cannot stay inside your shoe to cause smelly feet, discomfort, or even infections.

Is Canvas Waterproof Material?

Generally, Canvas made from hemp or pure cotton isn’t waterproof. They may resist water a little but aren’t isn’t waterproof. (To know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant, read our helpful post on: How Can You Tell If Your Jacket is 100% Waterproof.

However, canvas made from combining cotton with synthetic fibers can be water-resistant and even waterproof.

You can also help your canvas be waterproof by applying a waterproofing spray. It’s best to go for a spray that’s fluoropolymer-based instead of silicone-based. This is because silicone can break down the acrylic properties of the canvas shoe, making it more prone to moisture.

To apply the spray:

  • First, clean your shoes and remove surface dirt, mud, debris, etc.
  • Then remove the shoelaces so you can apply the spray evenly
  • Afterward, apply the spray and leave the shoes to dry completely.
  • Finally, test if it worked.
  • You’ll know it’s waterproof if water beads on the shoe. If not, then apply another layer of waterproof spray.

Doing this will help your canvas last longer because it is protected from water and snow.

How Do I Protect My Canvas Shoes?

Getting a pair of canvas is a smart choice. They’re known for being durable and versatile. So there’s no reason why your canvas shouldn’t last very long. Proper care and maintenance will help your canvas last as long as possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Waterproofing: Use a waterproof spray to help your canvas repel water, thereby preserving it.
  • Cleaning: This is a classic that will never get old. Leaving dirt on your canvas can cause your shoes to spoil faster than you can imagine. So clean them.
  • Storing: After a long day outdoors, don’t just kick your shoes and leave them anywhere. They also deserve proper treatment, so store them in an airy and dry place. They’ll love you even more.

Do Canvas Shoes shrink?

Canvas shoes do shrink. The ready way to shrink canvas is by soaking them up in the water then tossing them into the dryer. The heat from the dryer will shrink them for sure.

Enough said about canvas shoes. To find out more about cool kicks to get this summer, check out this article:

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