Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Dewalt Heated Jacket: How Do They Compare

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Dewalt Heated JacketBackground image  by  Timitty Tom

Heated jackets have taken the markets by storm due to their advantageous feature which beats coats in terms of handling the cold/wet. And that feature is the ability to produce heat while preventing heat loss. Just like the Milwaukee heated jacket and the Dewalt heated jacket. Which are well-known competitors in the heated jacket industry.

As both are great at keeping you warm during any chilling-winter activity. But each of them works differently.

So read on, as we delve into their differences by comparing them in terms of crucial features.

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Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Dewalt Heated Jacket

Working heavy tasks in the chilling cold has gotten easier thanks to the Milwaukee heated jacket. Which is both water and wind-proof.

It runs on a powerful battery that generates enough warmth for an 8-hour session. On top of that, the jacket is made of a top-quality material that guarantees perfect insulation for trapping heat effectively. So that you can enjoy long hours in the snow feeling warm and toasty. 

The jacket also has front pockets to keep your hands warm due to proximity to the heating pads. Which is located around the stomach (2). As well as the chest (2), and the back (1). 

Unlike most heated jackets in the market, the Milwaukee heated jacket is machine washable. This means no hassles of handwashing, especially during the winter where your hands would most-likely develop an irritating sensation.

And the best part about this jacket is its versatility. As you can recharge any of your devices with its charger. As long as it utilizes a standard or micro USB. The only ‘not so great’ feature about this jacket is the position of the battery which is located behind the jacket. 


  • Red lithium batteries
  • 5 heating pads location
  • Led controller (with three heat settings)
  • Heats 3X faster than most heated jackets
  • Machine washable
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Dewalt heated jacket Review

Dewalt Heated Jacket Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Milwaukee Heated Jacket

This is another great option. Although it may be quite costly when compared to the Milwaukee heated jacket. But it gets the job done with its powerful 20V Max battery that provides ample warmth for up to 7.5 hours. Which is slightly lower than the Milwaukee model but it’s just as good.

Another great feature is the jacket’s mainly water-proof material. Thus making it less weighty and it heats you better because the coils are closer to your body due to fewer layers of material. So you can receive proper warmth distribution from the 4 positions. Such as the left & right chest, collars, and mid-back. All of which will guarantee overall warmness.

Additionally, If you work a lot with Dewalt power tools, then the final piece to the puzzle should be this jacket. As it’s compatible with certain Dewalt power tools.

So, overall the Dewalt is a viable option, but just not for the winter where the temperature is below 20° or in the negative. But it’s suitable for spring and autumn where the temperature lingers between 30° & 40°. 


  • It has up to five pockets (no pocket warmer)
  • Only water-resistant
  • 4 heating pad locations
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Led controller (with three heat settings)
  • Machine washable
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Head to Head Jacket Comparison

Heated Jacket Run Time (battery) 

Honestly, no heated jacket will give you 8 hours when set on high. The output is usually lower than that. For instance, the Dewalt heated jacket provides good heat but it lasts for only 2 hours or less when set on high, given lithium-ion batteries are primarily used. Unless you set the intensity to medium or low as you would enjoy longer hours of heat. 

The better model in terms of this factor is the Milwaukee heated jacket. As it’ll heat you for up to 4 hours when set on high. Mainly because it utilizes a special battery known as the Redlithiim battery.

Heating Jacket Pads location

The location of the heating pads can vary between Heated Jackets. For instance, If you desire the Dewalt model, then you get to enjoy heat distribution to 4 locations on your body. Such as your back (mid-back), chest ( left & right), and neck (collar). All of which will ensure a warm experience. 

But, if the Milwaukee heated jacket is your preference, then you get to enjoy 5 heating pads locations. in which there’s more torso warmth, as heating pads are present on the chest (left & right) and the stomach region (where the front pockets are located). and finally, the back (but not the neck).

At the end of the day, all models are perfect for distributing ample warmth to your body. So one can’t say a model is better than the other without a good level of preferential bias.

Material Quality of each Jacket

Heated jackets are… well, jackets! They should be able to trap heat well enough to prevent excess heat loss, low runtime, and even rips. 

The Milwaukee heated jacket fairs well in terms of material quality. As it’s made of special polyester which is 5 times long-lasting than most generics in the market. It can withstand terrible weather conditions and even rips. 

Although the Dewalt heated jacket is made of good quality polyester, it’s only Waterproof. And it offers some level of resistance to rip. The Dewalt heated jacket is the typical soft-shell model.

Weather Resistance of the Jackets

The purpose of the heated jacket is to keep you warm during cold conditions. But not all heated jackets in the market can provide such warmth the same way. As some may give adequate warmth for a certain weather condition or degree of coldness.

For instance, the Milwaukee heated jacket is designed to handle both water and wind. As you would notice that the jacket has ample layers which make it quite thick and heavy. Making it great for heavy rainfall and intense snow.

However, the Dewalt model is thick enough to effectively handle mainly water and a minimal level of wind. Which makes it vulnerable when the temperature hits negative numbers.

The Competition of Heated Jacket Brands


ORORO’s soft-shell Heated Jacket: longest runtime

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack (Black/Gold, L)

If you’re looking for a model that works instantly and lasts more hours than most generics, then you should consider Ororo’s heated jacket. As it possesses a special 7.4 V battery which takes less than 2-3 minutes to heat the pads and maintain the heat for up to 10 hours (if used moderately). 

Also, the pads may just be three in number, but they’re placed strategically to ensure proper warmth distribution. As one of them is positioned on the mid-back and the others are placed on the left and right chest. 

On top of that, the jacket is both wind and water-resistant. So overall, this soft-shell product is a bargain. Especially, when you consider the price.

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Smarkey’s Cordless jacket: Best for Outdoor sports/activity

Smarkey Heated Jacket Carbon Fiber Electric Heating Clothing Men's Thermal Clothing with 1PCS 5200mah Battery (M-US)

The design of the smarkey cordless jacket is simple and lightweight. Which makes it suitable for activities in the chilling cold that requires free movement. Such as skiing, camping, and even hiking. On top of that, the material of the jacket can withstand both water and wind, so little or no heat loss is guaranteed.

Also, the design may be advantageous for free movement but it comes at a cost. With one of them being the average or above-average runtime. Courtesy of its 5200 mAh 7.4 volts battery (Lithium). And there are only 3 heating pads for warmth distribution.

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DEWBU Heated Jacket: Most Durable Soft-shell

DEWBU Heated Jacket with 7.4V Battery Pack Winter Outdoor Soft Shell Electric Heating Coat for Men,XL,Black

If durability is the key factor for you, then it’s best to consider this model. As it’s a very rugged piece that can withstand the harshest conditions. Because it’s made of top-quality polyester material. That’s wind, water, and scratch-resistant. Such an advantage also makes the jacket machine washable.

Also, the DEWBU heated jacket has a runtime that can last for up to 10 hours (when properly managed). While producing heat for three of its pads. Which are located on the mid-back, and chest.

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GLOBAL VASION Heated Vest Jacket: Best Heating Element

GLOBAL VASION Rechargeable Heated Vest Jacket Battery Powered for Men Women Cold Weather Vest Jacket for Hike Camp Ski

This special cotton-fabric heated jacket is designed to offer more comfort to your body both on the surface and internally. Thanks to its unique far-infrared heating pads, which heat your body till your blood reacts in such a way, circulation enhances around your chest region and your mid-back. Thus, allowing you to withstand harsh snowy conditions.

The heating pads are powered by a portable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery. Which has an above-average run-time of 7-10 hours (if properly managed).

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More Winter Gear!

Both the Dewalt Heated Jacket and the Milwaukee heated jacket are great choices that can help you withstand the chilling cold. But they only protect your torso and/or neck. You also need to protect your feet from the cold. Then why not check out our “Best men’s fall winter boots this season”. Where you’ll find varieties of waterproof boots to choose from.

Another item that’ll go great with your heated jacket in handling the cold and wet weather is a waterproof duffle-bag. So you can prevent damage or rust of your stuff or tools.  


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