5 Best Quality Sweatshirts For Men To Wear All Day

Best Quality Sweatshirts

Gone are the days when sweatshirts were reserved for lounging around at home and on your couch. These simple everyday wear, which provides comfort, are still hitting the streets. They make a snazzy streetwear and can even pass as classy office wear! It’s, therefore, no surprise then that stores are flooded with sweatshirts of all kinds.

So we bet you’ve asked what the best quality sweatshirts are? The best quality sweatshirts are sweatshirts that are fitted, stylish, and are made from the best of fabrics. You want to consider these factors before you decide on what to wear to the office, for a stroll in the park, or a trip to the mall.

Finding the best quality sweatshirts can be more daunting than searching for a needle in a haystack. But no worries, we’ll help you know what qualifies as a sweatshirt and how to style your sweatshirt to meet your different dressing needs. So, here are the five best quality sweatshirts a guy like you can wear all day.

Russel Athletic Dri-power Fleece Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic Men's Dri-Power Fleece Sweatshirt, Black, X-Large

We’re starting from where it all began with Ben Russel Jnr.

Since 1946, the Russel Athletic Mills has been producing this timeless crew neck sweatshirt.

This iconic sweatshirt is what sweatshirts are all about. You get 9 pounds medium weight fleece, the perfect balance between heavy and lightweight. Then it features dri-power moisture-wicking technology that keeps out sweat while keeping you warm and dry inside.

Leave it to Russel to take warmth and comfort up a notch.

As an athletic shirt, it does not leave out the classic ribbed waistband and cuffs for a perfect fit. It also adds a nice modern touch with a V-notch at the neck.

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Hans Ecosmart sweatshirt

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Sweatshirt, Light Steel, Large

If you’re a lover of “renew, reuse, recycle,” you’ll love the Hans Men’s sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is made from plastic bottles recycled into soft yarn. Talk about being intentional about the environment.

This sweatshirt is warm and comfortable and relaxes on the body real nice, giving you a great fit. You’ll want to wear this all day thanks to its soft and medium weight. For durability, it is pill-resistant and features high stitching density.

All in all, this offers you a classy look, a soft feel, and the assurance that you are contributing to the well-being of the environment.

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Fruit of the Loom Men’s Fleece Sweatshirt

Fruit of the Loom Men's Eversoft Fleece Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Sweatshirt-Khaki Heather, Large

Few brands live up to their name like fruit of the loom. You can always trust the softness of their sweatshirts and hoodies even after several washes. Wearing this fleece sweatshirt leaves you feeling comfortable and confident.

We especially love how the ripped collar, cuffs, and waistband give such a nice fit.

This amazing sweatshirt gives you what you need in a sweatshirt. We’re talking about cool color, soft feel, beautiful design, attention to detail, and high utility.

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Gildan Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt G18500


Gildan Men's Fleece Hooded -Sweatshirt, Style G18500, Black, Small

Sweatshirts like this are a staple, and the reasons aren’t hard to see.

First, the hoodie offers killer style and comfort. It’s double-lined to provide extra warmth and even comes with a color-matching drawcord.

The stitching on this sweatshirt is tight, so you don’t have to worry about it ripping apart anytime soon. And after many washes, you won’t see any pilling because it’s made from air jet yarn.

It also features a ribbed waistband, cuffs, and spandex to better fit, providing a classic fit.

To top off these amazing features, it comes with a pouch pocket which is super convenient. You can keep your phone and small things or just put your hands in them for warmth. It’s also easy to look cool and laid back with your hands in a pouch pocket.

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Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Fleece Mock-Neck Sweatshirt


Amazon Essentials Men's Standard Full-Zip Fleece Mock Neck Sweatshirt, Light Grey Heather Large

Something different, something sassy.

This full-zip sweatshirt features a midweight brushed back fleece that’s super comfortable. You get a full-length zip at the front, convenient for taking off and on. It also makes it easy to get by when you feel a little hot. With the zip all the way down and separated, you can wear it as a casual jacket.

This sweatshirt gives as much comfort as you are willing to receive from it. It is versatile, satisfying the need for warmth and style.

It is slim around the shoulder region but has enough space and just enough stretch, too, making movement possible. Plus, it fits perfectly as long as you get the right size.

The mock neck on this sweatshirt relaxes nice and good and provides extra warmth.

This sweatshirt will make a great choice for an early morning walk around the block or out in the park. No day will be too cold or breezy with this one on you.

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What Are The Best Quality Sweatshirts?

The best quality sweatshirts effortlessly satisfy three requirements: style, good fit, and good quality.

Why is this important? First of all, buying good quality means that you don’t make a shopping trip soon enough to replace a worn-out sweatshirt. The satisfaction of getting something durable that can even serve as a priceless hand-me-down is definitely worth the price.

 Then you want to make sure you ooze confidence in whatever you wear. A sweatshirt that’s guilty of being one or two sizes too large or too small might chip away at your confidence.

When it comes to style, you don’t want to go making a fashion faux pas or offending the fashion police. This doesn’t mean that you cannot create your own style. Just don’t go beyond the safe boundaries of responsible and presentable.

What Are Sweatshirts Made Of?

Sweatshirts are made of natural fiber like wool and cotton and synthetic fiber like polyester, etc. However, you can get one made of a blend of fabrics that makes up most sweatshirts on the market today. Manufacturers have been known to go all out to create different textures from different blends.

Jersey fabrics, i.e., knitted fabrics made from wool and elastane, make amazing sweatshirts, getting it right both with comfort and style.

Knowing the different materials sweatshirts are made from will help you avoid anything that may cause an allergic reaction.

However, be it wool, cotton, polyester, fleece, stretchy or non-stretchy, sweatshirts are still a worthy part of any man’s wardrobe.

What Is The Difference Between A Sweatshirt And A Sweater?

 It isn’t abnormal to hear someone refer to a certain piece of clothing as a sweatshirt and a sweater. This confusion definitely did not start today. But, good news: We’re here to save the day!

A sweater is uniquely different from most garments because it is a knitwear, every little piece interconnected in some way. If you cut a sweater in half, it will unravel because the connection between strands has been severed. A sweatshirt can, however, survive such an attack without having threads flailing in every direction.

A sweater can be made from loose weaves or tighter weaves. Loose weaves make it possible for you to poke a finger through. Sweatshirts, on the other hand, do not have loose weaves. The fabric fibers are more compact and firmer than that of sweaters, being made from one solid piece of material.

For the lovers of prints and all forms of markings on clothes, sweaters are not known to endure the presence of prints for long. Designs and logos are typically incorporated, i.e., knitted into the sweater to keep them from flaking off in the long run. Sweatshirts, on the other hand, can take on prints and designs of different sorts.

Please note that there are gray areas as far as the sweatshirt-sweater contest goes. But, these should help you tell a sweatshirt apart from a sweater.

What Is The Difference Between A Sweatshirt and A Hoodie?

Aha! We’re right on the troubled spot. Some say the distinction is just a matter of words and grammar, and there’s a group that could swear that they are indeed very different things.

We say they are indeed quite similar. One thing you should know is that both of them are generally sportswear attires. There is generally no distinction in fabrics and in the fact that people, regardless of age and gender, can wear them.

The most basic distinction is that a hoodie is a variation of a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt can be a regular crew neck or with a hoodie attached. A hoodie, on the other hand, is not a hoodie without a hoodie.

A sweatshirt can be worn to the office when combined well and accessorized with a fine watch. On the other hand, a hoodie is for casual life and stay-at-home workers.

A sweatshirt doesn’t mind sharing attention with a regular button-down shirt. With a sweatshirt, a collar can stick out nicely and create the desired look. But the hoodie doesn’t have room for a shirt collar sticking out.

Both pieces are great for chilly, wintery weather, but the hoodie will do more to keep the cold out than the sweatshirt will.

What To Wear With Men’s Sweatshirts

For the stylish man, a sweatshirt will look absolutely fabulous when combined with other great pieces of clothing. Just be sure to get the colors right.

You can wear your sweatshirt with a blazer and tailored-to-fit pants.  This will give you a lively formal appearance or even a smart casual look.

For lovers of hats, you can’t go wrong with a bowler hat sitting real comfy on your head. Add a button-down shirt under your sweatshirt, a nice pair of jeans, and a pair of loafers.

As for footwear, anything from a decent shoe to beautifully crafted leather sandals or slip-ons will give you the desired classy look. Just make sure you don’t make poor color choices.

The fact remains that sweatshirts effortlessly make the wearer look good. Knowing what combos to rock is the difference between looking like you’re headed for the runway and looking like you’re having a bad clothes day.

How Can I Tell If A Sweatshirt Is Good Material?

If you want to be able to tell a good sweatshirt from a not-so-great sweatshirt, you should know what a good quality sweatshirt brings to the table. Remember, you can tell a fake when you know what the original looks and feels like. Here are a few pointers:

  • The Feel of the Fabric: For a start, you could place the fabric on your skin and gauge the feedback you get. Is it itchy, or does it feel artificial? Itchiness is a no-no!

Sweatshirts are supposed to be synonymous with comfort. So, you want to cast away anything that takes the comfort away from your life and your skin, especially while parading as a sweatshirt.

  • Shape and quality retention: A good fabric should still look as good as new after a couple of washes. There shouldn’t be a great dip in its quality for a good while. Anything that changes shape and quality after just a few encounters with the washer was definitely not a good buy.
  • No Alterations from stretching: High-quality fabric should not loose its nature from stretching. Occasional stretches come with being a sweatshirt — wearing or taking off a sweatshirt will involve some stretching. No one will be excited about waking up to a sweatshirt that’s sagging from being stretched only after a few wears.
  • A regulated Temperature: A good sweatshirt should not make you feel like you took a trip to the oven. The temperature regulation should be as perfect as it can get — retaining just enough heat and nothing more.
  • Just The Right Weight: A sweatshirt is not a sweater, but it shouldn’t be as light as chiffon either. Some sweatshirts have been known to be thick enough to serve as sweaters, and that’s just fine. A good-quality sweatshirt should have a degree of thickness. And a double layer will do for the regular sweatshirt.

Getting something that ticks off all or most of these will cost some hard-earned cash. But getting quality definitely beats making multiple trips to the store to replace poor-quality fabrics.

That’s it for quality sweatshirts. It’s without question that at least one or two sweatshirts should be part of your wardrobe. And if you want to find out other things that are an all-time essential, check out these articles:

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