6 Best Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boots To Keep You Dry


mens watrproof ankle boots

Spring has everything we love and more. From the sunny weather to the lovely scenery, life just seems perfect. Even the occasional downpour will not put a damper on our spirits. This makes it the perfect opportunity to bring out a pair of solid waterproof ankle boots. Boots so functional and stylish that you won’t want to take them off.

So, what are the best waterproof boots to rock this Spring? Well, the best water-resistant boots should have all the features that make the outdoors more endurable, comfortable, and safe. Features like waterproofing, of course, grip, traction, padding, and style.

Boots like what we’re about to show you definitely fit the description and more. These boots have everything from style to comfort to functionality. They’re perfect for regular outings and roughing it up in the wild. So, whatever the adventure, here are 6 best waterproof boots you’re sure to love:


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1. Foxelli Men’s Waterproof Suede Leather Hiking Boots

Color, structure, solid build, these boots have it all. Few boots are suited for the outdoors like these. They’re rugged to the core and can withstand the toughest terrain.  As solid as these boots are, they are still lightweight, which is an important feature for your adventure companion.

These boots also stand for comfort. They’re made from breathable suede leather and a kingtex waterproof membrane. So get ready to enjoy dry feet on your many journeys.

They also feature a wide and cushioned toe box for that room your toes so desperately need. The well-padded insole gives your feet the lift and balance they need, in addition to comfort. The insole also provides padded ankle and arch support.

Non-slip rubber soles provide high traction and a firm grip, made for multiple terrains. You’ll also make cool footprints in the ground from the pattern on the outsole.

Whatever you need, these boots have it. We’re talking about EVA shock-absorbing midsoles, rubber bumper for extra protection, mudguard, and a reinforced heel. However, that’s not even all. They also feature a breathable well-padded collar, padded gusseted tongue, and non-slip shoelaces.

It’s impossible to leave out the swag these boots have. They are very cool stylish with an air of real masculinity. With all these features and more, these boots are indeed the real deal.

2. Timberland 6″ Premium Waterproof Boot

It’s hard to say no to a pair of timberlands.

There’s a reason Timberlands are a signature name in the shoemaking industry. The strength, quality, style, and swag of timberlands are hard to resist. You will therefore find this Timberland 6″ Premium Waterproof Boots worth the hype.

First, this classic pair of boots are made from 100% leather. Waterproof leather, to be precise. The waterproof performance of this pair of boots is a major selling point.

The rubber soles on this boot are solid, high, and provide a firm grip. They offer protection against stones and dangerous objects on the ground. The grip is so firm that you can even run on slippery surfaces if you have to.

These boots are also not lacking in comfort. They feature comfy padded collars and PrimaLoft insulation for warmth. Add a lace-up design and a snazzy logo by the side, and you have a recipe for awesomeness.

There’s no question as to how durable these boots are. Mud, rain, snow, whatever you put these boots in, they are sure to take the hit and protect you.


3. Carenurse Water Resistant Mid Ankle Boots

Your feet will thank you for a pair of these sweet kicks from Carenurse. Just one look at these boots, and you know you’re getting value for your money.

This pair of boots offers you an adjustable fit. You can easily slide in and out of the boots and hold them in place by tightening the lace. The lacing system is pretty sweet as well.

You also get great arch support. These boots will keep your feet balanced and comfortable; the way feet are meant to be in boots. You’ll feel no pain in these no matter how high you ascend or low you descend. And on a balanced platform, they’re even better.

Something else to make you love these boots is the breathable lining. With this, you don’t have to worry about heat or smelly feet. The breathable lining helps your feet stay dry during your adventures. Plus, it also keeps the shoe from spoiling fast from wetness or heat.

Going down and under, the sole of these boots are non-slip. This means that they’ve got a good grip on the ground and great traction. They also feature an anti-collision rubber toe to prevent your toes from getting hurt from bumps and stubs.

And what will a pair of awesome boots be without water-repelling abilities? Thankfully, we don’t have to find that out with these boots as they are made from water-repellent leather.

Put together all the amazing features of these boots, and still being lightweight and you get an all-rounder.


4. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Mid Boots

75 solid years and Salomon is still in the business of making solid hiking boots. And amid best-selling hiking boots, the X Ultra 3 GTX Mid boots does stand out.

These boots are ultra indeed. Everything about them speaks of high quality with great style. They offer high traction and a great grip for any surface. Plus good arch support for balance and comfort. So if you’re one to spend a lot of time outdoors, you need a pair of these babies.

Another great feature is that they are waterproof and breathable, thanks to the mesh top. So in mud puddles, wet grass, rain, you can count on these boots to keep your feet dry. Despite how solid these boots are, they are ultralightweight. You can go to any height or distance and not feel heavy on your feet.

These boots have got cool detailing and a lacing system that adds to the overall aesthetic. They fit well and are your go-to boots for any terrain.

5. Staheekum Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boot

Sleek, simple, and straight to the point are the best ways to describe these ankle boots.

When you’ve been in the shoemaking business since 1891, making great boots like this comes to you naturally. This is why it’s no surprise Staheekum came up with these simple and functional boots. Not to mention how stylish they look.

Owning a pair of these means you’re going for first, comfort. These boots are as comfortable as they get. They feature neoprene for all-day dryness and comfort. The foam insoles also give you that cushioning your feet need. And you also get plenty of room for your toes.

Secondly, you get 100% waterproof protection. Waterproofing like this doesn’t come easy or cheap. So having it in these boots is a huge plus.

These boots also have tough rubber soles with high traction thanks to their PU foam insole, and outsoles offer a firm grip on wet surfaces.

6. NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

It’s impossible for boots by NORTIV not to make the list. And what better boots than the NORTIV 8.

From the exterior to the interior, it’s clear that these are a pair of well-thought-out boots.

The boots are made from waterproof suede leather, designed with a breathable mesh tongue and lining. They also feature a rubber toe cap and reinforced heel for protection and stability.

On the inside, they’ve got flexible memory foam for comfort and arch support. Added to this are an absorbent EVA midsole and a rubber outsole with an exceptional multi-directional grip.

Apart from their functional features, these boots are a looker. You cannot sport a pair of these and not look stylish.

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Do Rain Boots Keep Your Feet Dry?

You can trust rain boots to keep your feet dry. They’re perfect for splashes or downpours and whatever else Spring may throw at you.

Rain boots are usually made from rubber, silicone, or plastic, making them waterproof. But for whatever water protection they offer, they aren’t the most comfortable shoes on the planet, especially for moving around. The result is usually blisters or arch pain.

To avoid this, you need to buy the right size of rainboots. If your feet slide inside your rain boots, that’s a recipe for blisters.

Rain boots also do not offer such support or cushioning. Don’t expect them to be breathable either, so you need to wear a pair of socks with rain boots. Having wet skin against wet boots is begging for blisters and even a fungal infection. With that said if you are looking to get some hiking socks, check out this recent article I wrote on how to choose the best hiking shoes for your feet.

To avoid all of this trouble totally, it’s best to go for any of the best waterproof ankle boots reviewed here. These boots are your rain boots plus more. We’re talking about breathability, comfort, style, protection, and safety.

So you might want to ditch rain boots next spring and go for waterproof ankle boots instead.

Why Do Waterproof Boots Leak?

If your boots are bad, torn, or damaged, they will leak. However, it may not be that, and your boots may not actually be leaking. The reason for that dampness or wetness you feel inside your boots can be either of these reasons:

  • Water may be pouring in from over the top of your boots. To stop this, you need to wear gaiters. Then wear your trousers over your waterproof boots and gaiters so the water will run down.
  • You need to clean your boots. Waterproof membranes in boots are made of tiny pores for keeping rain and mud out. However, these pores are bigger than water vapor, so when you sweat, the various pores go out of your boots, making them breathable.

When these pores get clogged by dirt, oils, and salt from your sweat, they lose their breathability. And so, when you sweat, the inside of your boots will feel damp. Giving your boots a good clean-up will restore breathability and dryness.

How Long Do Waterproof Boots Last?

Generally, you can get 500-1000 miles out of hiking boots and 300-500 miles out of running shoes. This depends on the terrain and how often you use them. More importantly, your waterproof boots will last as long as you maintain them properly. So if you want to get many good years out of your shoes, do these:

#1. Clean your boots: Mud and dirt can break down your shoe like you can’t imagine. This is why it is important to clean your boots properly. You can even lose your boots’ breathability because of clogged waterproof membranes.

After a hike or a run, don’t leave your wet boots in the car or abandon them for days before cleaning. Get them cleaned immediately. You’ll need water, a bar of mild soap, and a soft brush to get them cleaned.

To clean them, first, remove the laces and insoles. Then, hit your boots gently against any hard surface to remove hard mud from your outsoles. Next, rinse out the soles carefully, using a brush. Then gently brush your boots’ uppers with some soap. For the inside, you can use a little vinegar if the boots are really stinky.

Ensure you get every dirt and debris out of your outsoles to prevent the rubber from breaking down.


#2. Condition your leather.

If your boots are made out of leather, conditioning them will keep them soft and prevent cracking.

To do this, use a leather conditioner and a cloth. Do not use oils, especially mink oils, to condition your boots.

Apply the conditioner to your dry boots using a cloth to remove any excess. This is because while a leather conditioner will soften your boots, too much of it will make them lose their support and structure.

#3. Waterproof your boots

Your boots need to be waterproofed when water stops beading on the surface of the boots. Instead, water gets absorbed into your boots.

To waterproof your boots, you’ll need waterproofing wax. You can opt for cream or spray. Apply it on your wet boots and leave it to sit for a few minutes. Your boots should be waterproof and ready for the next adventure.

#4. Dry and Store your boots

Make sure your boots are fired properly after use. Then store them in a cool, dry place. You can also place scrunched-up papers in your boots to help absorb any dampness.

Don’t store your boots near heat to avoid damaging them. Instead, store them in an airy or well-ventilated place.

If you have these in the bag, your boots will thank you and serve you faithfully.


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