How Can A Man Get A Summer Body At Home With No Equipment

Man Get A Summer Body At Home

Summer is near. And for many of us, that means a lot of sweating, beaches, and shirtless fun. For that, you need a hot summer body. After all, no one likes showing off flabby belly fat when they go shirtless. So this means it’s time to hit the gym and work out like crazy. However, what if you can’t afford the money or time to hit the gym? What do you do?

How can a man get a summer body at home? It’s quite simple. You need a good diet, dedication, determination, and of course, calisthenics. Calisthenics is exercises that require your body weight to work out your body. You don’t need gym equipment, but simple things around you can get the job done.

Great news, isn’t it? Well, read on then to get the full gist. Here, we’ll be showing you different exercises you can do to achieve the body you want. But it doesn’t stop there; we have other health and diet tips to keep you going. So get ready to say goodbye to a flabby spring belly and hello to a hot summer body.


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How Can A Man Get A Summer Body At Home?

For this, we’ll focus on two things: a good diet and proper exercise.

#1 A Good Diet

A good diet is key to getting and maintaining your desired body. If you’re not eating right, you’ll end up in a pretty bad shape.

The amount of protein or carbs you take in affects how much muscle you build. And sometimes not eating right also affects your losing weight. This is because your metabolism slows down, so you can’t burn enough calories.

That said, remember that a good diet isn’t staying off food completely. It’s eating right and in measured amounts.

Your diet at the beginning of your muscle building isn’t always the same as what you need to maintain your body. However, what’s constant is that your food should contain lean protein like chicken, healthy fat like avocado, olive oil, and some carbohydrates.

You should also eat 4-6 small healthy meals every 2-3 hours. This will help improve your metabolism while reducing your appetite.

#2 Exercises

Alongside a healthy diet, you need to exercise properly. How else do you hope to build your muscles? Some exercises you can do to build a summer body at home are:


Cardio exercises are exercises done that get your heart beating fast. You’re putting your heart to work while burning fat, and you could add a little fun to it. Take note; they’re “exercises.” Watching a horror movie doesn’t count.

These exercises are a must for your home exercises. With cardio, you’re working out your entire body, and this helps burn fat and increases weight loss.

The goal is to burn more calories than you’re consuming if you want to lose weight.

Not only do you burn fat with cardio, but these exercises also help ease stress. Sounds ironic, but it’s true. After a round of cardio, you’ll feel healthy and less stressed.

Some cardio exercises you can do are:

  • Jump rope: This involves a skipping rope and different styles of jumping, depending on how good you are. If you’re just starting, stick with the basic jumps. And don’t jump too hard, so your knees and ankles do not get hurt in the process.

This exercise works out your entire body, especially your upper arm, abdomen, and calf muscles. It also relieves knots in muscles and tendons, thereby improving elasticity.

  • Jumping jacks: This is another fun exercise that works your entire body, heart, and lungs. As simple as the exercise, it will get your heart really pumping.

To get it done, extend your arms to the side like you’re forming a ‘T’. Then spread your legs wide and jump.

When you jump, return your legs to the middle and your arms to the sides of your body. Another jump should take you back to the first position and just keep jumping and switching positions.

  • Squat jumps: To work out your buttocks, thighs, and hamstrings, squat jumps are the way to go. They also help ease up your knees, joints, and hips for more flexibility.

Squat jumps are done by placing your arms by your side, then squatting at a 90° position with your arms stretched behind. Then swing your hands forward and jump. Repeat as many times as you want.

  • Running: Running is a good cardio exercise for strengthening your muscles. You can choose to run some distance or run on a spot. If you’re running on a spot, you can do it at intervals and mix in jogging in place and resting at intervals.

Avoid slips by wearing a pair of slip-resistant running shoes.

  • Burpees: Burpees may sound cute and playful, but they are nothing like it. Au contraire, this cardio exercise is quite intense.

For this exercise, you need your arms, legs, and abdomen. It involves standing upright then squatting with your hands placed on the ground. Afterward, you kick your legs back, propped up by your toes, so they are straight against the ground.

Finally, you jump back into the squat position. See if you can nail it.


For toned calves and a tight butt, do some regular squats. Try to go as low as possible.

In the beginning, you will feel some pain in your thighs, but as you continue, it gets easier. And the result is very rewarding. Many online squat challenges can help you stay committed and motivated.

The Plank

Ever wondered what a flat board feels like? You’re about to find out within a few seconds of the plank exercise. The Plank involves you lying flat on your stomach, then propping yourself on your forearms and tiptoes.

You must maintain a straight back and tighten your abdominal muscles. This is a good exercise to work out your abs. And not only that, but you also get to work out your shoulders and arms as well.


Every guy is familiar with push-ups. It’s one exercise we know you might have done to show off at one time or the other. But beyond showing off, push-ups are a great exercise to work out almost your entire muscles. This includes your chest, abdominals, biceps, triceps, etc.

The result is a strong and well-toned summer body you can show off. You can start with 10 pushups a day and increase as you get better.

When doing a push up:

  • Resist the temptation to incline your back upwards or slouch your back. Instead, keep your back straight and flat and tighten your muscles as well.
  • Make sure your shoulders, hips, and ankles are aligned. Your form while doing push-ups is more important than how many push-ups you do.
  • Also, don’t be in a hurry to get done with the push-ups; rather, take slow and controlled movements.
  • Begin position with your chest and stomach lying flat on the ground. Then your palms should be at chest level facing the ground. This means your arms will be up at a 45-degree position.
  • Then push yourself up slowly using your arms and toes till your torso, chest, and thighs are mid-air. Exhale while doing this.

Now you’re in a plank position which you should maintain for a few seconds.

  • Then lower yourself slowly to the former position and inhale while doing so.

You can spice things up in different ways:

  • One way is to lift one leg as you’re lowering yourself. The leg should be slightly apart, and your feet flexed. Go up again to a plank position and repeat this for the other leg.
  • Another way is to do incline push-ups. For this, you need a slightly elevated platform like the edge of a step or a bench. Place your palms on the bench facing downwards. The body and legs should be straight in front of the bench. Then lower your chest to the bench.

After that, push yourself away from the bench, straightening out your arms. Remember to exhale and inhale as you do this.

  • You can also try push-ups while seated. Grab a seat or a bench and sit with your arms by the side and plans facing downwards. Then use your palms and prop yourself up while still in a seating position.

Your butt and hips should be half an inch or a bit more off the bench. Your feet should also be lifted off the ground. After this, slowly ease back into the seating position.

  • For a little bit of comfort, you can do your push-ups on a yoga mat instead of the bare floor. Also, place your palms flat on the ground rather than cupping them, so you don’t strain your hands.

Push-ups help you build strength and endurance over time. So not only is it a great workout for a summer body, but also a great routine for everyday life.


Pull-ups help build your upper body. For pullups, you typically need some form of equipment, but if you’ve got a strong tree at home, you can use that. A simple monkey bar should also suffice.

To do a pull-up,

  • Begin by holding on to a hanging bar with your palms facing outwards first, then clenched around the bar.
  • Then lift yourself using the bar until your chin is above the bar.
  • Lower yourself till your body is extended fully, then pull yourself up again.
  • Repeat the process.

Pull-ups have many benefits, some of which are:

  • They work your back, shoulder, and arm muscles, strengthening them.
  • With pull-ups, you also get to improve your grip. Having a good grip on things is super important in your everyday life. You need it for opening tight jars (like the pickle jar), using a dog leash to walk your dog, groceries, and so on.

They also help with lifting weights as well as for sporting activities like golf, rock climbing, bowling, and so on.

  • Pull-ups help improve your overall strength, health, and resistance. Pull-ups aid bone development cardiovascular wellbeing. They also burn visceral fat, which in turn helps those with type 2 diabetes.
  • Even your mental health receives a boost from doing pull-ups. You get more confidence and are relieved of stress and depression.


The lunge is a popular exercise for working out the lower part of your body. You can use different lunge techniques to work out different leg muscles.

It’s great for preventing inquiries weeks used in rehabilitation exercise. It replicates day-to-day leg movements like running, walking, and climbing up and downstairs.

Lunges work out the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the gluteals, and the calves. The most common type of lunge is the forward lunge. This is what easily comes to mind when you think of lunges.

To do this exercise:

  • Start at a standing position, facing sideways, and put one leg out in front of the other.
  • Place your hands on your waist, and lower your body to the ground. The knee of your back leg should not hit the ground, while your front leg should be bent in front of you to a 90 degree.
  • Your back and hips should be upright while doing the exercise. Contracting your abdominals will help you achieve this.
  • Next, return to your standing position by pushing off your front leg and just repeating the steps.
  • You can take it up a notch by adding a jump to come up and then switching legs before landing.

You can’t even begin to imagine the benefits of lunges. Rehabilitation exercises are not complete without lunges. It’s also good for stability and balance, which athletes especially need. This is why you’ll see runners do a couple of lunges before they begin.

You can do any kind of lunge. There’s the curtsy lunge (like the name, it really looks like you’re doing a curtsy bow). There’s also the walking lunge, the backward lunge, the lateral lunge (involves stepping to the side), etc.

These variations help keep the line interesting as you can switch them up anytime.

#4 Sit-ups

Sit-ups are a great addition to your workout routine. Sit-ups are what you need for banging packs and abs. They work out your abdominal muscles and arms To do a sit-up:

  • Lay flat on your back.
  • You can choose to place your hands behind your head or beside your head.
  • Draw your legs close to your boat such that your knees are up and your feet are on the ground.
  • Then, lift your back off the ground towards your knee. And drop back to the ground, but this time, you’re not lying flat.

Before you get on with your exercises, make sure you’re wearing the right clothing, like a pair of compression shorts.

#5 Rest

Get plenty of rest. Your body needs it. Don’t feel pressured to work your body to burn out. Take a break, go out with friends, grab enough sleep and just breathe.

How Can I Lose My Stomach Fat?

You’ve chucked up on chocolate, late-night snacks, and lots of fat; now you want to lose your belly fat. Not only is belly fat unhealthy, but it’s also not a pretty sight. Here are some ways to lose belly fat:


  • Avoid trans fat: Trans fat is made by pumping unsaturated fat with hydrogen. It’s unhealthy and has been known to cause heart disease, inflammation, etc. Instead, go for healthy fat like avocado. You can use this for your bread instead of using margarine.
  • Avoid excess alcohol: Alcohol is one of the major things that cause belly fat or pot bellies. If you can avoid it completely, even better; if not, take it in moderate amounts.
  • Eat enough protein: Proteins help increase metabolism and at the same time retain muscle mass. Foods like beans, fish, meat, chicken are high in protein.
  • Avoid lots of sugar: You can get different chronic diseases from eating a lot of sugar. It also causes belly fat. So cut down on sugar and go for healthier options like real honey.
  • Eat plenty of fiber: Fiber absorbs water and aids digestion.
  • Cardio: Do lots of cardio exercises to lose belly fat.


With these tips, get ready for a lovely summer with a lovely and healthy body.

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