5 Best Color Shirts to Wear with Blue Jeans for Men


Blue jeans for men serve as a versatile option. You can pair your blue jeans with different shirts, including T-shirts and oxford shirts.

Even though styling blue jeans is so effortless, some people might find it challenging to choose a color shirt to compliment the outfit. If you are one of them, this is the article for you.

Here, we have created a rundown of 5 best color shirts for men to wear with blue jeans. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

What Color Shirt Goes with Blue Jeans?

The answer to this question depends largely on the shade of the blue jeans you want to wear. Normally, light blue jeans look good with light or neutral color shirts.

You can also try a black or dark blue color shirt with your light blue jeans. On the contrary, some funky or bright-colored shirts also look good with dark blue jeans.

5 Color Shirt Combinations to Wear with Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are among the most common items in every man’s wardrobe. If you perfectly style your blue jeans, they can offer a suitable look for every occasion.

To help you choose the best color shirt to wear with blue jeans, we have curated a list of the most relevant option.

So, let’s see what we got here!

  1. White Shirt
  2. Black Shirt
  3. Sky Blue Shirt
  4. Navy Blue Shirt
  5. Olive Green Shirt

1.     White Shirt

For carrying a stylish look, try wearing a white shirt with blue jeans. This combo suits most men irrespective of their skin tones. You can un-tuck your white button-down shirt for a casual look.

In addition, try wearing white sneakers to match your shirt. For a more formal appearance, you can go with a dark-colored blazer and brown leather shoes.

2.     Black Shirt

Combining light blue jeans with a black shirt is always alluring. This combo tends to pop up, making you stand out among the rest.

Wearing a light-colored blazer gives a formal yet impressive touch to your outfit. To finish it off, you can wear brown or white leather sneakers with this outfit.

3.     Sky Blue Shirt

Although it sounds weird to pair blue with blue, this combination really works. A light blue shirt with blue jeans simply rocks. If you are going to hang out with your friends, this combo can be a suitable option.

You can top off this outfit with a pea coat or a dark brown leather jacket. For the footwear, dark-colored leather shoes could do the trick.

4.     Navy Blue Shirt

A navy shirt proves to be a classic choice for light blue jeans for men. It is tried and tested styling option for most men. Wearing a light brown blazer could help compliment the light and dark color combo.

Round off the overall look of this outfit with dark brown leather shoes. If you want to carry a formal look, wear black, white, or grey sneakers.

5.     Olive Green Shirt

Olive green shirt goes extremely well with blue jeans. It is your preference to wear either light or dark blue jeans. If you are bored with wearing blue and white shirts, try this refreshing color.

You can wear different types of shoes with this outfit. However, the choice varies depending on the event. For instance, you can stick to dark brown leather shoes or white sneakers for a formal or casual look respectively.

How to Wear Blue Jeans for Men

When it comes to styling your blue jeans, you have plenty of choices. However, you need to consider factors like time, event, or season when choosing a particular styling option.

To help you wear your blue jeans in style, we have listed some of the most trendy ways. You can try any of the combinations depending on your preferences.

  • Flannel Shirt and Blue Jeans
  • Style your Blue Jeans with Brown Jacket
  • Blue Jeans with Denim Jacket
  • Sage Green T-Shirt
  • Blue Jeans with Blazer

Flannel Shirt and Blue Jeans

A flannel shirt with blue jeans offers an appealing look. You can experiment with different colors depending on the occasion. Plaid flannel shirts are highly recommended for both formal and casual events. To notch up your winter styling, you can try wearing a sleeveless.

Style your Blue Jeans with Brown Leather Jacket

Blue jeans and a brown leather jacket create an evergreen combo. These colors complement each other in a way that looks exceptionally amazing. Take this style to the next level by adding a timeless brown leather jacket.

Blue Jeans with Denim Jacket

Denim and blue jeans are made for each other, which means this style isn’t going anywhere soon. Pairing a denim jacket with blue jeans offers high-end styling and comfort. With a range of denim jacket variations to try, you can always create a rocking look.

Sage Green T-Shirt

If you can’t decide what to wear with your blue jeans, a sage green T-shirt could be a safe bet. This shirt goes well with both light and dark blue jeans. You can try either a half or full-sleeved sage green T-shirt. To add some flare to your outfit, try wearing a dark brown leather jacket with sneakers.

Blue Jeans with Blazer

A dark-colored blazer complements blue jeans, offering a stylish appearance. Make sure to wear a light-colored shirt with this combo. Denim blazers could also serve the purpose well for a casual occasion.

Can I Wear Black Shoes with Blue Jeans?

Black shoes can go with almost any outfit. In addition, blue jeans and black shoes make a winning combination. Especially, this combo looks awesome with a white shirt. Apart from this, you can also wear black or Oxford shoes or sneakers with your light or dark blue jeans.

Light or Dark Blue Jeans, which One is Better?

Most men love light blue jeans, as it offers a more casual look. It serves as a perfect option when hanging out with friends or performing outdoor activities. However, dark blue jeans appear somewhat formal. So, you can go with dark blue jeans when visiting a formal event

What Kind of Shirts Go with Blue Jeans?

Depending on the situation, you can wear almost any kind of shirt with your blue jeans. To carry a formal look, try wearing an Oxford or button-down shirt. On the contrary, a T-shirt, turtleneck, or printed shirts are suitable for casual occasions.

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