What Color Dress Shirts to Wear with Khaki Pants?


Khaki pants are timeless and versatile, making them a suitable option for men with a sense of styling. Although, you can wear any type of dress shirt with khaki pants, choosing the right color could add more elegance to your outfit. If you wonder what color dress shirts to wear with khaki pants, you have landed on the right page.

Here, we have curated a list of the 5 color dress shirts that pair well with khaki pants. Apart from this, we have also talked about why people love wearing khaki pants.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!


5 Color Dress Shirt that Goes with Khaki Pants for Men

Since there is a wide range of color shades that go well with khaki pants, it might be difficult for some to make a decision. To help you with this, we have shortlisted the 5 color dress shirts that go well with your khaki pants.

These include:

  1. White
  2. Burgundy
  3. Lavender
  4. Navy
  5. Light Green

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1.     White

Undoubtedly, white shirt is a versatile wardrobe staple, which literally goes well with anything. White color creates a nice contrast with almost any shade of khaki. This combination is suitable for every occasion and season. For a less formal look, you can roll up your sleeves. Also, you can wear a bracelet or watch to add some flare to your styling.

2.     Burgundy

Burgundy is a toned-down shade of red, which makes it a nice option for wearing with khaki pants. It is a shade that looks luxurious and comes with a rich hue. So, a burgundy colored dress shirt with khaki pants perfectly complement each other. Furthermore, the burgundy color gives a nice feeling of warmth during winter.

3.     Lavender

Being a high-toned color, lavender also goes well with your khaki pants. This combo isn’t seen often, so you can give your outfit a unique touch. It is recommended to wear this color either during the day or at night. To tone down this color, you can choose a bit lighter shade of khakis.

4.     Navy

Khaki and Navy are colors made for each other. Both these colors complement each other and look amazing when paired together. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that navy color shirts are among the best options for khaki pants. In addition, the navy color looks good with almost every skin tone.

5.     Light Green

If you like refreshing and subtle colors, light green can be a go-to option. It also looks great with khakis, especially when you need to carry a casual look. This combination gives a natural feel, as khaki pants represent the earth while a light green dress shirt relates to plants.


Occasions to Wear Khaki Pants with Dress Shirts

Khaki pants can be flawlessly integrated into a variety of outfits including casual, formal, and semi-formal. Discussed below are a few of the recommended occasions to wear khakis.

  • At the Workplace
  • Formal Events
  • Casual Meetups
  • Outdoor Activities


At the Workplace

Khaki pants are referred to as the stylish alternative to your formal dressing. These pants offer a nice balance between comfort and professionalism. When at the workplace, khakis allow you to enjoy a contemporary and relaxed outfit. You can also pair your khakis with a tailored blazer.


Formal Events

Wearing a dress shirt with khaki pants tends to be a widely acceptable dress code for formal events. This type of wardrobe styling offers a formal look without compromising comfort. Just use well-tailored khakis and pair them with dress shoes. This would help you exhibit your preferred styling to formal dressing.


Casual Meetups

When it comes to casual gatherings, you can go with khaki pants without any hesitation. Khakis are one of the stylish yet comfortable options. You can wear them with a range of patterned and colorful tops. Khakis also look good with casual footwear such as sneakers.


Outdoor Activities

Khakis are exceptionally practical and durable. This renders them a perfect choice for all types of outdoor activities. For instance, whether you are going out camping, hiking, or wildlife exploration, khaki pants can be your best companion. To ensure comfort and practicality, make sure to pair them with sturdy boots and a soft T-shirt.


What Collared Shirts Go With Khaki Pants?

You can wear almost any kind of dress shirt with khaki pants. So, there isn’t a limitation whatsoever regarding the type of dress shirts.


Why Do People Wear Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are popular for their casual yet impressive appeal. This wardrobe is suitable for various occasions. Apart from this, there are various other reasons to wear khaki pants.

Some of the most prominent reasons why people wear khaki pants include:

  • Unmatched Versatility
  • Offers a Range of Style Variations
  • Ideal for a Polished and Formal Look
  • A Viable Option for Casual Dressing


Unmatched Versatility

Versatility is one of the key reasons why people prefer khaki pants. These pants ensure the effortless transition from formal to casual. For instance, you can wear a dress shirt with khaki pants for a formal setting. On the contrary, pair these pants with a T-shirt and sneakers while enjoying the weekend party with your friends.


Offers a Range of Style Variations

Khaki pants are capable of catering to a variety of fashion preferences. Some of the widely used variations include:

  • Straight leg
  • Slim fit
  • Wide leg
  • Cargo style

Each of the above-listed styles promises a unique silhouette. You can pair your khakis with various kinds of shirts and footwear.


Ideal for a Polished and Formal Look

If looking for a wardrobe that offers a polished and formal look, khaki pants could serve as your best bet. You can pair them with a tailored-fit dress shirt. Compliment these pants with a blazer and leather shoes.


A Viable Option for Casual Dressing

Khaki pants are known for their casual and relaxed vibes. For a casual appearance, you can pair your khakis with a nice colored T-shirt. For exceptional comfort, wear loafers or sneakers to create a comfortable yet elegant outfit.


Can You Wear Black Shirt With Khaki Pants?

Yes! A black shirt goes well with khaki pants. This combination turns out to be suitable for almost any occasion. It allows you to carry both a dressed-up or casual look. For a perfectly styled formal wardrobe, you can try wearing a dress shirt with khaki pants.


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