8 Best Men’s Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket – Winter-Ready

sherpa lined denim jacket mens

Winter is coming!

Nope, this is not a Game of Thrones review, even though I wish it was. It’s a review of the best Sherpa lined denim jacket you should buy. Without one this winter, layering enough to stay warm can be a nightmare.

If you are unfamiliar with Sherpa jackets, I won’t be surprised. They are not really featured in fashion websites or glossy magazines but for those who live in deep winter country, they are an essential staple to fight frigid days.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you are a novice who has no idea about what a Sherpa jacket looks like or what to look for when shopping for one. Hopefully, by the end of this piece, you should have enough idea to make a decision about the type of Sherpa jacket you want.

Ready? Let’s go.

The Best Sherpa Lined Men’s Jacket For You

The basic Sherpa lined denim jacket is usually thigh length with slit hand pockets, flap chest pockets and full front zipper or button-down closure. The interior and collars are also lined with Sherpa. For some jackets, the sleeves are also lined with Sherpa but for a vast majority, the sleeves are exempt.

Brands vary the look of their Sherpa jackets by designing the pocket, collar and cuff in ways that sets them apart from others on the market.

Now that your knowledge of Sherpa jackets has been broadened, here are 8 items you should totally consider in your winter ensemble.

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1. Levi’s Men’s Type III Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket

Levi's Men's Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket, Black, M

From the guys who gave us the iconic blue jeans comes this stylish Levi Sherpa jacket. Made with 100% cotton that is delicately lined with Sherpa, you can brave the bitterest of winter’s assaults without so much as a sniffle. Featuring a button-up closer with walt pockets. This jacket is stylish enough to be dressed up or down.

How about the quality? This is Levi’s ensemble, and that brand name is synonymous with the best quality clothing available in the market.

For those who live in areas with several inches of snow, wear it with a sweatshirt and know the true meaning of warmth. If you live in areas with warmer weather, you are also not left out. Simply pair the jacket with a t-shirt. Sizes range from XS to 3X.

Pros: Well made, versatile, looks just like the picture online.

Cons: Arms may fit narrow if you are athletic built

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2. Lucky Brand Men’s Sherpa Denim Jacket

Lucky Brand Men's Button Trucker Jacket, Factory Place Sherpa, S

If you are in the market for a slim fit Sherpa jacket, look no further than this beauty. A Lucky Brand jacket stylish enough to be worn at virtually any occasion you can think of. Perfect for indoors, business, dates, party, and outdoor activities.

Not just made solely for winter, you can rock this warm trucker jacket during cold months in fall or spring. It keeps the wind out and the warmth in. It features two front chest pockets with button closure. Two practical front slit pockets, to keep your hand warm. It’s perfectly warm sport as your favorite riding jacket in windy and colder weathers.

Pros: Classic trucker jacket for under 150, durable construction, a wide range of size

Cons: Depending on the size it can be expensive

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3. HOW’ON Men’s Fleeced Denim Jacket Winter Fall Warm Cowboy Coat

Zicac Men's Fleeced Denim Jacket Winter Fall Warm Cowboy Coat Outerwear Parka (L, Blue)

This fleece lined jeans jacket is the epitome of refined. A craftsmanship that every fashion-conscious man would recognize. Its superb design and attention to detail make this cowboy coat a winner. HOW’ON Men’s Fleeced Denim Jacket is one that does not compromise with warmth.

The outer denim layer is made of 65% cotton and 35 % polyester that will ensure it keeps that neat look for a long time. The fleece lining is made of 100% polyester for ultimate warmth. Just what the doctor recommended for cold days and nights.

In terms of features, the jacket has 2 chest pockets for your small gadgets safe. Two slant side pockets and one inner pocket. Styled with a button front closer it also includes single-button cuffs. Out in the cold it’s highly important that you stay warm and look good doing it. You will achieve it wearing this.

Pros: Affordable, its warm heavy and thick, cozy and fluffy lining.

Cons: The sleeves are not lined, needs washing before wearing.

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4. Wrangler Men’s Retro Sherpa Lined Stretch Denim Jacket

Wrangler Men's Retro Sherpa Lined Stretch Denim Jacket, Vintage Dark, M

A stunning Sherpa lined denim jacket that mixes ruggedness with fashion. This might sound like pure baloney but as this jacket proves, dreams do come true. One word I can use to describe this Sherpa lined coat is edgy. A Wrangler retro look button closure jacket is functional without trying too hard.

This Trucker style Jacket features a lined Sherpa interior made from 100% polyester. Comprised of 98% cotton and 2 % spandex, the body of the jacket gives you that stretch if you have to layer. Giving you easy movement and comfort against your body.

Apart from its retro look, this Wrangler jacket functions in the way that it supposed to.

The warmth and amazing fit it provides are the reasons why it is on our list of the Best Men’s Sherpa Denim Jackets to buy on amazon.

The jacket sports snap flap chest pockets combined with welt pockets to store your small gadgets. If you are out in the cold for a long time the Wrangler Walt pockets will come in handy.

Pros: Stretchy denim fabric for easy movement, versatile, affordable, wide range of size.

Cons: Collar is not lined with Sherpa

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5. Levi’s Men’s Vintage Fit Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Levi's Men's Vintage Fit Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Known for producing stylish men’s casual wear Levi’s products are known to last the test of time. Now you are getting the quality in this sherpa-lined trucker jacket. Made of 100% cotton, you can be a hard hat and look fashionable at the same time.

Super warm. It features stylish welt pockets combined with a top chest pocket to put your small stuff. Awesome is one word to describe this Levi’s denim trucker jacket and it’s all for good reason.

Let’s not also forget you are getting a very high-quality product that’s manufactured by Levi’s. This men’s denim jacket with sherpa lining will most likely be the most essential for your wardrobe for its long-lasting materials, resistance to dirt and easy match. So whether you want to use it as a motorcycle jacket or winter jacket, it is versatile enough to fit every occasion

A polished fit that’s perfect for elevating any outfit. Style it with your fave jeans and cotton shirt combo. This is a stunning piece of outerwear that’s nearly perfect down to the last detail. Take it outside.

Pros: Well-made, stylish, classic trucker jacket.

Cons: Size runs small, may need a size up for better layering.

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6. Alpine swiss Ryker Men’s Denim Jacket With Sherpa Lining

alpine swiss Ryker Mens Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jacket Medium

Sometimes all you need is a sherpa lined casual jacket to keep the cold away. This Alpine swiss Ryker trucker jacket isn’t just warm, it’s rugged, stylish and versatile.  Made from 100% cotton it’s roomy enough that you could add an additional layer like a thinner sweater, sweatshirt, or button-up shirt. It features a soft faux sherpa inner lining with a sherpa collar for extra comfort. Made of snap button front closure, for easy button up or removing.

Available in denim color, it only comes in two sizes. Medium and XX-Large. The Alpine trucker jacket also sports two snap button chest pockets to store your belonging when you need them.

Just note the sherpa lining does not extend into the sleeves, it’s padded with a nylon-type quilted material and the button closures are snaps and not eye hole types like the original vintage designs.

Apart from making high-quality leather wallets, Alpine Swiss is also known for delivering quality clothing that functional and stylish. So you can be confident that you will be getting functional men’s outerwear that will last you a long time. Customers say this denim jacket “looks good“, “it’s warm” and it was the “best jacket for the price“.

Pros: Rugged style, fantastically warm, great low price.

Cons: Available only in two size, sleeve not lined with Sherpa.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Levi’s Men’s Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jacket

Levi's Men's Quilted Puffer Vest, Dark wash Denim, Medium

Getting a Sherpa-lined jacket to beat the cold is one of the best decisions you will ever make. This Levi’s Sherpa jacket is warm, comfortable and stylish. Its dual front closure gives you the option of closing with its zipper or snap buttons. Wear a jacket alone or layer it for colder temperatures.

Comprise of 100% cotton, the jacket comes in a wide range of sizes from S to XXL. It’s perfect for that cold night out or keeping you warm in though every cold workplace.

Sporting chest pockets, Levi’s ensures you have storage for your glasses or pennies. Please note the Sherpa lining does not extend into the sleeves. Thought it’s lined with quilted polyester.

Customers that bought this jacket said its “well worth the price“, “it kept me warm both in winter and fall“, “totally recommend this product!

Pros: great price point, dual closer, warm, stylish design

Cons: light in weight, sleeve not lined with Sherpa

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8. Wrangler Men’s Rustic Sherpa Lined Jacket

Wrangler Men's Rustic Sherpa Lined Jacket, Denim/Sherpa, Large

Wrangler is one of the leading brands in casual apparel and they have consistently delivered for about 70 years.

So when they do issue a denim coat, it is definitely worth your time to consider it. This Wrangler Sherpa jacket mixed the casual laid back lifestyle of western culture with modern-day fashion.

This Sherpa collar denim jacket also does a great job of keeping you insulated from your neck down. In addition, the fabric holds its own and you are assured that it will not stretch no matter how many washing cycles you put it through.

In your traditional western styling, this Wrangler sherpa lined denim jacket features a sherpa collar and stylish front pockets with stitching. Check Price on Amazon


The Sherpa Jacket Inner Layer

For all of its good properties, making a jacket out of just Sherpa lining is a pretty bad idea. For one, Sherpa lining is neither waterproof nor windproof. And in cold freezing winter with all of its nastiness, a jacket that has neither qualities is a huge no-no.

To counter this, the Sherpa lining is sewn into the interior of a much heavier fabric such as cotton.

Here’s a tip, watch out for Sherpa jackets that either double-stitch or triple-stitch the lining, they are actually the best ones as they conveniently seal the lining and prevent the loss of warm air through the seams.

There are some Sherpa jackets that also includes quilted padding for added warmth. This padding is typically sewn between the lining and the heavy outer covering. But even though it gives the jacket a puffy, bulky, and heavy look, the warmth is undeniable.

7 Ways to Style Your Denim Jacket

1. Rock Your World With A Black Jeans Jacket with Fur

One safe way to spice up your denim sherpa jacket is to rock it with a pair of black jeans. Jeans are renowned for their versatility as they can be worn with any kind of top be it a t-shirt, dress shirts or jersey.

When you pair up your best denim jacket with black jeans, you can be quite sure that your dress sense is in order. It brings out the classy homeboy feel in you and lightens up your swagger especially when you rock a sleek sneakers to match.

It’s not only the black jean that can do this magic though, other colours of jeans such as white and grey can also give a nice blend to your looks.

Wrangler Men's Retro Sherpa Lined Stretch Denim Jacket, Vintage Dark, M

Check out this Wrangler retro sherpa lined jacket Available on Amazon

2. Chinos Can Do The Magic Too!

Anytime, anywhere, chinos will ever remain one of the best ever style of trousers you can wear with your denim jackets. Chinos are made from soft twill fabric, hence, the reason why they are so compatible with denim is not far-fetched. They just have this smartly cool and mature appeal they give to one’s appearance.

Whatever the occasion may be, whether formal or casual, with your denim jacket on your chinos pant complemented with a nice brocs shoes, you are good to go!

Nevertheless, you must be careful in selecting the colours of chinos that blends perfectly with your denim jacket before stepping out of your crib.

If you are looking for some cool men’s chino pants, check this out over at ASOS

3. Consider A White-tee

T-shirts are widely known as casual wear. Even, some guys use them as undershirts especially those ones with soft texture (you guys relate right?). The white ones are just so gorgeous and irresistible. Imagine wearing a white tee on a Saturday evening to pick groceries from the supermarket, just envisage how explicit, sharp and bright you’d look on that boring evening.

Styling your denim with a white tee is one of the best thing that can ever happen to your appearance. The combo is just superb! It perfectly rhymes with your denim jacket regardless of the colour. Suffice to say, white tees are versatile.

They are normally worn underneath the denim jacket and you may want to leave your buttons open (obviously, it’s the right thing to do!).

This combination is just so nice that it’s a must you try it out.

Check out the excellent deal for men’s white T-shirt on Amazon

Only & Sons fleece-lined Denim Jacket – Asos

4. Do Corporate

Of course you could go corporate and look totally formal in your warm denim jacket. What you simply have to do is to spice it up with a shirt and tie. Yeah, you heard right! A shirt and a tie – Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Whether the occasion is a presentation where you’d be giving a pitch proposal for the contract of your dream or it’s just a public talk, you could go in your corporate denim style. It presents you as trendy and stylish to your audience.

Ensure you rock the dress properly in order not to ruin the vibe. Wear smartly fitted denim jacket on a nice dress shirt and tie complemented with a chinos trouser underneath and a nice pair of dress shoes.

5. What About Tailored Trousers?

These aren’t exclusively reserved for dress shirts or casual shirts only. You can also wear them with your best Sherpa denim jackets. Styling your jacket this way helps you to achieve a formal and classic appearance.

For instance, if you work in a corporate organization (say a bank or an insurance company), instead of wearing suits and blazers all the time, you could garnish your appearance with a touch of formality by doing the denim jacket/tailored trouser blend.

You must be modest when selecting which trouser colour or style to match your denim jacket. What you’d wear underneath the jacket matters too. Make sure you go for the perfect blend.

6. Style with a Turtle Neck

If you can wear a shirt underneath your Sherpa jeans jacket, what stops you from wearing a turtle or roll neck shirt? Absolutely nothing!

Turtle neck, roll – neck or skivvy as it is called combines well with denim jackets. They are quite compatible. It won’t be an anomaly if you decide to pair up these two. For a premium quality turtle neck, I personally recommend Cashmere Men’s turtle necks

However, before you set out, it’s a must you ensure that your jacket and the turtle neck shirt are a perfect blend. Consider a black turtle neck shirt on an indigo denim jacket. Other colours such as grey, ash and white are good options too.

turtle neck and jeans jacket

7. Do hoodie

This is exclusively for urban dressers. A hoodie will naturally blend with a denim jacket. This is not surprising though as both dresses have a mild outlook. They both present you as a mild dresser, reserved but fashion-oriented.

For a perfect outfit, you must select colours that don’t shout for your hoodie so that it can align perfectly with your blue or indigo jeans jacket. It is advisable to stick to neutral colours though.

hoodie sherpa denim jacket outfit

How Your Denim Jacket Should Fit

You wouldn’t like to look out of this world when you rock your denim Sherpa jacket. That can be extremely embarrassing. Hence, you must give due consideration to the following before you pay a penny for the jacket;

• Check for shoulder fit

The first thing you must do is to put on the jacket. After you’ve done this, make sure to look over your shoulder if it fits perfectly –not one inch more or less. Your jacket should fit perfectly just like a shirt on you.

• Consider the length

Ensure that the jacket is not too long or too short. The length of the jacket must not droop beyond your belt line. If it does, it is advisable for you to continue your search for the perfect one.

• Own it

When trying on the denim jacket, make sure you flip the collars, fasten the buttons and flip the cuffs. You must be comfortable wearing it this way. If you aren’t, then, you must change it and look for the one that fits perfectly.

• Slow down

Never be in a haste to pick up a denim jacket. You might regret your actions later if you do this.

What is sherpa lining made of

First, what makes a jacket Sherpa?

The Sherpa jacket that are common all over the place was christened after a term – Sherpa lining – commonly used in the fabric industry. Sherpa lining refers to a lining made entirely of polyester. It comes with a deep pile and has a large and fuzzy texture that makes it look bumpy.

The texture is kinda similar to sheepskin wool but that is where the similarity ends. Whereas sheepskin wool is bulky, heavy and takes longer to dry, Sherpa lining is the complete opposite. It is less bulky, lightweight, and dries faster.

Sherpa lining is also much cheaper and certainly involves no animal in its production. Yup, in case you don’t know it, there are no animals named Sherpa. If you are vegan, this sounds like good news huh?

On the flip side, if you don’t care about the ethics involved in using animal products, you can also get a sheep wool lined denim jacket. These wool lined jeans jackets are, however, considered luxury items and you have to shell out a bit more for them. But that should not be a bummer because they are durable, long lasting and worth every penny.

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