Best Fitting Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

It’s not untrue to say the jean is the most popular pant fabric in men’s fashion. Its popularity can be traced to its versatility as a fashion staple of many different styles. However, one common problem with jeans is how tight they can get around the crotch. Finding the best fit jeans for men with big thighs can be an arduous endeavor, but today we’ll take you through all you need to know about finding the perfect pair.

What jeans should guys with big thighs wear? If you have an athletic figure with large thighs, skinny jeans, slim-fit jeans, or straight jeans will look good on you. When styled appropriately, skinny jeans will gracefully highlight those strong thighs you’ve worked so hard to get. Slim-fit and straight fit jeans provide a fashionable framing for big thighs, while leaving some breathing space along the thighs and legs.

The fit can be straight, slim, or even skinny. However, your choice should strike a balance between comfort and fit. Several pant options from several brands are tailored towards the needs of men with big thighs. We have selected and reviewed some fitting jeans for men with big thighs, so you can find it relatively easier to make a good choice.

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1. Skinny Jeans for Guys With Big Thighs


Lucky Brand Men's 110 Modern Slim Fit Jean (28Wx32L, Panorama Point)

Lucky Brand Men’s 110 Modern Slim Fit Jean

If you’re a jeans enthusiast, you probably have a Lucky Brand jean already. The Lucky Brand Men’s 110 Modern Skinny Jean is a great pair of jeans to style for guys with big thighs and bum. The slim fit sits low, and the jean is cut close to the body for a leaner effect.

The jeans tend to run large and may not be as skinny as you would hope. However, that makes it even more perfect for men with large thighs. Furthermore, the jeans come with a low rise and tapered legs that fit right down to the ankles. Also, it comes with the typical 5-pocket design: two rear pockets, two front pockets, and one watch pocket.

The fabric has a 93 percent cotton content for durability, 6 percent polyester for lushness, and 1 percent elastane for a bit of stretchability. You get to choose from a wide range of colors, ranging from black to different shades of blue.

If what you need is a decent pair of jeans that fits large thighs snugly, with just a bit of space for comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Lucky Brand Men’s 110 Modern Skinny Jean.

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2. Slim Fit Jeans for Big Thighs Men


Buffalo David Bitton Men's Ash-x Slim Fit Jean, Black Denim, 34W X 32L

Buffalo David Bitton Men’s Ash-x Slim Fit Jean

Big thighs don’t mean you need baggy jean fits. You want a slim fit that perfectly highlights your frame and shows off the build you’ve worked so hard for. The Buffalo David Bitton Men’s Ash-X Slim Fit Jean is one of the best jeans you can wear if you have big thighs.

The fabric is a durable combination of cotton, recycled cotton, and elastane. Ash-X comes with a regular waist design that sits right below the waist, and it has a slim fit right through the leg down to the ankle.

Despite the slim fit, the seat of the jeans has sufficient space such that it doesn’t hug you too tightly and feel uncomfortable when you are seated. The jeans come in a variety of colors and lengths, so you can always make a more personalized choice.

Its combination of unique features makes them particularly suited to athletic guys with big thighs. You need not worry about how comfortable you’ll feel in them. Like most of the other options on our list, it features a zip fly with button closure and belt loops. Also, the material is safe for machine wash.

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3. Levis Jeans for Guys With Big Thighs


Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean, Clean Dark - Stretch, 34W x 32L

Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jean

If you have a special preference for Levi’s Jeans and you’re looking to buy jeans to fit your big thighs comfortably, the Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans is one of the best options to check out. They are designed to sit below the waist, and they have a slim fit that goes from the hip down to the ankle.

They are not so big that they totally hide your well-formed thighs, and they are not so tight that they are uncomfortable to walk around in. Thanks to Levi’s advanced stretch technology, the jeans are able to deliver maximum flex for an improved level of comfort.

The fabric is dominantly cotton with just 1 percent elastane content for elasticity. The 511 Slim Fit Jeans are available in a wide range of waist and inseam sizes, and you can also get them in different color options.

While they come with a heavy-duty zip for closure, they also feature a zip fly that efficiently covers the zip. In addition to the durability, they are safe to wash in a machine without the risk of the color fading out.

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4. Jeans for Men With Muscular Legs


Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic Relaxed Fit Jean, Stonewash Flex, 34W x 36L

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic Relaxed Fit Jean

Not everyone is a fan of slim and straight cut jeans. One good thing about athletic body types is that they look well in different fits ranging from slim to straight and relaxed fits.

However, if your preference for jeans is a relaxed fit with more than enough space to move in, you should check out the Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic Relaxed Fit Flex Jean. As it is built with a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and fit for muscular frames.

However, it’s not so big that it billows when you walk around in it. The jean is made with durable flex denim that makes for long-lasting wear. You should know that it has a bit of stretch, which you most likely will not be activating unless you’ve got really big thighs and legs.

Additionally, the jean is finished with some heavy-duty hardware for improved durability. It comes with reinforced stitching and a brass zipper fly with button closure. Moreover, they are very versatile for different types of styling, ranging from formal to informal.

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5. Levi’s Jeans for Muscular Legs


Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans, Rigid - STF, 34W x 34L

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans

There’s quite a number of Levi’s jeans that men with muscular legs can wear. Among these several options is the Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Shrink to Fit Jeans. The jeans come with a relaxed comfort fit and a regular rise that sits well at the waist and with more than sufficient breathing room from the waist down to the legs.

With its 100 percent cotton construction, the 501 Original Shrink to Fit Jeans is not only durable, but it is also a bit stretchy as well. What’s better? You can wash it in a machine without the risk of quick color fading.

Another interesting highlight is that it is a versatile item of clothing that looks good in a variety of dress codes: casual, semi-formal, smart casual, and more. It has the standard five-pocket design, with a watch pocket, two rear pockets, and two front pockets.

While it is mainly tailored for thick muscular thighs, you can get it in several waist sizes and inseam length options. Furthermore, you get to choose between a variety of color options.

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6. Jeans Made For Athletes With Muscular Legs


Lee Men's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean, Medium Stone, 38W x 29L

Lee Men’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

Lee is another well-known jean brand in the men’s fashion world. The Lee Men’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jean is one of the best jeans for athletic men who have muscular thighs and legs.

It’s designed to sit well at the waist with a relaxed fit through the seat and the thigh that provides more breathing space, as required by athletic, muscular frames. As they are made from high-quality, dependable denim material, Lee’s jean pants are durable and long-lasting.

The versatile pant is really a fashionable item of clothing that fits into formal office styles or casual weekend dressing. You get the usual five-pocket styling: 2 rear pockets, 2 front pockets, and 1 watch pocket. The fact that it ends in a straight 17″ opening and not a tapered opening makes it even a more likely choice for muscular legs.

Getting the right jean length can be a bit of a struggle for tall, athletic guys. Interestingly, the Lee Men’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jean comes in inseam options up to 36″, so you can easily pick a proper length. Also, it comes in a variety of color options.

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7. Most Flattering Jeans for Muscular Legs


Calvin Klein Men's Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans, Deep Water, 32Wx34L

Calvin Klein Men’s Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans

It wouldn’t be a complete list of best jean pants if it didn’t feature Calvin Klein Jeans. The lush aesthetic of the Calvin Klein Men’s Relaxed Straight Fit Jean makes it one of the most flattering jeans for muscular legs.

More than the stunning beauty, it comes with the perfect straight fit to frame athletic, muscular waists and legs while leaving enough breathing room from the seat of the jeans down to the legs. The fabric has a dominant cotton content with a hint of spandex for stretchiness.

Furthermore, it features updated logo hardware in a light nickel uniform finish, together with a leather logo tag on the back as a symbol of authenticity. Like you would expect, it comes in different colors and wash options.

The jean is also offered in multiple inseam options. This way, you can sort through the various length options to find the right inseam for your height. With the quality and premium feel, you would be forgiven to think that it’s an excessively expensive pair of jeans pants. However, for the features it comes with, we consider it a reasonably priced item of clothing.

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8. Best Jeans for Long Muscular Legs 


Nautica Men's 5 Pocket Relaxed Fit Stretch Jean, Gulf Stream Wash, 33W 34L

Nautica Men’s 5 Pocket Relaxed Fit Stretch Jean

Getting jeans with the right fit can be twice as hard when you have long legs and thick muscular thighs. You have more criteria to consider before you can make the right choice. For optimal comfort, the perfect jeans should sit at the waist, have a straight or relaxed fit through the waist and legs, and also be of the right inseam length.

The Nautica Men’s 5 Pocket Relaxed Fit Stretch Jean comes in a variety of options from which you can choose the most suitable for your long muscular legs. It has a relaxed fit right from the seat down to the thighs and legs.

Additionally, the jeans are offered in several color options, so you get to choose your preferred color and wash option. Moreso, you have several waist sizes and inseam lengths to choose from.

Like all the other jean pants on our list, it features the usual five-pocket styling and a zip fly with button closure. It has pretty durable construction for long-lasting wear, and it’s safe for machine wash. For a jean with such high quality, it does come at very decent price options.

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What Types of Jeans Are Best For Men With Big Thighs?

On average, athletic figures with big thighs look good in slim fit jeans, straight fits, or even relaxed fits. Skinny jeans are also a great option for muscular thighs. They show off the well-cut thigh shape, but they don’t provide much breathing space.

The most important consideration when it comes to jeans is the fit. There are other essential choices like color, wash, and material, but the most important thing to check out is how the pants fit you. Interestingly, big thighs look good in a wide range of jeans types. 

Big thighs could be natural, or they could come from working out. If you have well-built athletic thighs, skinny jeans will look good on you. Chubby thighs do not look all that flattering in skinny fits. Instead, they are well-complemented by straight and relaxed fits that fit a bit loosely for optimal comfort, but still manage to retain some sort of form for a fashionable appeal.


What Pants Look Good With Big Thighs?

There are a couple of pants fabric and fits that look good with big thighs. Chinos, denim, corduroy, poplin, and tweed pants all look good on guys with big thighs, provided they have the perfect fit. Relaxed and straight fits are the best options for guys with big thighs as they have stunning fashionable appeals and they flatteringly complement thick thighs.

Jeans and chinos are versatile fabrics. However, they have a less formal appeal when compared to cotton fabric. If you need pants for formal styles, wool, twill, serge, and corduroy are great options that will look good on you if you have big thighs.

It’s very important that you pay attention to the fit. The fit of the trousers considerably influences how they will look on you. When you have big thighs, your pants should drape closely around your form. Not so much that they billow as you move.

Showing off your strong muscular thighs is not a bad idea. If that’s what you’re going for, slim fits and even skinny fit pants can look stunning as well.

Should Guys With Big Thighs Wear Skinny Jeans?

For a stunning style effect, guys with big muscular thighs should wear skinny jeans. Big muscular thighs look good in skinny fits, as the perfectly sculpted curves are stylishly revealed through the jeans. However, if you have big chubby thighs, you should consider straight and relaxed jeans.

The only downside to skinny jeans is that they can be quite uncomfortable, as they leave no breathing space around the thighs and legs.

Also, skinny jeans may not always look flattering on big thighs. While athletic thighs have attractive cuts and curves that look stunning in skinny jeans, chubby thighs may not look all that flattering in skinny jeans.

Furthermore, you need to combine skinny jeans with items that complement them. The upper body needs much attention when you’re styling with skinny jeans. To create a sense of balance between the upper and lower body, stay away from overly baggy clothes.

The tops don’t have to be as skinny as the jeans, but they should not be so big that they draw a sharp contrast to your lower body style.


Choosing Jeans With the Right Fit

If there’s a shopping dilemma that’s peculiar to almost everyone, it’s choosing the right fit. Even when you set out with the knowledge of the perfect fit for you, you are still likely to end up with an item of clothing that’s not true to size.

With jeans, choosing the perfect jeans for men with big thighs can be daunting. More so, if you don’t know exactly what to look for. The first step to choosing the right fit is to know your body type and shape. Whatever your body type, there’s always a pair of jeans with the right cut to fit you. You may just have to search longer.

The right jean pants should sit at your waist without a fastening belt and not fall off. It would be best if you also considered how they fit your crotch. The seat of your jeans should not only be comfortable when you stand. They should be comfortable when you sit and squat as well.

Furthermore, check the rise on the jeans and make sure they fit your body type. High-rise jeans sit above the belly button, so they may not be the best option when you plan to tuck in. Mid-rise and low-rise options sit right around the waist, and they are more suited to formal styles that require tucking-in.

Lastly, you need to make sure that your choice fits the entire length of your legs. For this, check the inseam length. You can visually assess the length when shopping physically.

However, when shopping online, you need to know what inseam length is perfect for your height. Please take note; it’s better to choose longer jeans than to pick jeans that aren’t long enough. 


Fashion Tips for Guys With Big Thighs

There are many generalized fashion tips all over the internet for guys with big thighs. However, they rarely address the concerns you might have about creating a fashionable style. Check out the following tips that can help you improve your overall style if you have big styles.

Wear Darker Colors

The slimming effect of dark colors is widely appreciated. Dark pants tend to have a slimming effect. If you want your thighs to look quite smaller than they are, wear dark-colored pants. Light colors will draw more attention to your thighs.

However, if you have big athletic thighs you’re trying to show off, wearing light-colored pants may not be a totally bad idea. When styling with dark-colored pants, you can always add some color with your top and accessories like ties, watches, and socks.

Tailored Styles

You can always shop ready-made fits, but you can’t always get the same level of precision you can get from tailored fits. An experienced tailor can offer you the best personal style you can get.

With accurate waist, thigh, and leg measurements, he/she can offer a more personalized fit. When you buy ready-made clothes that don’t have the perfect fit, you can as well get your tailor to alter them for you.

Light Fabrics

You can’t completely avoid heavy fabric clothing like jeans and corduroy in your style. However, it is advisable to stick more with light fabrics. For one, heavy fabrics can make you hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty if you have big thighs. Heavy fabrics would be considerably more uncomfortable when they have a skinny fit.

Furthermore, heavy fabrics have the visual effect of making you appear bigger than you really are. Light fabrics don’t mean they have to look flimsy and cheap. They only need to have a less bulky visual effect and make you feel more comfortable. 


It’s quite surprising how effective patterns can be in creating the perfect style effect. For men with big thighs who want a slimmer appeal, stay away from bold patterns. Check and box patterns visually widen your frame and make your thighs even look bigger.

If you can’t stick to plain clothing, choose clothes with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes will make your thighs appear slimmer and elongated.


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