5 Best Hiking Boots with Composite Toe for Men

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Acquiring the best hiking boots with a composite toe is very important for hikers. You would know this if you’ve ever worn inadequate boots on a hike. Today, the best hiking shoes feature improved technology and high-quality materials to provide the safety and support needed on treacherous hiking trails.

Is composite toe better than steel toe? Composite toe boots are considerably lighter and more comfortable than steel toe boots. When worn in the outdoor environment, they are not affected by ambient temperature. However, composite toe boots don’t offer the same level of protection as steel toe boots, and they are generally costlier.

Picking the right composite toe hiking boot from the several options available on the market can be quite overwhelming. To make it easy for you to make the right choice, we have chosen and reviewed some of the best options available.


1. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot

Columbia mens Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof composite toe Hiking Boot

Columbia has been around for some time, and in that time, they’ve become popular for their variety of work and hiking boots. Like many of their other offerings, the Columbia Men’s Newton  Ridge Plus II is made with the right set of materials and has the right set of features to handle the roughness of outdoor terrains.

In addition to the strong composite material that protects your toes, even when you bump your feet, it comes with an exceptionally comfortable and durable midsole that makes for an improved level of cushioning.

Furthermore, it has a very responsive design to ensure a high energy return as you hike. The boots are made from durable full-grain leather and mesh materials. However, the more interesting thing is that they have waterproof seam-sealed construction to keep your feet dry, even in the wettest of terrains.

Breathability is another important thing to look out for in hiking boots. Thanks to the durable tongue mesh design, the boots are reasonably breathable to prevent sweaty feet and for improved feet comfort. What’s better? The advanced traction rubber sole keeps you steady and prevents slipping when hiking on rough terrains.

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2. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Composite Toe Waterproof Hiking Boot

If what you need is the best hiking boots with composite toes, check out the KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. What we love most about the boots is the 100 percent waterproof Nubuck leather. However, the waterproof nature does not affect the breathability of the boots.

The boots release heat from the interior without allowing water to pass through, thanks to a PFC-free water repellant treatment. The rubber outsoles are designed to provide a high-traction grip in all kinds of terrains. Besides, these are some of the most sturdy hiking boots you can get.

They feature a unique external support shank that complements the mid-cut height to provide optimal balance and ankle support.  Additionally, they are designed with a low-profile upper and padded tongue and collar for a very snug fit. The boots run small by half a size, so you may want to compensate by buying half a size up.

For improved comfort, the boots are designed with dual-density compression-molded EVA midsoles. The midsole design also makes for an impressive level of responsiveness. Quite interestingly, the boots are available in a variety of color combinations.

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3. Fila 3 Mid Composite Toe Work and Hiking Shoes 

Fila Men's Hail Storm 3 Mid Composite Toe Trail Work Shoes Hiking

The Fila Men’s Hail Storm 3 has a durable synthetic, textile, and leather construction for effective feet support and protection when you’re out hiking. The composite toe construction makes it quite versatile for hikes and workplace protection, especially when you have to pass through metal detectors.

The boots also feature footbeds with uniquely designed EVA soles that provide optimal responsiveness and shock absorption.  The boots are further characterized by a high-top design with a lace closure that ensures a more secure fit and improved ankle support.

Another interesting highlight is the boots’ optimal insulation. This means that you can comfortably hike in them, regardless of extreme temperatures.  Also, they are reasonably easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them clean with a soft damp material.

We love that the shoes are lightweight and not bulky. This makes them even more perfect for long hikes as you won’t exert too much energy dragging them along. Moreover, they are reasonably priced for people who have limited budgets. The only downside to the boots is that the waterproofing does not last for long.

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4. Ariat Skyline Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

ARIAT Men's Skyline Mid GTX Hiking Shoe, Frontier Brown, 10 D US

The Ariat Men’s Skyline Mid GTX has the appearance of durable, functional hiking boots. With an upper that’s made out of 100 percent leather and a strong synthetic sole, you can count on them to support and protect your feet for years. When measured from the arch, the shaft is about 5.5”, while the heel measures approximately 1.5”.

The boots feature strong and responsive EVA midsoles. Like you would expect from any decent hiking boot, the midsole has a shock-absorbing potential. This ensures reduced impact on your feet when you strike your legs when hiking.

To keep the hiker stable and secure on the roughest of terrains, they come with dual-density Duratread outsoles that have multidirectional traction. The full-grain leather and suede upper is well protected against water penetration, so your feet can remain dry when you hike through wet terrains.

The waterproof construction does not negatively impact the breathability, thanks to the premium GORE-TEX waterproof breathable membrane construction. Sufficient air circulation to the feet is ensured, but water penetration is adequately prevented.

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5. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Walnut, 10.5 M US

The Merrell brand cannot be left out when discussing the best hiking boots with composite toes. They have several boot offerings designed to handle the rigors of outdoor trails and site jobs. The Moab 2 is just one of their several boots. Made from performance suede leather, the boots are very durable for extended hiking use.

The upper is a combination of suede leather and mesh material. The mesh material ensures breathability so heat can move out of the interior. Another highlight is the targeted heel cushioning that was incorporated to achieve a higher level of comfort by reducing overall stress on your foot.

Furthermore, the boots feature closed-cell foam tongues that help to keep moisture and debris out. However, they don’t have the best water protection and are not the best options to hike with when going on wet and muddy terrains. The protective composite rubber toe design further reduces the impact on your foot.

They have high-performance Vibram TC5+ soles that provide the wearer with stability and slip resistance, even on the roughest trails, to cap it all off. It may not be the most durable or waterproof hiking boot, but the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 boots provide the safety needed for your feet on hike trails.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Hiking Boots With Composite Toe

One thing that’s always on the mind of a hiker or potential hiker when buying new hiking boots is comfort. If you hope to get absolute comfort from a pair of hiking boots, some features and factors should serve as criteria before you buy. We’ll discuss some of the features and factors that can help you make informed choices when hiking boots with composite toes.


Boot Type

There are different types of hiking boots to choose from, and each type is suited to a particular form of hiking. To choose the right option, you should consider your specific type of hiking.

Day Hiking Boots: These are just a level above your typical running shoes. Compared to other types of hiking boots, they’re relatively more stylish. If you’re going on a short hike, these are the perfect options to work.

Backpacking Boots: These are the most versatile hiking boots. They are designed for on-trail and off-trail hiking, and they can handle the rigor of a variety of terrains. Compared to day hiking boots, these have stiffer and more durable soles.

Mountaineering Boots: As the name implies, mountaineering boots are made for rocky terrains and trails. They provide the support and stability that can be hard to achieve with other hiking boots on rough trails.



The material used for hiking boots significantly influences its durability, functionality, and comfort of the wearer. The upper can be made from full-grain leather, split-grain leather, or synthetic material. Full-grain leather is the most durable upper material, closely followed by split-grain leather.

In addition to the upper, you should also consider the materials used for the midsole, outsole, and some other hiking boot components. The best hiking boots feature EVA midsoles for high responsiveness and support.

 The soles are usually made from a rubber material. Nevertheless, the most important thing to check out is the composite toe design. You don’t want a steel toe that’s heavy and uncomfortable to the feet.


The Fit

It doesn’t matter if you get all other things right. With the wrong fit, your legs can never be comfortable. Choosing the right fit does not imply tight boots. They should fit your feet snugly with enough room for your toes to wiggle.

When you wear the wrong fit for hiking, your feet are predisposed to discomfort, and blisters are very likely to develop on your feet. With hiking boots, you may need to compensate by going higher in size just to ensure that you have a comfortable fit.


The Cut

In addition to factoring in the type of hiking boot you need, checking out the cut on a boot will help you choose the right hiking shoes. When choosing, you get to choose a low-cut boot, a mid-cut boot, or a high-cut boot.

Casual hikes can be comfortably done in low-cut boots, but the downside is that they leave the ankles quite vulnerable to injuries. Mid-cut boots offer much more support and balance than low cuts, while high-cut hiking boots offer the best balance and support for intense hiking.

If you’re going on potentially rough terrain, you should choose a high-cut boot.



Regardless of the type of hiking boot you choose to go for, you’ll have to pick from a wide range of prices. What you want to do is pick a boot with the best features at the lowest price possible.

It’s important to set a budget and stick to it when buying. Whatever your budget is, you should be able to choose a pair that will offer the best support and protection for your feet when hiking.

Are Composite Toe Boots Comfortable?

In general, composite toe boots are very comfortable. Compared to steel toe boots, composite toe boots are considerably lighter in weight and can be more responsive than steel toe boots.

For hiking purposes, your footwear must be light enough to move in without exerting much effort. While composite toe hiking boots may not offer as much protection as steel toe boots, they are more comfortable to hike in.


What Does Composite Toe Boots Mean?

Composite toe boots are boots that feature toe caps made from strong composite materials, in contrast to boots that feature steel toe caps. While they are not typically as strong as boots that come with steel toe caps, they have much lighter weights, and they can offer a relatively similar level of toe protection to the wearer.

Like the name implies, composite toe boots feature toe caps made from composite mixtures of different non-metal materials. The common composite materials used include Kevlar, plastic, fiberglass, and many more.

Due to the composite nature, they are usually bulkier and lighter than steel caps. Nevertheless, they can offer enough protection to the feet when used in hiking or work safety boots.


Is Composite Toe Stronger Than Steel Toe?

Composite toes are not stronger than steel toes. Steel toe caps can withstand a higher level of impact than composite toes, which is why steel toe caps are more commonly used in work boots.

However, composite toe boots can provide a similar level of protection while remaining lighter and more comfortable than steel toe boots. Moreover, composite toe boots have better resistance to high temperatures.

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